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"This was one of my reasons for wanting a 360"

Photojournalists/paparazzi/people taking pictures for a living would probably have a frail image when put up against hordes of zombies; however, in this game, Frank West kicks all sorts of zombie butt, hundreds upon hundreds of living dead butt. The game kicks off with Frank West landing on the rooftop of Willamette Parkview Mall--a stereotypical mall with all the workings that make malls so successful for fighting your bitten uncle Ted.

To get the basic idea/interface/gameplay of this game, you have to realize four things:

The time constriction

If you've heard people whine about this game, it's probably concerning this. You have 3 days in which you can follow on a storyline or just fritter the time away surviving the attack, dressing up as megaman and firing your buster cannon at enemies. Three days equate to 6 hours, which is approximately the time this game will take you on your first run, plus an hour or so--for frequent loading times, cutscenes, and repeats.

Complaints about this aspect concern derivation from the storyline, since the story is scripted to certain times--you miss it, you miss it. So, that's why it's not that of a hit since the fun mostly lies in free-roaming and kicking zombie ass in all sorts of ways.

Kicking TONS of zombie ass in ALL SORTS of ways

There are TONS of zombies in this game, giving the true feeling of a full-scale zombie infestation. However, this is not a survival horror game in the sense of Resident Evil: it's rather a lighthearted B-zombie game. To fend off the tons of zombies, you'll have in your mall/surroundings reach over 250 weapons: chainsaws, axes, katanas, sledgehammers, buckets, frying pans, guitars, water guns, handguns, shotguns, you name it.

You can even drive a convertible and make a 1000-zombie compress as you skid about in your vehicle. Other means of transportation inclue a motorcycle and a skateboard that you can carry around with you.

Frank is also a professional wrestler somehow, since he can jump and grapple zombies with plentiful moves at his disposal, with further moves to be unlocked the more PP (prestige points) Frank gets--you get more PP by taking photos that are assigned a genre and graded; genres include erotica and brutality, which is a winner picture however you put it.

Now what?

When you finish the game, you can unlock another mode known as Overtime mode. In this mode, you conclude the story from three days before, and unlock a further mode: Infinite Mode. This is basically a sandbox of the main game in which you have to survive as long as you can with the possibility of Frank dying of hunger if not properly fed.

Bad save system?

Dead Rising has a strange save system: you can only have one running save at any given time, which would force the player into playing 72-hour-overtime-infinite game loops, and Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man and this, said that the intentional save system was to have consequences for the player to ponder upon and act fast. However, I consider this to be a con for the game.

The game doesn't have much flare in the graphics department when it comes to screen shots, but it all shows when the thing is in motion. The beauty in this game's graphics lie in the countless zombies jumping you from all sides with rare hits to the frame-rate. The audio is great as well, with spooky moans and screams well fitting to the game's mood.

Dead Rising is a great game with plenty to offer if you get past these two facts--you only one get save (already past it), and the limited time you get in the 72-hour mode (who cares; sanboxing in this game is tons of fun).


+Gotta love the mall
+Sweet costumes
+Lots and lots of zombies
+Lots and lots of weaponry
+The picture profiling is fun--gotta love the erotica


-The save system
-Limited time of the main 72-hour mode
-guns are weak

Story - 5
Visuals - 8
Audio - 9

Gameplay - 8
-FUN Factor - 9
-Controls - B
-Difficulty - Normal

Lifespan - 8

Overall - 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/08/08

Game Release: Dead Rising (US, 08/08/06)

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