Review by nflstreetfreak1

Reviewed: 08/28/06

The Ultimate Zombie Game? YES

Dead Rising, if it were looked upon in a toy store by an unsuspecting buyer, may seem like your average zombie-survival/horror game. I have one thing to say to that unsuspecting buyer, WHAT THE **** ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!! Dead Rising is an intense zombie game that you set the pace of. Make it exciting by fighting thousands of zombies as you wander through hallways, or play it safe and slow, and barricade yourself in a jewelry store.

I really don't want to spoil much of the real story, but the basic idea of Dead Rising is this. Your a photographer named Frank, and you, of course, want to be the first, and hopefully only person to cover the story of this city that is thought to have been over-run by insane psychopaths. Your helicopter drops you off in a mall where you have 72 hours until you are supposed to go back to the roof and meet your ride. The best part of Dead Rising's storyline is the fact that you don't have to follow it on a rigorous mission path. Sure, to get the best of the several available multiple endings, you would need to do all the missions, but to just finis the game, you don't have to do any at all. There are two downsides to Dead Rising's storyline though. The first is the fact that if you fail to reach your mission spot in time, and you want to complete the whole story, you either lose all hope, for all the other missions become un-accessible, or you restart from your last save point. The next downer is the psychopath boss battles. They are some crazy people with intense strength, that basically have the upper hand in every way. Besides these two problems, the story is just great.

There have been numerous complaints about the controls. I don't understand why. I think the game controls great. Now, with that out of the way... THE ZOMBIE FIGHTING IS AWESOME. There are so many weapons in the game, it's hard to tell which is the funnest to use. You can do anything from bowling over a couple zombies, to smashing a painting over a zombie's head and get him stuck, to smashing perfume on the floor and making them slip in it. There is hardly any, if there is at all, lag in this game. That is surprising since you can see up to roughly 800 zombies at once, although the most I've ever seen is about 230.

The graphics in Dead Rising are simply amazing. Sure, Dead Rising is no Elder Scrolls 4, but if Elder Scrolls 4 had 500 people running around on screen, and had to deal with making a mall seem realistic with the amount of stores etc, it wouldn't look that great. At first, I was skeptical about seeing repetitive zombie design due to early screenshots. I hardly notice any dupes, and even if I did, the game is so fun, I wouldn't care.

The voice acting is done very well for teh CG scenes. There is no talking really in game except on your walkie-talkie, for instance, all dialogue is in text. The music also helps capture the moods, and comes on at just the right times.

Overall- OMG

Buy or Rent- Buy, the game has nearly endless replay value

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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