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"Some great ideas, but some horrendous flaws."

I love zombie movies. The cheesier...the better.

I'm a journalist.

Therefore, this game is a match made in heaven, right?


I respect what Capcom was TRYING to do here: Create a free-roam game during a small scale zombie apocalypse. They got the atmosphere right.

Graphics: 8

There's a lot of enemies on screen...almost too many at times. Most impressive is that there's hardly EVER any framerate hitches. The character models during cutscenes and close up look very well done. For example: Jessie's curves look believable and...dare I say it...attractive. There's self shadowing as well, which adds a lot. All objects reflect, cast shadows, and have their own unique looks.

Sound: 7

Ugh. I have an HDTV, and I can read the text on the screen, but the omission of voice overs for most of the characters is almost unforgivable. What's done is done great. The music fits the atmosphere, and there's some neat tunes. The battle music for the "Crazy inmates in a jeep" scene is awesome. However, walking up to characters and hearing them say "Help!" when they aren't in trouble is just stupid.

...and don't get me started on Otis and the transceiver. This is easily a half point deduction off a "10" score. Not only is what he saying in TEXT, but you can't attack, jump, or skip what he says to say whenever he's bugging you. Why not just do voiceovers for it, and just have it play through an earpiece? Why, Capcom?

Gameplay: 6

Once again...ugh. The idea that "everything is a weapon" is a lie. Each shop holds 1, 2, or 3 items you can use in some way. A noble concept, but why can't Frank use those tennis rackets on the wall? Or, why can't he grab some baseballs and throw them? Why can't I use half the swords or armor in the sword shop? Good try, Capcom...but you only half came through with what you promised.

The idea that your "Frank" can be customized also comes up short. Each shop has one or two items you can outfit Frank with. Not a bad idea, really, but 3/4 of the shops offer CHILDREN'S or WOMEN'S clothing. I don't want my Frank to look stupid. I want him to look interesting.

The weapons/fighting is 90% of the gameplay. The other 10% is basically escorting idiotic AI around the map. The weapons perform decently...each has their own *smack*, but there's so many carbon copies of weapons, only a few of them are TRULY unique.

The baseball bat acts like a 2x4. The 2x4 acts like a pipe. The pipe acts like a mannequin arm. The mannequin arm acts like a dumbbell. I could go on until the weapons list was exhausted.

The AI is stupid. Capcom has resorted back to the EARLY Resident Evil days and given us some of the worst AI I've seen in years.

The zombies are expectedly stupid. Duh. They're zombies.

However, the bosses can be beaten without any skill, the "Cultists" are laughable, because they don't do anything...the "survivors" aren't smart enough to follow you five feet without calling them, and the "Special Forces" don't react to bullets.

Have you ever played Far Cry? Yes, it was a masterpiece, wasn't it? Remember when the plot got really sci-fi and stupid, and they introduced those stupid mutated monsters? Yeah, that's how Dead Rising is whenever the Special Forces come in.

Not only are they stupid, but if you're within 20 feet of more than one of them, you're dead. They don't react to bullets, and they ruin the game. If you do not have the patience of a saint, you will return the game once you get to their part.

Then there's the exact opposite: You can sit on a canopy and pick them off and they'll never realize you're there, even though you're only 10 feet straight up.

The AI is stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Overall: 6

The save system, difficulty, AI, and piss poor endings hold this game back from being a good game. I can't believe how many people like this game, because when you look at the facts, you just have a next-gen beat-em-up without any real next-gen features.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/15/06

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