How do i beat arthrosaurus?

  1. My party is Kaim, Seth, Sarah, Cooke And Jansen. They are all at least level fourty and i can only beat two or three of the arthrosaurus's before i die. As soon as they do heat breath on my front row they do it again on the back and wipe everybody out. Am i doing something wrong. I know to attack with the opposite magic but i just keep getting wiped out. Help

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  1. The way I did this I went for the SE Arthro put him to sleep. Then attacked the one next to him and killed him. Next you go to the one that should be almost directly N of you and put him to sleep. Then you put the one next to him asleep and Go back to the first one and destroy him them make your loop back around and get the job done. Dont forget to look for rough areas in the water because you can pick up a slot seed and other cool items. I believe there are five in all but there may be six

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  1. Ah yes, good old Arthrosaurus and his buddies, not an easy set of bosses but here is my strategy. First, make sure that all of your immortals have the skill "Persistance". Tolten learns this skill around level forty-ish (I can't remember the exact level). This skill prevents a character from being killed by any one attack. That is, let's say an arthrosaurus whittles down Tolten to 500 health or so and then you get attacked by heat breath. Normally this would floor Tolten but he'll only get reduced to one health effectively giving you one free turn. Keep in mind however that if he gets hit again in this state, he's definitely dead and this effect works only once per life. That is, if persistence kicks in and you heal Tolten, he can now be killed in one hit. The effect comes back into play once you revive him from dead however.

    With that in mind, another important observation is that the arthrosaurus cannot kill two rows at once. Heat breath only hits a single row and his punch only nails one party member so even if you have only one person left alive from persistence, reviving somebody in the OPPOSITE row guarantees you won't be killed in the next turn. This combined with persistence on all your immortals and the fact that your immortals auto-revive can really help you out when he goes for 3 or 4 heat breaths in a row.

    The last thing you need to do to give yourself an optimal chance is to get all your party members with an anti-petrification skill/accessory to cut down on that threat. I beat him without this preparation but I can only imagine that it will help.

    Now as for the fight against the four of them, my first recommendation to you would be to first go to three of the approaching ones and put them to sleep. Just engage them and have everybody defend except for one person who will use Sleep on him. Then, run away in your next turn (Even better, use the Turn-Tail skill if you learned it from Sed). Sleep almost ALWAYS works against but just make sure he doesn't wake up in the turn before you run away or you'll have to repeat. With an arthrosaurus asleep, their icon on the map turns blue and they stop moving which buys you valuable time. Once all but one are asleep, go and engage the last one.

    As for the actual fighting, the best strategy is to try and end the fight as soon as you can. DO NOT buff or heal anybody. Remember that persistence will give you a free turn before a character dies and if you get into trouble, always remember to revive somebody in another row so you can't be killed in the next turn (preferably heal a mortal so that your immortals come back on their own. Also use an angel plume, don't bother trying to risk using Revive). Get your physical attackers to use appropriate rings and get your spell casters to use the proper element (each one has a different element so take note before attacking.)

    When one goes down, make sure all the remaining arthrosauruses are asleep before engaging the next one. This ensures that you will not run out of time with one of them reaching Numara. Also make sure you FULLY HEAL BETWEEN EVERY BATTLE. (You can still call up the menu while at sea.) Finally, remember that you can go to another port to teach your characters persistence before you trigger the attack; just stay away from that area of the map until you're ready. Hope that help and best of luck!

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  2. The best way to beat the four Arthrosaurus is to, first, have 3 fighters (i prefer kaim, seth, and tolten) and 2 healers (i prefer sarah and ming). I'd say be at least lvl 40. Go to the bottom one first and cast sleep on him, (make sure to have someone wearing turn-tail shoes), then go to the one beside him and do they same thing. Then keep going to the next one and continue the process. Once you get to the the fourth one, engage him and and have your 3 attackers throw everything they have at him. Have ming cast Powerus on at least Kaim and Tolten and hopefully Seth. HAve Sarah constantly healing with Zephyer. And just do that till they're dead.

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  3. be around level 4 and make sure you have all skills for your immortals that came from sed and tolten so that you are even more ready for the big fight with them and make sure you use sleep on the ones that are far away then run away and destroy the ones close to the island so you have more time able to win and this is the strategy I took and I barely took any damage by doing this tactic.

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  4. It is possible to do the treasure hunt "Sarah's Gift" which gives an amulet with the Fire Proof skill. In other words if Arthrosaurus uses Heat Breath you will not take any damage

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  5. Also, i found something out just now as i was fighting one. If you find that you are losing against one. Put it to sleep, flee, heal up in the menu and ram it to wake it up and fight it.

    I found out the the Arthro's do NOT regain health if you flee. allowing for hit and run tactics.

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  6. Here's my strategy.
    Have 2 melee fighters (I prefer Seth and Kaim, your choice.) and 3 ranged. (I went with Jansen, Sarah, and Ming, Sed wouldn't be too bad either.)

    The main issue is that there is 4 of them. Engage the first one and USE SLEEP. Next turn, if it stays asleep, then flee.
    Repeat this tactic for 3 of the Arthros, then actually fight the 4th.

    The Arthrosaurus' are Beasts. But each one is a different element. Yeah, fun.
    Storm the arthrosaurus down while being very careful. I'd highly recommend that you find an Anti-Petrify ability, as his basic attacks can petrify. An Anti-Petrify item, Medusa's head, can be found in Tosca during a treasure hunt, or purchased for 1,500g in a shop in Gotzha city's low town. A Fire Charm can be found in the Upper Division of Experimental Staff. If you didn't find it, i'm not sure where to get it.

    Onto the strategy. Having a few mages will help with healing and damage. Ensuring your people are the right level is important. Don't bother with buffing people until you're actually fighting. Having lots of Angel's Plumes helps for mortals, and teaching the Persistence skill (Comes from Tolten) to your Immortals can help with survival.

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  7. I used Kaim Seth Sed Sarah & Ming. I had 11 skill slots for my immortals and had them all beefed up with auto shield/ barrier, magic/ defense boost and phys. Attack boost (Seth and Kaim), anti-petrify, two accessories, and magic casting speed booster. Then every turn I'd use Seth kaim and sed to hack at it with my Dino rings (rough edges for the swords and 68 caliber rifle) and then sleep with Ming and grounda with Sarah. Never got hit with a fire breath attack doing that since it takes longer to charge than a regular attack

    Rofl stomped them...wish I'd known about sleep with the first one

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