Review by bighaben

Reviewed: 08/14/06

Fun game, major flaws

I've always been excited about this game since I've first heard about it. A game where you go around and kill hundreds of zombies in a mall. Perfect idea. But the Capcom devs went out and ruined some things. Some are minor, some are major, and very noticeable, and leaves you to wonder what the devs were thinking when they made the game.

The first noticeable flaw is how you don't really get to go out and do anything you want to do right from the beginning, yes you can, but you'll lose the entire story within the first 20 minutes of play, leaving you to either die to restart, or playing the entire game once, with no incentive to play but to smash thousands of zombies. A more practical way to do this would be to have two modes one with unlimited play time, and one where you want to do the story. You can unlock this mode, but I've yet to find a way to do it on my own.

The next flaw is the save system, although not all that bad, if you don't save often you'll find yourself doing a lot of stuff over and over again, as the game is quite difficult at times. You also only get one save file per save device, this means that you either have to delete your progress to start fresh, or start the whole game over with all your previous stats. I personally like to have two files with games like this, one with all of my previous stats, and one where I go through and play the game fresh.

Other then that the flaws are minor, some collision problems left me wondering why I didn't hit that particular zombie, and the whole photography part of the game feels like an after thought, with no real incentive to take pictures. And the endless amount of optional escort missions really drag the game down, especially when you are trying to escort them and the escortee is freakishly slow. But you almost have to do the escort missions because if you don't you'll find yourself very weak, as the missions give you the most PP, and is enough to jump you several levels with one completed escort mission.

There are a very wide variety of weapons that range from the completely useless, yet hilarious, and the very useful. The better the weapon unfortunately the faster it tends to break. My favorite is the shopping cart.

This game is not meant for the hard core gamer, who is looking for a very challenging and unfunny game like Resident Evil 4, this game is meant to make you laugh, and you will. Zombies will randomly fall of things, just go to the North Plaza and explore for a quick laugh. There are countless other things in the game that will make you laugh, I don't want to ruin any of it, so I'l leave you to discover them on your own.

This game is a medicore game without the hundreds of zombies, and weapons. Those things alone make this game well worth the trouble and money. If you are weary of it, you can rent it and at least do one game in the time you have to return it. But it's worth price. It's great fun. Simple as that, plus it looks great. I'd suggest you at least play this game, but it's many flaws will keep many gamers from enjoying this game.

7/10, for some major flaws, luckily the game runs smoothly and is just fun to play.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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