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"Your name is Frank West..."

Are you looking into purchasing a new game? Do you like sandbox games? Do you like games with, let's just say, gore...? Are you a fan of Horror videogames? I think there just might be one out there for you, that you might enjoy. The name of this game is Dead Rising. You don't know if you'll like it though, I see... Lucky, you can read my short review for my 2 cents into this videogame.

Your name is Frank West, a Colorado Photographer with nothing to lose, and insane with suspicions. You are traveling to Willamette, and going to visit the shopping mall. I don't think this will be your average shopping trip. Something is going on in this small town, something big. An infestation of zombies, and you have 72 hours to find out what's going on, or you won't get out, ever...

Graphics : 10/10 - The graphics in "Dead Rising" are defiantly top notch, with High Definition of course, otherwise you might have a text issue. The motion blur is great, and the models are unbelievable.

Story : 7/10 - The story most likely isn't the greatest. They kind of just drop you into the action, and give you no back story what so ever of this Frank West, but that isn't the point, it just, is different...

Gameplay : 10/10 - This is where "Dead Rising" gets all of its heat. The gameplay in "Dead Rising" is like no other game. It feels almost like a "Grand Theft Mall". You can even handle vehicles in the game, or skateboards/mountain bikes. There are many extras in the game you can find, some are funny, including spitting on zombies to "weird" others you may run into.

Mechanics/Animations : 9/10 - The animations in "Dead Rising" are excellently done. The game uses the popular "Havok" engine for physics, and was animated so real looking. Not once in the game will you feel like a robot, except, there are no rag dolls

Overall Score : 9/10 - This game is something that you will keep playing, and playing till you drop. The few thins I didn't like is that there is no online play, but there is Downloadable Content via Xbox Live. Also, there were no rag doll animations, nor was the story great. But, overall, this is something that shouldn't be collecting dust at your videogame store, it should be in your Xbox 360's Disk Drive being played.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Dead Rising (US, 08/08/06)

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