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"Welcome to the mall! We got everything: Food, clothes, flesh eating zombies..."

You know who Frank reminds me of? He looks like that jerk from the new Dawn of the Dead. Just the look though, he doesn't act at all like that guy. Anyways, moving on to the review!


You play the role of Frank, a photographer who heads to the mall to uncover the truth behind this zombie outbreak. The dead are rising every minute, and you only have 72 hours to find the truth.

Graphics: 9

Graphics are quite splendid. Cutscenes are quite pretty and the people display emotions quite nicely. Zombies are somewhat detailed, but they're not as detailed as the other people, due to the fact there's like 100000000 of them running around the mall. Enviroments are decent, the same dull colors you'd see in any mall.

Controls: 8

Controls are quite nice. Tight, responsive, and well mapped are the hallmarks of the controls, so why an 8? Well, mainly with the aiming. Fans of RE4 won't have a problem aiming with a left analog stick, but other people may be thrown out of the loop for a bit.

Sound: 8

Sound effects are spectacular, whether it is a zombie moan, or a loud explosion, everything sounds very nice. Voice acting, while pretty decent, reminds me of classic B rated horror movies.

Gameplay: 10

This is where Dead Rising shines. The main thing of Dead Rising is this: Killing zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. To do that, Frank is armed with anything he can pick up, from plants to couches to TVs to even a lawnmower. As Frank completes cases, rescues survivors, takes pictures, and kill psychos (people who have gone nut during this incident) He gains Prestige Points, and if you collect enough, he levels up and gets better stats, and new skills to boot.

What is wrong with this game:

No game is perfect, and Dead Rising is nowhere near as perfect as some people think. The majority of the problems stem from gameplay and some technical issues.

Gameplay problems first. One: you have a 72 hour time limit, and that goes by faster than in real life. Cases (these move the story along) and scoops (where psychos and hostages are) are all on a set time limit. Fail to be at a certain point or rescue/kill, and the case/scoop is lost. Now, it's not really a big deal with scoops, but if you fail one case, you doom the entire storyline, so you either got to start over, or just wind back and kill a bunch of zombies while waiting for 72 hours to be up. Two: another problem would be the save system. You only get one slot per storage device, and it is not separate with profiles. Also, there is a lack of savepoints throughout the game. I personally don't find that bad, but someone out there is gonna complain about not being able to save every 5 minutes.

There are two technical issues: small text and enemy respawning. The text is extremely small and hard to read, unless you own a 60 inch hdtv or something. The enemy respawning would not be a big deal if it was limited to just normal enemies, but a certain boss tends to keep popping back up, causing much annoyance when trying to go through that area.

Rent or Buy?

If you are a fan of zombie movies, this is definantly a buy. Other may want to rent it first to see if they like killing hordes of zombies, and dealing with the time limit.

So in short, Dead Rising may not be the perfect game out there, it definitely is a keeper and is a nice addition to the growing 360 library.

Overall: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/14/06

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