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"The mob."

With all the history the real mob has how can you not make a game out of it? They have great history, great movies, now finally a great game. This game features the Corleone family trying to strive in a mob infested neighborhood. You may be their last hope for the family to live.

Game play: 10/10:

Take down rival compounds, wear houses, and stores with all the fire power you can muster. In this game they feature great guns from all the mob movies. To take down a town such as Little Italy you must first take all the stores that are under rival gang control. To take control of a store you have to kill the mobsters that are positioned there for "protection". After that you have to go take down the wear houses using the same method. Then you must finally take down the compounds. You must fight your way through to get to the basement plant a bomb in both of the houses. Your next step is RUN!

Replay Value: 10/10:

They may be the same missions but they always turn out different. The civilians in the city may be at different places doing different things or a car may be moved in the way of your view with an enemy standing behind it. This could affect your next move to take down a mobster.

Graphics: 10/10:

Shows all the wrinkles on the Don's face. As I was playing this game I had to make sure I wasn't doing this in real life. They're so good you can almost see the cloth that makes the jackets mobsters wear.

Sound: 10/10:

Ah, who doesn't like Italian music? I wouldn't choose it but it only seems right to have it in a mob game! They have it in the opening menu, all the cut scenes, and when you take down a rival compound.

Buy or Rent:

A must buy! A way to be a mobster with out having to go out and kill people. No mobster collection of movies or games will be complete without this game in it!

Final Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/19/07

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