I need some help taking over the compounds, the FAQS aren't helping at all. (?)

  1. Well, I'm trying to take over the New Jersey compound, and here's my current plan:

    1: Get in a car, and smash into some of the surrounding blockades to lower the amount of people that'll come when I try and invade the compound. (Ya know, the wall of cars and gunmen) Use Moltovs if nesissary.

    2: Go back to other safehouse (Not the one surrounded by the rival family's henchmen, they'll shoot me) and heal and restock.

    3. Repeat steps 1+2 if nesissary.

    4. Get another car, drive up to a corner/pole and get out, throw moltov at compund enterance. This should make other guys come out.

    5. Drive car into other people and squish as many as possible. When car catches fire, run to another car if possible or behind a pole so as to avoid being shot.

    6. When I get into the long "hall" or foyer (not in the buildings) Hide behind poles and get out the best weapon in the game (with as much ammo as possible) the Street...Sweeper? (forgot name)

    7. snipe out the barrels and catch hiding henchmen on fire and flush out others. Snipe them.

    8. Don't walk out into open. Instead hide behind corner on the right and shoot the car and make it explode.

    9. snipe guy behind bush. Then, quickly hide behind one of the bushes.

    10. Take out guy standing outside near the house.

    And that's as far as I've ever gotten. I have the highest possible amount of health, 7 brawl, 6 shoot ( I think) and about 3-4 speed? What am I doing wrong, or should I start with a different compound?

    User Info: Ktory

    Ktory - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You should start with a different compound. Stracci are the 3rd strongest family, preceded by Cuneo and Barzini. I suggest starting with the Tattaglias in Brooklyn to get some practice.

    User Info: ineedbettername

    ineedbettername - 8 years ago 0 0

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