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"Surprisingly Pleasant"

After watching the Godfather series which I enjoyed thoroughly, I learned about this game and decided to try it out. It actually turned out to be a well made game, despite its uncanny similarity to the GTA series.

As far as the story goes, it follows the story of the first Godfather movie and gets the rival families and important names down perfectly. There are cutscenes as well that are either animated movie clips or new ones to tie the game story together better. Along with this , you can unlock real movie clips as well. In the story, you are set free basically. You can run around and extort businesses, or get hit contracts, or go after rival families, or what have you. When you are ready though, there is a main story quest for you to do that keeps to the Godfather story line. You will encounter memorable characters such as Don Vito, Luca Brazzi, Michael Corleone, and many more.

The Graphics of this game as you have come to expect on the 360 are very high quality. People move away when you run into them (almost all of the time, I have found exceptions) and they at least speak to you. The complicated New York scenery is perfectly made around you right down to Genco Olive Oil to the Empire State Building off in the distance. When you hit somebody, blood flows the right way depending on how you hit them. All in all, its a detailed game, almost real looking at some times, but then you remember you are still in the game.

The ability to create your own character from scratch is nice as well. With so many options, it's almost impossible to not get exactly the face you want for your mobster. Don't like it? Go back to the barber at any time in the game to change it for no cost to you. You can also customize your wardrobe which is a nice feature.
The fighting is good as well. With a wide array of weapons to choose from, and upgrades available, you will not get bored of whipping out your molotov and chucking it into a crowd of innocent people then running from the police (guilty as charged). The fighting is real, even if sometimes people seem like they are just succumbing to your brutality a bit too early such as falling on their knees when you have only beaten half the crap out of them. Also, running is an invaluable asset. I may have been driving for 10 of my 40 hours of gameplay, but the rest time I probably spent running around. Walking is for circles.

This is a very well built game, not rushed at all. It is worth checking out, but if you think you need to see the Godfather first, then see that movie first. As far as the M rating, it's there for a reason. This game is close to the violence of GTA, so younger children whose parents do not wish them exposed to this stuff should play it.

Buy this game. It is too long and too good of a game to just rent. If you are a fanboy of the Godfather series, then get off your butt from reading this and go buy it now because this game provides with hours of great play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/03/07

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