Review by Rossiel

Reviewed: 10/16/06

WTF. 1 Save Point!?

Okay My style. I don't own a 360 but my buddy does and we picked up this game today. We are now ready to return it. Not exactly a terrible game had it been developed 4 years ago. Here's why:

GamePlay: 4
So what was the development meeting like on this one, "Hey guys we want to make a Resident Evil action game that's going to suck to get people all hyped up about the new Resident Evil. How can we make sure it sucks. I know let's only put one save point in the whole damn game". Aside from the elusive bathrooms which we spent nearly 10 minutes looking for before dying, you have a singe save point at the very beginning of the game. The cool element of having thousands of weapon possibilities is cut short by the fact that so many of them have a negative aspect that makes them suck. Either slow recovery times or difficult maneuvering or lack of ammo for the weapons are some of the various negative aspects to which I'm referring. Cooking food and blending foods together to uncover new results is awesome but lack of availability means you'll be running back to the food courts countless times. Which reminds me of another complaint about gameplay, this one is quite hard and leaves you wishing for some escape. Also a huge amount of dialogue is written and text based. What is this a PS1 game, folks we've moved on to the era of the 21st century, get with the program.

Comparison: 6 (New Review category)
How does this game compare to other games of it's time. Well... it doesn't. No zombie action games had been created for the 360 yet but this one didn't get the system off to a good start. After playing RE4 on either of it's available console versions, this title feels like somebody sucked the fun out of what could've been a perfectly good game then told it some fart jokes to makes to make it smile and look good on it's surface.

Sound: 6 ???
Not sure what to give this one. Sound effects are good and the relaxing mall music is soothing and calming, but out of place in this action hack-and-slash title. Sound effects were good, the crashing of things, the grinding of the chainsaw, and such but gun shots sounded overly muffled and wimpy. Zombies make virtually no noise, making the action experiences dull and boring. Zombies didn't groan, moan, or scream making the experience dull. What voice acting is in the game is pretty good but there is just too much text-based dialogue for this era of gaming.

Visuals: 6
Not bad graphics but such tiny subtitles make any written dialogue (I.E. most of the game), impossible to read if you are sitting further then 10 feet away from you TV. Lack of muzzle flashes and dynamic lighting make the game feel dull rather then eerie and weak compared to other possibilities rather then dark. It feels like the games disk space was devoted to the lovely blood sprays and numerous bodies you will leave in your wake but I frankly prefer deep gameplay over good graphics.

Playability: 4
Did I mention this game was hard, we died three times to the first boss as us and our NPC ally had a hard time shooting Carlito, while his P-90 SMG blows the hell out of us. Yet in the courtyard, a lawnmower makes polishing off a hundred zombies no trouble whatsoever. I don't get it. Aside from clunky controls and poor auto-aiming, the controls are half-way decent, oh wait, that's the two strikes you could wind up with, so that means the controls just suck. Did I mention that there are only a handfull of save points, a couch at the very beginning of the game and bathrooms, which we all know are hard to find in modern shopping malls anyway. This means you'll find yourself killing yourself anytime you want to save.

Storyline: 7
Decent enough storyline that simply felt like it deserved a better game to go along with it. Not giving anything away, but it isn't bad and actually draws you in to the game but the pathetic gameplay throws you right back in reality.

Overall Concept: 5
The overall concept of this game is just not quite all there. It was as if they CapCom truely was just trying to create weak wannabe zombie titles to create hype and want for the new Resident Evil. The only other idea I can think of was after creating the total bombshell RE4 for the Cube and PS2, they wanted to try and bury xBox but I can't imagine why they would do that.

Bottomline: This game just feels fairly weak and out of place in the era of modern video gaming, as I said many times before. Critically this game got superb reviews but after playing it myself I can't for the life of me figure out why. It is a mediocre game for this generation and has no place being in this era of gaming. If you want a Resident Evil esque game, and take a lot of the fun out of it, Then why not, give this a shot. But a lack of a user friendly interface makes it feel just like so many other products with the Microsoft name on it.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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