Review by sonicgenki

Reviewed: 08/14/06

Shopping at the mall has never been this much fun!

Capcom are the masters of the survival horror genre. Resident evil is one of the most classic zombie video games in history. To this date no other company has done zombie games like Capcom does.

Dead Rising is an exceptional experience that ranks up there with Resident evil as one of the best zombie experiences yet in video gaming.

You play as Frank, a photojournalist who has 72 hours to discover just what is happening in the small town of Willamette Colorado.


Graphically, Dead Rising is excellent. The mall is a virtual city with many stores to explore. Rendered with an extreme eye for detail the mall is a wonderland of eye candy. Bright and colorful displays and stores, signs and advertisements, food courts and play lands. The mall has it all. And it is done in such a pristine way that it actually looks like any mall that you would go to in the United States. The main character models are rendered with the same level of detail as the surroundings. Skin, hair, clothes and details on the main characters are all perfectly done. The zombies and secondary game characters are not up to par as the main characters are graphically, but there is also up to 1000 zombies on screen at once, so quantity over quality is understandable. However, the models of the zombies are still quite good. There is just something amazing about seeing the sheer number of characters this game pushes at once without a hiccup in frame rate. The games textures are all detailed and well put together. Dead rising is one of the prettiest 360 games. A great game to show off the 360!


The sound and audio team that did the sounds for this game deserve an Oscar. Every weapon and item sounds like it should. The sounds when you rip zombies apart are perfectly disgusting. The same attention that went into the graphics shows in the sound department. The voices are also well acted and are much better than most games. Music is sparse but appropriate.


The does have its twists and turns but for the most part, the story seems secondary to the actual game. It almost feels forced at points but it gets the job done and pulls you in near the end.


I found myself having loads of fun just walking through the mall, shoplifting items in stores to bludgeon zombies with. It is just so much fun to be able to use almost any item you come across as a weapon. The sheer variety keeps this game interesting. Yes it can get repetitive but I found that by using different items and methods to kill the zombies it took some of this repetitiveness away. Its amazing just how creative you can get when coming up with new ways to kill the zombies and there are so many scenarios that you can come up with to keep things interesting and entertaining. There are also rescue missions which you can choose to do or leave alone. The choice is yours. All the games scenarios and missions are timed which adds a feeling of urgency to the game. It is a very entertaining game that warrants more play throughs and does have tons of replay-ability.


Simple and easy to control. The games lack of a complex combat system is actually its strong point. Both casual and hardcore gamers alike could easily pick this up and find it easy to control while still having a lot of depth.


Dead Rising is simply one of the most enjoyable, must have games on the 360 yet. Its a humorous, entertaining romp through a mall filled with Zombies....What more could a gamer want. Its scope and size is perfect and will keep you coming back for more. A must have title for the 360!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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