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"Shop till you drop dead, huh?"

Shop till you drop dead, huh?

Dead Rising is my fourth game I've ever reviewed, I was awaiting the day a friend of mine soon moved in with a few games on his Xbox 360 including Dead Rising, I at times looked at the case and looked at any videos on the internet, when I finally played, I found out that it was an awesome game to play in many areas and an entertaining game overall, a few areas I will review on are the mainstream list of an average review, I will include Storyline, Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Extra Value, I hope you will consider these points rather than avoid them.

Storyline[8.75]: A freelance photographer named Frank West decides to get invovled in an unknown situation in Willamette, Colorado a small town that the army is occupying, when Frank and Ed(the pilot of the helicopter flying to the destination)approach the town, they witness a sequence of events such as violent battles, catastrophic deaths, even explosions were seen, dictating the decision that the poor town has suffered a riot, however as Frank ventures on more, he realises that the problem is even more worse. Zombies seem to be roaming, lifelessly claiming lives and rising to a situation of dominance, and them plus a stupid old lady crazy about a dog will result in a painful raid of our ugly zombies. Frank West wants answers for questions, how did the infestation start, who is in the background, will it happen again?

Then again he also wants to be vigilant and wants to save anyone else in danger and put them on the helicopter with him, there are eight cases and about 50 survivors able to be saved, although I'd want a stronger helicopter he has 72 hours to walk either paths before the pilot gets back to pick up Frank, and the cutscenes are interesting and entertaining, the storyline had a smooth concept, and there a series of good cutscenes. There are cutscenes that are for when you are saving survivors or other stuff called scoops, but are more on the side of Extra Value. You could say that I find the storyline interesting you could also say it deserves a big 8.75 out of 10, HORRAY!!!

Gameplay:[8.75]: A Christmas List of yours could turn into a ridiculous but somewhat painful arsenal, for those who would adore a weapons galore this is for you, the amount of weapons go on, unfortunately when you're not trying to use long ranged weapons, the gameplay is flooded with the old mindless mashing system.

Capcom do slightly block it off in a Levelling up system which gives you new abilities and also harden up your health, quicken your speed and so on. The game unfortunately waits for no one, you have 72 hours which is approximately 7 hours or something, that's what I've heard, and when you run out, the time doesn't run back in, meaning that you have to move on with the game, whether you like it or not. As the game moves on and if you make progress, you will gain moves that are both impressive and painful, either on or the other, i.e. suplex, zombie walk, disembowel, so on, the game is all about getting crazy, fighting off thousands of zombies you could only dream of, degenerating them before they degenerate you and humiliating them with moves that would make you look like a bully and ultimately being a warrior with a camera.

Speaking of camera, that is the biggest way you will be able to make progress in your levelling system, taking photos of things bad in their category such as Horror which means it's supposed to be scary when it isn't, gets you low point/PP, if you get better shots for your category such as exotic where it has to be exotic and you are successful, then you get higher PP. In certain moments, it would be more than necessary to take photos, they are called PP Stickers, don't know why but they can move you up by a heap, in situations like that, a large thing will appear and will stay there for two seconds. From looking at how to take photos and the burden it seems to be, it looks like it would be hard to get PP.

But getting PP isn't that hard, if photography isn't your forte, you could get it from doing moves that aren't what people usually do, or from getting survivors, and so on, it just means you need to be skilled at one way to get PP.

Dead Rising also have welcomed a Free Roaming system, where you just can go around freely with no boundaries and Capcom have pulled it off well however, the mall may be big but is a small area fit for free roaming, fortunately that was only one flaw in the Free Roaming system.

Finally there are bigger threats out there called psychopaths, they are just humans without the heart, they are the bosses in the game and if you play the game right you will see one and will be forced to fight one, if you prevail, you may sometimes receive a special weapon from the psychopaths.

Graphics:[9.25/10]: I don't care how much I don't care about graphics, but dude looking at these graphics make me wonder, where have you been all my life, the graphics are great, they make the game have more atmosphere and makes the game a bit more interesting, although that's what all games with good graphics do, everything is more clearer and I hate mentioning the consoles in game reviews but it has been helped by the console it's on, the graphics in this game make it more violent than it would without it, more gory than it would without it and more intense than it would without it. Good times.

Sound:[9.25/10]: Sound is nice to hear, and in this game the sound is 'teh awesomeness'. The music is great, I however don't know any of the names of the song on this game, however it has variety, it also has good style, I can't imagine Dead Rising with folk dancing music, also the voice acting is great, I can't imagine Frank with the voice of Frodo, anyway the sound of this game sounds like it's up to date with what it should be.

Extra Value:[9.75/10]: Dead Rising is perhaps the game with the most Extra Value I've ever encountered and it doesn't have any multiplayer or any stuff as such, well in my opinion anyway , Dead Rising, thanks to it's console has achievements, achievements that are fun to do anyway, for those who need an introduction to achievements, they are extra things you get from games on Xbox 360, what you get out of them are gamer points, you show off point to others on Xbox Live, others envy you and you're the best. Anyway, they give you more things to do once you have finished with the Story, anyway the reason they are fun is because they offer both challenge and uhhh, fun...

Even more interesting stuff are the things you can get from achievements, like laser swords, Megaman buster, and so on just as long as you finish your story and get an ending, and what they will do is spawn in the security room and you grab it when you want a weapon.

The Good...
-Great Graphics and design.
-Really good story and plot.
-Almost endless amount of Extra Value.

The Bad...
-Infected with MMM(Mindless Mashing Madness)
-Small Environment.

...And The Ugly...

Rent or Buy:
Dead Rising has what you want, it also has a big reason of buying it(Extra Value). I suggest buying as a wise move. And so I conclude this review hoping that someone reads this, so anyway I'll be back!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/13/07

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