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Reviewed: 08/14/06

The many ways of killing a Zombie...

In our world today there have been many horror games that are built around zombies such as Resident Evil however Dead Rising isn't a survival game instead it lets you jump in and destroy waves of hordes of zombies instead of worry about things jumping out of closets or following you through vents like most horror games and movies have zombies doing.

You play a freelance photojournalist named Frank West,nautrally after hearing a rumor about something big happening at a mall you want to get to it as soon as possible, on the way there on a helicopter you'll see things happening such as zombies doing their standard horror actions.When Frank arrives at the mall he'll witness how the zombie outbreak enters the mall then he'll get involved in helping 2 agents find out whats going on.

Unlike most games you have a limited amount of time to finish everything you want or need to do,Frank has 72 hours to explore the mall.The game nautrally has a main story but theres also side-missions you can accept, the game allows players to do both by giving the player the main-mission and the side missions at the sametime through phonecalls, each main-mission is under a case number after the last mission in a case is finished you normally have a great amount of time to do whatever you want until the time of the next main-mission,however you always have the option of just ignoring the main mission and sidequests and just doing your own thing.

If you have zombies in a game you gotta have survivors, Dead Rising gives you a great amount of survivors to save, most of them are in side-missions and you'd have to get them to a safe area.Each survivor has a different type of personality from being freaked out to people who want to survive by fighting back, the survivors personality and state could impact how easily you get them back to the safe area, survivors that are injured badly are unable to run normally and need to be carried,while survivors that are scared at the sight of a zombie need their hands held while running, the only survivor that shoulden't give you problems are the ones that are bold and fight zombies back using weapons.

However there are some survivors that haven't been turned into a zombie but are still enemies of yours, these are the psychopaths. Some of the psychopaths have reasons behind their insanity,others don't, and some of them just want to kill other humans and zombies because they like murder, whatever the reason most of them will come at you as bosses each with their own unique attack from dual wielding chainsaws to tazering you and rendering you unable to do anything,after you've defeated a psychopath you normally get their weapon, and more survivors that they've been keeping prisoner.The game lets you keep track of which missions you're currently on by letting you select one and activating a arrow which will allow you to follow it right to the mission.

While escorting survivors or getting to survivors zombies will try to stop you, so to protect yourself and others you'll need to kill the zombies, you can use almost everything that isn't nailed down as weapons from your standard handgun,heavy machinegun,and shotgun and melee weapons like Katanas,knifes,rakes,and chainsaws from standard weapons you'd normally kill zombies with you also have the not so standard weapons like Chairs,benches,potted plants,HDTVs,cashregisters and more basically anything you'd expect from that section of mall.Not everything in the mall is a weapon though, you'll find food,books,clothes,and even masks, each of these nonweapon items has their own function, having a book in your item slots lets you enchance something depending on what that book enchances,food restores your health , clothes let you change your appearence , masks let you put them on or blind zombies with.The types of objects you can use as weapon differs depending on what section of mall you're in for example you won't see a chainsaw in the food court while you'll see ALOT of food in the food court and chairs, you'll see alot of everything in plazas, and you'll mainly only see wooden boards, and pipes in a under constuction area of the mall.Not everything in the mall is a weapon though, you'll find food .You can carry anything small (Meaning not benches) in your limited item slots across the mall.

Another feature of Dead Rising is the PP (Prestige Points) system where you get points from taking pictures,killing zombies,saving survivors,killing psychopaths, or other things. You use PP for leveling up, each time you level up you get a increase in speed,attack,stack (Item slots),life,and throw distance.Taking photos at critical moments nets you PP depending on how good the photo is, if its of a standard zombie walking towards you then you'll get a small amount of PP while if you photograph a survivor doing a pose or alot of zombies at once you'll get a great amount of PP, there are certian points where you can photograph survivors doing things that happen once in a game (Like them hugging) and you can photograph those for major PP.

Dead Rising is rated "M" for a reason mainly gory , there are so many ways to make your enemies bleed , there are so many ways a zombie can be dismembered and theres just alot of ways for a zombie to die hands down.

The Pro: Good single player,story, and fun bosses

The OK: The time system makes you rush at certian goals where the main-mission gives you a limited amount of time to finish it and the side-mission gives you a limited amount of system, so they give you the option of leaving some survivors behind or possibly missing your main-mission chance and saving the survivors.

The Con: No multiplayer

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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