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"Amazingly fun....but buy some pain killers with this game!"

The graphics, the storyline, the game play its an entire new spin on survival horror games, which is very nice! However in my experience a lot of "experimental" genres so to speak are usually flawed even the extremely good ones have their down falls.

So when I started the entire game revolves around time, you have exactly 3 days to do whatever, killing, saving, whatever! ....I don't mind being timed but so many other things bothered me.

The graphics are pretty alright nothing to amazing, but they hold their own. Eventually though the background gets kind of old quick just running, running and some more running with killing a LOT of zombies... the killing Zombie part's fun though!!!!

The game play is new and different. The major advantage of this game is the way you can kill zombies, you can draw them out one at a time in an enclosed environment and just whack, hack, saw, and shoot away (whacking them with acoustics ... hilarious!!!). However the controls are extremely sluggish, and gave me many many headaches. Very discouraging to keep playing with poor controls trying to do the same thing, over and over and over.

I'll just cut to the chase, if you just want to screw around and don't have any zombie games, or consoles that have zombie game titles, go for it. Major fun. However if you're going to actually try to accomplish any thing... this games beyond a challenge. Its nice Capcom tried to make it hard... but their Horrible controls made it a little to hard for me.. and I've played quite a few games on hardcore, or insane whatever the hard difficulties are. This was just a huge frustrating headache it took me 20 tries to kill the first boss just because the controls didn't respond so well, trying to jump on a crate thats right in front of me and I missed so many times. Along with the bad control of your character aiming in the game is horrible, its extremely slow and sluggish, aim for the head and you'll miss, aim for the chest and get head shots. Its re-playable.. if you can stand horrible controls.. story lines alright.

Hope this helps you from making the same mistake I did, or perhaps helps you decide to have loads of fun with this game!! I'd strongly suggest rental to see if you like it. Either way, you're semi-informed now! :D

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/21/08

Game Release: Dead Rising (Platinum Hits) (US, 08/08/06)

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