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"Stuck in a Mall with Zombies. Crazy? Yes. Fun? God Yes."

Dead Rising is a game in which you are stranded in a mall for three days against hordes upon hordes of Zombies. Yeah, I know, "What in the hell?" But surprisingly, the concept works. It works extremely well.

The basis of the game is that you're Frank West, a reporter investigating a possible new scoop over at the Willamette Mall. When you get there, you are astonished to see the mall teaming with Zombies, and several people who have managed to survive. The story is simple and basic, and yet, as you play more, you'll unravel a fairly deep and exciting story in the mall, and the entire thing flows together very well.

You can go and investigate the mysteries of the mall or concentrate on getting all the survivors out of there, but if you want, you can also just spend all your time killing zombies. There's many very interesting things to do and if you want to do them all, you'll be playing through the game 2-3 times, but you'll love every minute of it.

The game plays very well, offering many exciting, unique and different ways to kill zombies. One of the basic concepts behind the game is that anything you find can be used as a weapon, and this is true. If you want, you can kill Zombies with water guns, benches, cars, and even packs of flour. You'll find yourself wandering the mall just to find each of the little weapons and seeing what they do.

The game is not without it's flaws, however. Save Points are few and far in between, and at earlier levels, this can be hell(Thankfully, you can start a new game with an old save at anytime and begin with those levels.) When you level up, there are certain categories in which your skills can level. This is neat, except the skills are chosen at random with no input from the user, which gets very annoying. Plus at higher levels, it can take a long time to score a level up. A really long time. Like Forever and a day.

Also, a note to those of us without HDTV's: Hopefully you have a very large TV, because it's so hard to read this game that on my smaller TVs I can hardly play it(I played on a larger TV First, so I knew what I was/wasn't missing.)

Despite it's flaws, the games very well written story and excellent game play mechanics make this one a great title. I highly recommend you pick it up if your a fan of zombies, non-linearity, or just good games. I give this game an 8/10!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/09

Game Release: Dead Rising (US, 08/08/06)

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