Review by TyraelsDesciple

Reviewed: 08/04/08

How much zombie face can you own in 3 days? Let's find out....

Ah Dead Rising. A game in which you can find endless violent bliss. If you are new to the idea of this game, then here's the basic outlook. Zombies. Thousands of zombies. Go into one room.... Zombies. Leave that room... ZOMBIES. I think I made my point clear. Now you may ask how do I survive ALL OF THESE ZOMBIES. A better question would be... how can't you survive? The next thing about dead rising is... EVERYTHING IS A WEAPON. 99% of the objects you come across are in someway able to kill,disable,or destroy a zombie. Now you may ask, well this seems to easy! Just kill a ton of zombies for 3 days! Ah sir no. Dead Risings actual story mode consist of challenging task known as "Case files." You see Frank West is a reporter, hell bent on getting the story of a zombie out break, located in the small town of Willamaete, Colorado, Population 53,594. You must find out why this is happening all in a 3 day time frame. Also you may ask "3 days of game play?" No. The actual game mode is 6 hours long. But there are side task called "scoops" that you also can do. You will end up trying this game possibly 20 times trying to get all of the scoops and case files completed.

Now lets talk some of the side aspects of the game. Lets start off with achievements. The achievements for this game are the most entertaining I have seen for the Xbox 360. Not a "amg gamerscore" person, it doesn't matter. These are basically things you can do once you've beat the game that provide the same or more level of challenge and entertainment that you had when playing the actual game. With small task such as Free Fall "Drop from a height of 15 feet" to great and challenging task like Zombie Genocider "Kill 53,594 Zombies" <--- The towns population. Don't worry there's still zombies after this though :)

Sound: Fairly decent I must say. Every sound that happens goes with the situation perfectly. The music in the game is a modern soundtrack and fits the surroundings perfectly. Killing time/zombies in the mall? Nice mall music will play (malls are run on timers so this is the actual mall playing this not just background music.) Fighting 3 convicts in a jeep? A modern day hip-hop song plays.

Environment: Very nice. The mall is separated into 6 different plazas, most of which lead into the middle, "Leisure Park." No plaza is the same. In North Plaza you find an area under construction, but some stores already complete such as a cutlery, guns and ammo, and a super market. In Wonder land plaza you find a... roller coaster. The only flaw I could find is that it seemed there were no stores like Gamestop or pet stores. Not really a huge flaw, because every store just provides more weapons for you to use.

Game play: Ah, where Dead Rising shines. You have so many different ways to kill things. Hand to hand, 2x4s, even less conventional items like stools and benches. Also when you defeat bosses you unlock more weapons to use. There is a gunstore where you must defeat the owner. After wards you unlock an unlimited supply of sniper rifles, shotguns, and handguns! Oh joy. There are many crazy people who you will have to fight in your journey. They range from fat cops, to a family of snipers. You'll have to be creative in how you beat them, because I don't think I have to tell you it's a little hard to have to fight 3 snipers with a lead pipe. There are many different ways to defeat the bosses so experiment.

Save system: The much hated thing about this game, which isn't even bad. Alot of people claim that this game only has one save point. IT DOESN'T. The main save point is in the security room, your base of operations. You can also save at the various restrooms across the mall. So if any one says to you before buying this game "OMG NO SAVE SYSTEM FAIL" punch them then move on.

Graphics: Very nice especially for being an older game. More than worth the 20 dollars, would be worth the 60 dollars if it was new. There are a few glitches I have noticed, such as Frank's face going through the shirt collar during cut scenes, but nothing worth even thinking about not buying this game.

Overall:9/10. I can find so much fun in this game every time I play it. For a great price of 20$ this is a MUST HAVE. I hope you find as much fun as I did playing this, and thank you for reading my review. Have a nice day!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Dead Rising (US, 08/08/06)

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