How do i become the don of nyc?

  1. I did every mission, I am don, and I have all safehouses. What else do i need to do?

    User Info: salehikeion

    salehikeion - 8 years ago

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  1. Did you het all of the execution styles, that is a requirenment

    User Info: goten2195

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  1. You should have:

    completed the storyline missions

    all safehouses

    crack all safes (hint - there are safes in each enemy compound and pharmacy. Get the safes from the compounds the week after you're taken it over.)

    all execution styles

    own all businesses and take over all rackets - you will get bonuses each time you finish off an rival family.

    There are extra things that you can do to bump up your respect levels:

    complete all favors

    complete all hits (hint - get the bonus - you will get more respect this way.)

    locate all film reels

    win all prize fights

    rob all banks at least once (I find that the more bank heists I have active, the more respect - the most possible at once is six) and this "goal" can be repeated every week when the banks re-open. At the beginning of the game, this ADDS up to significant money!! ($107,000 per week infinitely!!!!)

    bribe cops

    flirt/make moves on girls (good for 250 respect)

    buy all weapons - go in order, that is from level one pistol to level two extended clip pistol to level three assassins pistol because there is a respect bonus for doing this as well and if you skip the level two upgrade, you miss that bonus, and it could make the extra bit of difference at the end.

    I hope that helps....


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  2. Nuts, I misread the question - I thought you were asking how to get 50 respect and the answer above is designed to answer that question....

    Umm, I have been becoming Don of NYC by respect level 45 or 46. The current version of the game, I do not have all businesses/rackets nor do I have all execution styles (I have 46 out of 47 but I was promoted when I had 45 out of 47). I do have all safe houses, I have robbed *all* of the banks 16 times each, netting 48,000 respect and $107,000 each time, the majority of the killings I have done recently have been with my hands for higher respect - I am usually getting about 500 to 1,000 respect depending on how I off the baddies while I was only getting 105 - 250 respect when I shot them.

    Back to your question - I *think* you need all the compounds, a majority of the execution styles (how many, I do not know), all of the safe houses, to have completed all missions, and a significant number of rackets/businesses - I do not know how many though. I usually control an entire neighborhood such as Brooklyn or Little Italy before I move on to the next neighborhood so I do not know if you can have a few businesses unextorted in Little Italy or wherever and get promoted. I have usually had "control" of all four neighborhoods by destroying compounds or taking over warehouses.

    I hope that's helpful as well.


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  3. Take over everything and do all the hits and favors. That should work.

    User Info: WeaponTheory

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