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"A zombie killing game with an original story"

Dead Rising was released for the XBox360 was released in the beginning of August of 2006. Dead Rising is a third person horror which has to do with thousands of zombies.

The gameplay is fun. You go around exploring the mall looking for news scoops connected to the storyline of the game and you do meet a bunch of people, most of which has gone crazy with the zombie-infested malls. There are also options you can do like teaming up with people that you rescue and uncovering the story that does not reveal itself in the first five minutes of the game.

The gameplay is pretty easy. There are guns and a hardware store with weapons which you can use to defend yourself, there is a grocery store where you can get food to heal yourself with food also lying around in random cardboard boxes. Now guns and chainsaws and lead pipes are not the only things you can use to defend yourself. Anything that you can get your hands on that you can swing can be used. There are even some vehicles that will come in to use where you can run zombies over. You even have physical combat moves so if you have nothing in your arsenal, you still got some combat moves you can pull off.

The controls work pretty well. There is no delay in the controls and there is one restriction when it comes to the controls. You can use the guns in the game if you choose but of course it's easier just to use a pipe and swing over and over, or use a chainsaw and cut a group of zombies while you run through the path that you cut open.

The story is you take control of a freelance photo journalist named Frank West. Frank gets a tip that something is going down in a small town in Colorado so he hires a pilot to fly him through the town and Frank West discovers the whole town is infested with zombies. Frank tells the pilot to drop him off on the rooftop of the mall and this is where the game starts.

The graphics are pretty good, the zombies are detailed so it's not like you're passing by one generic zombie after another. The sound is the same way because there are voices from all the people who went crazy after the zombie outbreak as well as all the other people you encounter. Of course there are screams from people who get eaten alive and grunts from the zombies. Unfortunately when you rescue zombies or get messages from the mall security guard, it's all text and the text could be a little bigger.

The time in the game goes by not as fast as time in Grand Theft Auto does. I am not sure though what the ratio is in from time in the game compared to time in real life. There is also other modes you unlock once you first beat the game which improve the replayability of the game.

I give Dead Rising a 9 out of 10. The only huge complaint I really have is that some of the bosses are really too hard and there is no warning. You could walk into a room that has a boss and five seconds later you could be reloading your game because you died. There is no reason for the game to be that hard. Another complaint that is not big but is annoying is if you are waiting for a case to start, sometimes you have nothing to do but just wait.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/14/09, Updated 03/29/10

Game Release: Dead Rising (US, 08/08/06)

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