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"Capcom Does It Again!!!"

The zombies are back with Capcom's newest game Dead Rising.

Frank West is a freelance reporter who chartered a helicopter to fly over Willamette after he got a tip that something big was going down. Not to spoil any story but Frank flys over the Willamette mall and tells his pilot to let him off and not return for 3 days, and that starts Frank's 72 hours in hell.

Story 8/10:
For a game that seemed, based on the trailers, better for simple shock value, and killing zombies, the story was surprising well rounded and kept you guessing. With its twists and turns minorly depending on the players actions, many of the aspects of the story could be altered to the player's preference. With 5 seperate endings, each depending on how the player tackles their 72 hours in the mall, no players will have the same experience. With a story that was very impressive, with indepth characters, and room for a sequel, this is one of the strongest Xbox 360 titles.

Gameplay 10/10:
It's been awhile that I have played a game in which the gameplay was so fun and addictive that no matter which way you went at it, you had fun. Pipes, 2x4's, baseball bats, guns, shovels, buckets, you name it, and its a weapon. Almost anything in this game can be used as a weapon or tool. There is also a minor RPG element to this game. Being a reporter, Frank always has his trusty camera around; snapping a good shot, among other things, will give you prestige points, gaining enough of these points will result in leveling up. Leveling up will increase your attack, throw power, stock, life, or you will learn a new combat move. Needless to say with these moves, hand to hand combat is extremely fun.

Graphics 9/10:
Not the best graphics for the Xbox 360, but that doesnt mean they arent extremely impressive. The regular in game graphics are very good, but you really see them shine in the cutscenes, where the graphics are outstanding.

Sound 10/10:
Easily the best soundtrack of any Xbox 360 game. The sound affects are second to none; when you hit a zombie in the face with a pipe, you really hear the magic happen. During each psychopath fight a song that you will only here in that fight will play. These boss songs are extremely well integrated into the game, nothing makes you really put your all into a boss fight, like an extremely catchy metal song.

Overall 10/10:
This game takes the one question that any Capcom, or zombie fan asks themselves, "What would you do if there were zombies everywhere?" and lets them act it out. Whether you are interested in a good story, some fun zombie killing, or are just looking for a good Xbox 360 title then look no further. With a very indepth story, great characters, increadably indepth gameplay, and just neverending fun, this is a game that any Capcom fan, zombie fan, or Xbox 360 owner should buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/14/06

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