Review by Legacy92

Reviewed: 08/21/06

One of the reasons to own an Xbox 360

Capcom has done it again! They made another great game, and this great game is one of the reasons to own a 360. This game is Dead Rising. Dead Rising is in the top 40 of my favorite games of all time. This game is ONLY for the 360, so hopefully Sony Fanboys will stop whining and complaining and say that its gonna be for the PS3. IT IS NOT gonna be for the PS3. So hopefully Sony fanboys will stop complaining, and whining, and say that its gonna be for the PS3 as well. ITS NOT >_<. But I digress, heres the review:


Dead Rising's storyline is uhh..."borrowed" from George A. Romero's classic horror movie "Dawn of the Dead". Basically, you're Frank West, freelance photo journalist. Frank gets a tip from someone that something big is happening in the town of Willamette, Colorado. When he gets there, Frank sees local citizens of Willamette being eaten by zombies. Frank tells the pilot of the helicopter to land him on the top of the mall, and tells the pilot to come back in 72 hours. Frank has guts >_>. So you're really just stuck in a mall for 72 hours, finding people, and killing zombies, nothing special from Capcom in this department.

AUDIO: 8/10

The acting is actually pretty decent. But this game doesn't have any memorable lines like "You were almost a Jill Sandwich", or "I hope this isn't Chris's blood". The zombies sound like zombies, and the music is good overall. But most of the survivors voices are overused. It's nice to see that Capcom didn't make Franks voice all buffed Ahnold, and that they just tried to make him like a normal person. The gun sounds are good as well.


Beautiful graphics! Really next-gen. The eye opener to the game was that the game could support 1000 zombies on screen at once. The other cool thing was that if you sliced a zombie, you could see the insides. Very nice detailing by Capcom. Very gory graphics by Capcom, and CC is known for being gory. If you are lost, you won't mind it because of the gorgeous backgrounds and scenery. CC hits big in this department.


Perfect gameplay. The other eye opener to DR was that anything and everything is a weapon. Battle axes from antique stores, guns from the gun stores, Stuffed teddy bears from the kids shop, ANYTHING is a weapon. The really only don side to the weapons are that some of them (Water gun, toy saber sword, Stuffed teddy bears, Spit) don't do damage at all really. There is also a little bit of RPG here as well. Frank levels up using Prestige Points, or PP. He levels up by health, speed, throwing, Attack, and Item stock (the amount of weapons you can hold). Leveling up also helps Frank learn new abilities like Giant Swing, Zombie walk, Disembowel, Jump kick, and many more. You gain PP by taking photos, killing zombies,and saving survivors. Yes there are guns, but you can't un and shoot at the same time, and with so much zombies, and so little ammo, you'll go back to using that katana and chainsaw. DR is kinda easy, and you cam finish this game in about a week or so. CC also hits big in this department.

Well there you have it, Dead Rising, one of the reasons to get a 360.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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