Review by superXY

Reviewed: 08/14/06

A one-of-a-kind sandbox game with very few flaws.

Dead Rising is fun. No way around it. A game like Dead Rising only comes out every couple years. You can do everything you've wanted to do involving zombies in this game. That's because Dead Rising is proudly brought to you by the zombie veterans, Capcom. But enough of the background info, lets get to the review.

The graphics in Dead Rising are amazing, with very few drops in frame rate and textures. Its not unusual to have over 200 zombies on screen at a time, each with their own unique faces and looks. As said before the framerate hardly drops even with that many characters onscreen at once. The cutscenes are also very well done, with very few flaws. The gore in this game is also very realistic, with Resident Evil 4 style headshots and sickening blood and guts.

Every item in this game is done very well in this department. The chainsaws roar to life, the katanas slice through zombies with a satisfying metallic sound.
Voice-overs recieve good treatment too, with almost every character having a unique and realistic voice. The zombies moan and groan all throughout the mall, with very believable tones, the guns sound off with realistic sounds and the music very creepy at times.

This is where Dead Rising really shines. Almost every item you can think of off the top of your head is represented well here. And also a few it would take a while to think of as well. The basic point of this game is simple. You kill zombies and solve cases to uncover the story behind the outbreak. But, what makes this game special is purely the vast amount of ways you can dismantle the zombies. From throwing propane tanks, to slicing them clean in half with a battle axe, to placing giant toy Lego heads on them, killing the undead has never been so fun. Also, another big part is rescuing survivors found in the mall and taking them to safety. This rewards you with Prestige Points that level up your character to give them more attack power, throwing ability, speed and such. Leveling up is essential, because the game is quite difficult, even at first. But, more about the difficulty later.

The initial game lasts about 5 hours and it will last about 7-8 for a diligent gamer that wants to play it to its full potential. The main game lasts 3 in-game days, not counting cut scenes. After completing the main game, you unlock a mode that lasts 5 more days in the mall, and finishes up the story of Dead Rising. After getting the best ending in the 5 day mode, players unlock a mode that is like free roam, but their health is constantly decreasing. Luckily, there are plenty of healing items lying around. You will want to replay the main game several times to get the very best out of the zombie-killing fun, ensuring a very long and enjoyable game experience.

This game is about as hard as killing real zombies would be. The difficulty is not the zombies alone, it is in simply how many you have to get through to get around the mall. Also, the bosses are extremely difficult the first time you face them. Luckily, there are only a few you absolutely must face to advance the story. Also, the survivor A.I. is slightly clunky. You tell them to follow you, but most of the time they stop and attack zombies, usually getting attacked themselves. On the bright side, if you give them items, they seem to do alright, seeing as items never break or run out of ammo when they are in the hands of a survivor. Lastly, the save system takes getting used to. You have one slot per save device to save your progress. One problem is that with the difficulty, the save rooms are spaced a bit far apart. But, if you can get over the very few big flaws Dead Rising has, its sure to a very fun ride.

Final Score
If you have the money, this game is very simply a BUY. Its easily a dime a dozen, and there are very few games out there in a genre like Dead Rising.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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