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"Chop till ya drop...and discover the story of the century while you're at it!"

Capcom, the creator of the Resident Evil series, is known as the "go to company" for gamers zombie fix, and Dead Rising does not disappoint.

Graphics - 9
The in game graphics are pretty good, and while running in an HD resolution are especially sharp (well thats a given). The characters when seen in motion, especially in the cutscenes, move fluidly and have pretty lifelike facial expressions. The zombies themselves are gruesome, from their pupiless white eyes, to the rotting flesh and gaping wounds on their bodies. The psychotic bosses look decidedly insane, and really give you the impression that they've completely lost all grips on reality. The main draw of course is just how many zombies appear onscreen at once! You really get a feeling of desperation once you lay your eyes on the insane amount of zombies that can appear.

Sound - 10
The sound effects and music in Dead Rising really lend to the atmosphere. While traversing the mall, you'll hear the shuffling and moaning of zombies coming from all sides, while at the same time the speakers in the mall spouts looped advertisements and of course, mall muzak. The music in the cutscenes fit every situation taking place on screen, whether its a mysterious character appearing, a reunion with a fellow survivor, or preparation for a boss battle. Speaking of which, each psychopath boss has his/her own theme, and each seems to try to drive your adrenaline level up as you fight for your life. And weapon wise, each has its own satisfying crushing, slicing, slashing, or explosive noise, which really helps out when taking out the masses of undead in the mall.

Gameplay - 9
The gameplay in Dead Rising is definitely something new. Its sort of like if you took a Beat em up and a Survival Horror game, and fused them together. Another draw to the game is the sheer number of weapons and items that you can use. Usually if you can see it, you can pick it up and use it as a weapon (or in some cases, a tasty health replenishing snack). Theres nothing more satisfying than picking up a katana and slicing through zombies like butter, or bashing the faces of countless undead with a frying pan. The bosses in the game are called psychopaths which are decidedly insane, and put up a really good fight (what else would we expect from Mr. Inafune, father of the Megaman universe). The only bad point in the game however is the save system, due to the time constraints of rushing across the mall to complete an objective. Sometimes you'll save the game, and then realize you dont have enough time to finish a main mission. However you can always save your stats, and start a new game with said stats intact (which is what you'll have to do after beating the game to see all it has to offer, and the several different endings).

Wrapup - Capcom has once again struck zombified horror gold with Dead Rising. While this first entry has some spots that need touching up on, its a excellent first try, and I hope for at least a trilogy of games from the Dead Rising universe.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/14/06

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