Review by Banana_Beef

Reviewed: 08/14/06

The zombie gurus at Capcom have done it again!

Back when this game was announced in 2005, It showed me that dreams do come true. For a long time, I wanted a game where you can kill countless zombies, but not just with guns, but with countless objects you find in normal everyday life. And now, after a year of waiting, the game was finally released. Does this game please? Oh, you bet it does.

The story starts off with protagonist Frank West heading to the peaceful town of Willamette, having given a tip that 'something big' was happening over there. As he flies over the town, he notices that some sort of riot is happening, but something is not quite right. It's too quiet. Frank, after witnessing some disturbing events as the helicopter follows Willamette's main street, gets dropped off on the roof of the local mall. From here on out, Frank must discover the truth behind this horrible incident. Armed with his trusty camera, he opens the door, and takes his first steps into hell.

Graphics: 10/10

Nothing short of amazing. The graphics never cease to amaze me every time I play. During cut scenes, the camera tends to draw close to character's faces, showing off fully detailed faces. I mean, you can see the pores on the skin! If this is just the beginning of the Next Generation of gaming, then I cant wait to see what games look like 2 years from now. The main seller here in the graphics department has to be the blood effects. Never have I been so pleased when I smash a zombie's against the ground in my life. The mall is fully detailed as well, having fuse boxes, fire hydrant cases, alarms, ect. where they should be. To be honest, I can't fully explain how great this mall looks. You're just going to have to see for yourself.

Sound: 10/10

The sound in this game is excellent. From the sound of a zombie's bloodthirsty yell, to the sounds that a weapon makes upon impact against a zombie's rotting corpse, all of the soud effects in this game are crisp. The voice acting is pretty good as well. Some are a bit out there, but nevertheless good.

Controls: 8/10

At some parts, I found pulling off some special moves frustrating. The moves depend on you to press the A and X buttons simultaneously, but most times you'll find yourself jumping up into the air and kicking your opponent in the face rather then the desired move if picking up a zombie and throwing it. Also, the sensitivity on the aiming controls can be a bit frustrating, since you cannot change it on the options screen. Well....least you can change the inversion.

Story: 7/10

The story is pretty good as well, considering you're trapped in a mall. Most of it you'll end up figuring out before it actually tells you later on (scene with the wasp in the warehouse). After you beat the game, this is, if you got ending A, you unlock Overtime mode, which enables you pick up where the game ended and, upon completion, gives you the true ending, which is pretty lacking in itself. Nevertheless, the story remains interesting enough to keep you playing to see what happens next, even if you have already guessed what is going to happen.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay is pretty linear. You wander around the mall, completing cases, upon after completion you have time to help survivors and escort them to your base of operations in the Security Room. All this, and you have 3 days until the helicopter returns to pick you up. The survivor's AI ranges from Stupid to Frustrating. Most of the time, survivors will run into the zombies rather than away, or if it's a female, they will need you to hold their hand or carry them. But, where this lacks, it shines in the zombie department. You have a rather endless supply of objects at your disposal to kill them with, ranging from a frying pan to Megaman's buster. You can also mix food to create different effects that your character can use to aid him. Also, you can read books, which can increase some of your abilities temporarily. There are also some boss fights, in which you must face several Psychopaths found in every part of the mall, so you're bound to run into one or two while throughout the game. One of the biggest complaints is that of the save system, in which it limits you to one save per device (Ex: HD and Memory Unit). Most of you may not complain (i'm not), but many of you will.

In the end, Dead Rising turns out to be a great game. It has it's repetitiveness here and there, but for some reason, you find it hard to stay away from it. This isn't a game for everyone. It will frustrate you many times. This is a hard game, yes, but not Ghouls and Ghosts impossible. In the end, I give Dead Rising an 8 out of 10. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I hear the game calling for me...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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