Review by DarknessSavior

Reviewed: 08/31/06

Who woulda thought an electric guitar could be a Zombie Killer?

I've gotta say, while Capcom is famous for their survival horror series Resident Evil, they've broken the mold with Dead Rising. While on the outside, it seems like this game is just running mad in a mall infested with zombies (and yes, you CAN do JUST that if you wish to), this game has much more depth to it than you would think when you first hear about it. Out of all the 360 games I've played (From the crappy Kameo, to the wonderous Oblivion) this is on my Top 3 list. The designers actually made the game intuitive, fun, and VERY addicting. Genius Capcom, pure genius!

Graphics: 9/10
- The graphics are next gen, period. You can see details in everything from the produce in the supermarket, to the damage you've done to the zombies you're fighting. Realistic physics are also in place, you can even use a bowling ball to knock some zombies around! ^.^ The graphics look great even on a normal TV (which, unfortunately if what I am using). However, I dunno if this is a problem in HD, but the letters in the normal dialogue are WAY too small, which can make normal conversations with the NPC's WAY too hard to understand at times (especially Otis radioing in on you all the time while you're going through a horde of zombies...) If that weren't a problem, they'd get 10/10.

Sound: 8/10
- Well, there isn't much music in this game, but all of the sound effects and the voice acting are great. If you get bored having no music while you're chopping up zombies, just throw some of your own custom music into the game. =D

Controls: 10/10
- X is your "Attack" button, whether you're using your bare fists, a knife, katana, or a gun. B is your "Action/Pick Up stuff" button. The Right trigger is for zooming with guns, or throwing handheld weapons. The Left trigger opens your Camera mode for shooting pictures. All very simple, easy to use, and with a great learning curve. You'll be carvin' up some corpses within 5 minutes of play with these controls!

Fun-factor: 10/10
- Ketchup bottles, tron-bot heads, mega buster, katanas, and more! Anything in the stores in this fictional mall can be used effectively as a weapon. See that potted plant? Yoink! Instant weapon. That zombie carrying around a combat knife? Knock 'em down and it's yours! You can do anything you can think of, even some crazy things like manning a lawnmower, and running over groups of zombies! There is no end to the combinations of techniques you can use in this game! Great job Capcom! Also, since Frank (the main character) is a photographer you'll be carrying around a camera with you the whole game, and you can take pictures of all the zombies, survivors, and other random things to get PP (Prestige Points) to level up Frank. Helping survivors, killing zombies, taking pictures, and other random feats give you plenty of ways of leveling Frank up. Doing so will give you more health, more slots to hold items, greater speed, attack strength, and more! A survival horror game with RPG elements!? YES! ^_^

Replayability: 10/10
- This game plays out in 72 game hours (roughly 10 hours real time). However, if at any point you die, you can take your characters stats, and start from the beginning anew. Trust me, you'll do this a few times in the beginning. Plus, once you beat the game and unlock the two extra game modes, you'll be in for even longer bouts of zombie bashing. There are enough side quests in the story mode to keep you going through that on its own, let alone the two extra game modes as well. Also, you have 50 achievements to unlock to make your Gamerscore rise. There's supposed to be some downloadable content on Live too, but since I dun have that, I know nothing about it. Still, you'll be playing this game for a while.

If Oblivion wasn't enough to get gamers to buy an X-Box 360, this is the one that'll do it for ya. Trust me, it may seem like a repetitive idea at first, but you'll get hooked once ya try it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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