Review by mooocooow02

Reviewed: 12/05/05

Do you take Fifa as your wedded soccer game?

No. You should not marry this game, nor care about it. Here is the basis, this game is not terrible, but it is not worth the sixty dollar price tag, that is plain and simple. Fifa has always been the best selling soccer franchise, but you should really invest your money into Winning Eleven series. Their soccer games are much better than anything EA has released. So I suggest, you pass this game, and go buy Winning Eleven Eight I believe, for the Xbox.

Graphics 7/10
What is funny, this game looks just like any other Fifa game, I mean, it looks okay, but nothing will blow you away. The main problem with the graphics is, you really spend most of the time zoomed out, so you can never ooh and aah. And anyone who knows soccer, knows that there are very little stoppages in play. So when you get carded, or throw the ball in, you will see a few close ups, but that really will not matter much. When you score a goal, you know what happens your player jumps around and such, I truly believe you should be able to go online and create celebrations. But who cares about cut scenes? When I score a goal, I am jumping up and down showboating while my opponent just shakes his head. Your players do look like you would expect them to, official.

Gameplay 6/10
Fifa 2006, should be called Fifa V.6. This game is unfinished, why are there more options in Fifa 2005 for the Xbox than Fifa 2006 for Xbox 360? I do not like that at all. The basic controls are in here, lets just say, they are intermediate. If you have ever played Mario Strikers, it is a great simple arcade like soccer game. While Winning Eleven is a very deep soccer game, this games controls fall in between. I was hoping they would take a que from 2k hockey games, they allow you to have basic, middle, and advanced controls. That is what this game really needs. Because sometimes you just want to mash turbo and shoot, and other times you want to be a mastermind, and control the field five passes ahead of what your opponent is thinking. They have nice first touch control of the ball, but for any soccer fan, you know there are so many options for every action. Sometimes, just being in the right place you can score easily with a deflection, so why does this game not allow it? In soccer, simply be being in a certain place, you distract and draw attention, so without even touching the ball, you are allowing your team mate to score a goal simply because of your presence. I also dislike the player speed, it seems as though everyone is the same speed.

Difficulty 8/10
The difficulty is not to difficult, it all has to do with how much time do you want to spend playing keep away and lure the defense out, or speed ball and press the defense? Once again, on the fly coaching would be great here, but alas it is not. I can not stand playing the computer, they are tough and they will spank you like a chef spanks a pig he is going to serve for a meal. Against a friend, the computer controlled players play alright, no big complaints here. If you want to go into a tournament, have fun winning because they jump in difficulty to fast for me.

Sound 8/10
This is where Fifa shines, they have great sound effects and up-roaring chants that can change the tide of a game. The announcing is well on point as it always has been, I wish they would allow you to announce someone else's game VIA LIVE....but alas that is not a possibility. Your average international rock songs are here and make a good listen, even if you turn the commentating off.

Tilt 5/10

I am disappointed with EA, they have so much time and money to do so much good, yet they do not. They should exceed your expectations yet they don't. They have so much potential, but they do not execute it is very sad. I do not recommend you get this game, seriously buy Winning Eleven, it has a much higher learning curve, but once you put up with it you will thank me. If you have some comments drop me a line via instant messenger. Soccer is soccer and will always be the same, I wonder what Fifa 2007 will play like on the Nintendo Revolution, that will be a sight to behold, or maybe a poorly done port.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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