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"Ok kids, can you say "Addicting"?"


Ok, ever since I heard Dead Rising was going to hit the shelves, I was hell bent on getting it. When I did, I found out it was worth the wait. This game is simply put: GREAT. Before I got it, I also kinda feared it would be like Resident Evil. Don't get me wrong, cause RE games are great, but it's kinda like their entire storyline is "planned out". Dead Rising turned out to be just the exact opposite. Instead of being "planned out", you can explore the entire area of the shopping mall and have fun doing it. and it's not just a few zombies at a time like Resident Evil, its hundreds.


In Dead Rising, you play Frank West. A photojournalist visiting Willimette, Colorado to cover a strange story. When he arrives, he has his helicopter land on Willimette's local mall. He soon finds out that the mall wasn't the safest place to go, and realizes that the mall is literally infested with zombies and it's up to him to uncover the mysterious cover-up behind the zombies, and survive. You have 72 hours to get the story before your helicopter arrives to rescue you. Frank also finds out that he isn't the only one alive in the mall. During gameplay, you will encounter several survivors trying to... survive? Anyway this game allows you to have practically any item to your advantage to save them. The most irritating thing in DR is actually not the zombies, but the survivors. Any time you encounter a survivor, it might take a moment or two to convince them that you'll bring them to safety, but they'll eventually come. Either by intimidation, or physically getting to join you e.g. shooting them in the foot. But what's so frustrating about them? Well, it's the way they move. This really makes me mad that Capcom made a game filled with zombies but made the NPC in the game sometimes motionless! Sometimes they'll just stand there and not even defend themselves. But fortunetly that little disadvantage is made up by either you holding that person's hand and guiding them through, or letting them hop on your back. I'll also add that only being able to have one save profile sucks and its a real downfall when wanting to play separate new games. Also, there should have been a mode on DR where you could just have nothing to worry about but survival and just kill zombies. But unfortunetly that didn't happen. Instead you have a 72 hour time frame (five minutes for every game hour). Once you get going and just play, the time is really quite a bit. You don't have to do the case files anyway, if you want to have a bad ending that is


To be honest, the controls are simple. And even though the thought of being surrounded by sometimes over one hundred zombies can seem to be stressful, you can easily get past hundreds of them without even being bitten, thanks to the easy control setup. Capcom made it easy for anyone to get use to. But on occasion you will be trapped in a location where you do have to fight, and no matter how much you press any button, recovery times can be slow. Also if you get bitten and the zombie gets you to the ground, you have to be prepared to press any random button instantly before the 1 second timer runs out, which can easily get you killed if you're not familiar with the 360's controller.


Ok, I'm going to be firm with this one. I'll admit that the sounds of relaxing mall music makes the environment realistic, but whenever I bash a zombies skull in with a lead pipe, I really don't feel like hearing the soothing sounds of "The girl of Impanema" overhead. But on some boss fights, the music gets more upbeat and then it gets and little bit more realistic. Whenever you're listening to heavy rock and metal, it fits the environment better. It still would have made DR a lot more scary to play if whenever you're in an area (like the maintenance tunnels) where there are more zombies than you can count, that there was horror music in the background, or at least some sound effects.


I've simply got to hand it to Capcom for this one. Because of the 360's powerful capability to "remember", the zombies you kill don't mystically vanish five seconds after you kill them. It doesn't matter if you kill one then later in the same spot kill 500 more, the first one will still be there. In my opinion thats a great quality, and especially meets up to the 360's standards. The cutscenes during gameplay are amazing. Facial expressions and movement are spectacular, and the words the characters say seem to align with their mouth. Taking pictures during gameplay was a great idea for a zombie slasher, so a big pat on the back for the one who thought of that idea. It's nice to take pictures of hordes and hordes of zombies, then show your friends and be proud and brave enough to say "I was there." I also hope you have 20/20 vision, because the subtitles are so small on the screen you barely even try to make the pixels legible.


Before you run out and either rent or buy this game, I am going to give you a headstart and tell you that you will almost certain be dissapointed at one point or another in the game. Heres what I mean: "Ok, I just finished a case, and I should save my progress, but the savepoint is way too far away. Oh well, one more case won't hurt (then repeat this quotation)." And then guess what, you end up getting killed somehow and you will loose ALL of your unsaved progress. No checkpoints, no rest stops, no nothing. Actually it's kind of realistic, because of how death of Frank goes, cause once you're dead, YOU ARE DEAD. The casefiles are very ironic and understandable. What you think will happen, actually doesn't happen. But in the end of the game, it's actually quite a sad storyline, but if you want to figure out whats so sad, go buy the game.


Ok, anytime someone wants my advice on buying a game they've only vaguely heard about before, or if they've heard great stuff about it, I always tell the person to rent it first. Whatever game on this earth it is, there will ALWAYS be something on that game that one person either hates or cannot stand. The thing that will possibly make someone hesitant of buying this game is the saving mechanism. You must remember that you can only have ONE save and thats it! If you're playing a case where you only have two minutes to complete and you're far from it, and you accidently saved your game, then unless you can somehow impossibly teleport magically to your objective, then you pretty much just ruined your progress. And will have no other choice but to restart all the way from the beginning. This typically doesn't bother me that much, but like I said there is always something that somebody just isn't going to like, and that person could possibly be you. But it can easily be overlooked. Either way, why risk it when you can have a 82% discount of the games actual price when you can just rent it?


In conclusion, this game is a must buy. If you rent it, chances are you'll eventually just buy it. It's a very addicting game but worth every minute. It is a matter of fact to be the best zombie game. This is a must buy! Buy it and enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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