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"Probably one of the best zombie games out in the market"

I bought this game soon after release and I fell in love with it. Ever since I saw the first screenshots of it I knew I was going to buy it and have it on my Top 10 Game List. I personally think that zombie games can't get much better than this one.

Graphics 9/10

I thought the graphics were amazing. Hundreds of zombies coming after you in a highly detailed mall. That was a big selling point to me that they could fit huge numbers of zombies on screen at once and still have the zombie models at least detailed enough that they didn't seem bad for the game. Another thing I liked is that you could take your camera and zoom in on just about any object in a store and read the text that is on it. The character models were superb and they couldn't get much better, in fact some people think that some of the females in the game actually look attractive. The little things in the graphics department make this game much more real looking such as every clock in the game is perfectly aligned with your watch or like I already mentioned, how detailed every single item is.

My only complaints is that the blood looked fake, some objects in malls were way more detailed that others and a few knit picking here and there such as how there is no sun. I would also like to point out that the game isn't actually scary unless you count some of the cutscenes which I discuss in the story section of this review. The only time the game really felt mildly creepy would be when the malls lights go out since the zombies eyes would glow and they would be quite more aggressive and the only mobile light source would be a toy sword. Also I think the mall is a tad bit too dark when the lights go out and it is especially surprising when you aren't expecting it.

If you don't have a high definition T.V. the subtitles will be insanely small and blurry which makes them near unreadable. Capcom doesn't seem to be making a patch for this or ever will. There is many clothes option you can choose from and you can mix and match from hats, shoes, and just the plain clothes themselves. There is also nothing creepier than Frank in a servbot head and childs clothes.

Sound 8/10

The sound really fitted the mall theme but even though it fitted almost perfectly it still isn't perfect itself. First is what I liked. The elevator music throughout the mall really set the mood and there was little automated announcements here and there. I thought the voice acting was pretty good and matched each character. The characters had accents when they were exposed too so you didn't end up with people who had voices that didn't match them.

Some of the problems was it seemed like there was only one set of elevator music and it quickly got annoying. Some of the sounds when items broke didn't really match the item itself. I thought Frank's voice actor could've been much better. When you get calls on your transceiver there is no voice acting which is annoying because on non high definition T.V.s the text will be really small. The same attack sound for some of the weapons can get repetitive after awhile such as the metal pipe.

Gameplay 9.5/10

This is where the game really shines. I think there is nothing better in a zombie game other than to kill them, loads of them. Like in the graphics department there can be so many zombies on screen that it is astounding. Tell me who doesn't want to slaughter thousands of zombies with a broom, lawnmower, and soda cans. There was many many items to use as weapons in this game. Even though you can't pick up anything not nailed down in a store there is still enough things to keep you entertained for awhile. Anything you pick up can be a weapon, yes even that container of orange juice or toy frisbee.

The mall is fully open to you right after the intro so you can get just about any weapon at the start and there isn't a single store you can't go into. What made this game work a lot better is that your stats carry over to a new game every time. You also keep the clothes your wearing but not your items. I think the controls were well designed so I have no problem with them. The rewards for achievements are pretty nice for the hard or boring ones. Though a little problem is that you have to get a ending to get the reward and I don't think you ever get told that in the game or manual.

There was of course problems with the gameplay, most were minor though some of them were quite bothersome but didn't affect my rating since I can live without them. One problem is that Infinity Mode isn't exactly that. Sure you have a infinite amount of time to play but you lose health slowly over time and there is a limited amount of food to restore your health with so it should have been called Survival Mode. The survivor AI is HORRIBLE, now for me that isn't much of a problem since I don't go for achievements or try to save everyone but for those who do they will have to go through hell most of the time to get survivors back to the Security Room. When Frank is a low level it will be very hard for you not to die so the game is not that easy until you level up. The cases would be nearly impossible if you tried them at level 1.

The vehicles seem hard to control except for the motorcycle and they can get stuck from a hunk of meat under them. Luckily you don't have to use vehicles that often or you can just about get through the game without using them at all. Otis, he is the most annoying character in this game and you will be overjoyed when you meet him in Infinity Mode. In Infinity Mode there is a glitch where the game will freeze on day 4 if you go into the Food Court which Capcom doesn't seem to be even trying to fix. Also when in Infinity Mode there is no way to save so that means you have to hope, when going for the 7 day survivor achievement, that your xbox doesn't freeze within the 14 some hours of constantly being on. The game doesn't have any co-op or multiplayer features which would've put this game over a score of 10/10.

Some people actually like this but, you have to have very good time management and by very good at this game to be able to complete all the cases and most of the scoops which can make the game very frustrating if you going for a 100% run through. Time plays a very crucial role in this game and the three in game days you have may seem long at first but you quickly realize that it is quite short. I didn't like it that there wasn't a real sandbox mode without having to worry about your draining health or cases and scoops getting in your way. The hitboxes seems off by a little bit but it wasn't much.

Story 9/10

The story had few problems and was pretty good. The game takes place in a mall and the only thing that could be better than that is a town, which doesn't really seem possible which todays gaming technology. There is multiple endings depending on what you do in the game then there is a second mode that continues the story after you have beaten all the case files. The game seemed to be set up for a sequel which I assume is a good thing and unless I am mistaken I think there is a little morale or message involved in the story after you have completely beaten the game. Some of the psychopath cutscenes make you see how crazy they really are, especially the clown Adam, and a warning ahead of time, if you have a queasy stomach I would suggest skipping or looking away at the cutscene after you kill him. There is quite a bit of survivors to save, 52 in total I believe and over 70 characters you see in the game.

There was some things that didn't seem to make sense so you had to turn a blind eye on them. Also the ending makes you wondering, and not in a good way. I can't tell you exactly what without spoiling the story for you. Sometimes when you meet some of the psychopaths you probably could talk your way out of it or they really aren't crazy enough to kill you unless you angered them or ignored what they were saying and kept walking towards them. Do get the best ending and unlock overtime mode you have to talk to sometime within the time frame of a couple of hours and I don't know of anyway to know that other than read a walkthrough or have someone tell you.

The Conclusion:

This is a great game that almost everyone will love. I think it is the best zombie game out there and probably will be for awhile. If your looking for a awesome zombie game then this is it. This game has kept me entertained for many many hours and I think it will do the same for you. It had very few problems but problems never the less so I give this game a 9 out of 10.

Buy or Rent? I would say buy but to make sure I would suggest renting it and playing it for a weekend to see how you like it unless your a zombie fanatic like me or just really like killing mass amount of enemies.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/19/07

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