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"The Zombie Game You've All Been Waiting For"

When I heard news about this game, I went crazy with happiness. When the ads said that you could use anything as a weapon, I was like, "Whoa! Now this is my kind of game!" I was really anticipating this game with heightened expectations. And, it really left me in awe when I finished the game. I was thinking to myself, "Capcom really pulled off another great game." I was really having a lot of fun with this game. Although the save and continue system were a bit wierd in my view, it did not damper the fun factor in this game. Taking pictures is also very easy in this game. It is one of the factors for leveling up too. Also, speaking of the leveling up system, I actually liked it. Cause I would never know what I would get when I got to the next level. The reason was that it would one of six random things that would happen. I would be really happy when I would get more health blocks. The health blocks kind of reminded me of Chronicles Of Riddick (and only that way in particular), the weapons in this game is gargantuan. I love tossing dishes, soda cans, and bowling balls at zombies. The best part about the dishes and soda cans is that they are rapid fire! It's especially funny to watch a zombie die from a soda can or a plate when Frank has his stats maxed out.

The characters in this game are actually interesting. Carlito is actually my favorite character. Reason being that he has all the good weaponry but you can't use it. Adam would have to be my second favorite because facing a psychopathic clown who tosses two small chainsaws and breathes fire makes for a excellent boss fight. Speaking of bosses, this is the one and only game I've played in which you usually get a lot of fighting room and actually have to make use of the cover surrounding you. Adam, Carlito, and a few other bosses are good examples of this. Then there are those few in which you have to fight in extremely tight quarters. Such as a small store. Also, the there are endless possibliities to take on scoops and cases. Cases are the main meat of 72 hour mode, which is the main game. In order to unlock Overtime & Infinity Mode, you need to get the best ending and reveal the true ending. All I can say is that you fight the final boss on top of a tank in a swarming crowd of zombies.

The graphics in this game are really good and does truly capture the overwhelming swarm of a zombie infestation. Although my only tiff with this game is the survivor AI. They can be really numb in the head at times. Especially if you are leading more than 4 survivors to the security room and for some odd reason, if they run into the potted plant in front of Cam's Camera in Paradise Plaza, they keep on running straight into it and you end up having to bump into them or nabbing the plotted plant and throwing it somewhere. That's the only problem I had with this game. I throughly enjoyed this game.

Ininfity Mode is the real meat of the game as you try to see how long you can survive in the Mall. There are a few conditions though. The supermarket (Seon's Food & Stuff) isn't open to you, food items won't regenerate if you leave the area that contains it, and your health slowly drains. So it's imperitive to get those stat increasing books since it'll boost the healing abilities of food items and let you keep those valuable weapons that you get off of survivors and psychos a bit longer. This is especially true when you pick up Adam's Small Chainsaws. If you have the Engineering, Entertainment, & Criminal Biography books, the Small Chainsaws will literally last throughout your entire run on Inifinity Mode.

The melee skills that Frank can learn in this game can be described as over the top, outrageous, funny, and downright brutal. In doing some of these skills, he resembles a ninja. The wall kick move is a great example. I used it in the Maintence Tunnel. Which worked wonders as a crowd clearer. Frank has some combo ability but it's mainly only 2 hits. The only other moves that have the possibility of comboing is the Double Lariat, Wall Kick, & Roundhouse kick and the Knee Drop. The Roundhouse Kick has an interesting feature as you can turn it into a sweep that has a larger arc cover but doesn't go as far as the Roundhouse does. A move that is just plain funny is the Disembowel. As Frank rips his opponent's intestines out, he does Snake Eyes on that person to knock them down. I just found that move extremely funny. It's a high level move though.

There's also a little something called Juice Powers which become infinitly useful when you blend 2 food items together. It may say in the instruction booklet or whatever else that the Untouchable grants you temorary invulnerability but it's actually the Energizer that does that. Preliminary testing by myself proved so. It's plainly obvious in Inifinty Mode. Anyway, I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a extremely fun zombie game because trust me, it's the zombie title that you all have been waiting for.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/03/06

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