What is the best dual weapon for beserker?

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    bh102483 - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    What exactly do you mean? It would likely be Red Dual Wield Swords.

    Since Dual Swords seem to be the Berserker's speciality (I think other classes can use Dual staves)

    User Info: XSarcYX

    XSarcYX - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok, your weapon choice is decided by your skill tree path (zerker one, not alignment)

    Right Path(speed) should go with Dual Staves, the weapons slow speed is quickly removed by the speed bonus, and its wide attack arcs allow you to hit multiple enemies, many times, very quickly.

    Left Path(power) should go with Dual Swords, the weapons quick speed + the branches dmg output, allow you to dispatch single enemies (due to the swords small attack arc) quicker, so you can move onto the next one sooner.

    Center Path (advanced combat) can use either staves or swords, or even 2-handers to varying degrees of effectiveness, so for the center path its rlly just down to personal preference.

    As for the alignment paths, both alignments work well with any spec/wep combo, and its rlly just down to personal choice. I myself went Left Path/Human/Dual Staves, and can tear masses of mobs apart at incredible speed.

    Good luck picking your weapon type, hope I helped.

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Other Answers

  1. The best weapon that I've found so far for my berserker is actually a pair of staves rather than swords. Of course, I haven't even completely finished the second level yet but the damage and bonuses on these things is incredible. So, good dual weapons are more than just swords!
    Check all of the different weapon types for possible duals.

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  2. So far, the best dual-wield I have is some orange staves of Apollo. They rock thus far...

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  3. It all depends on your play style. Each weapon type is best at specific thing.

    Swords are faster than staves so that might affect your choice.

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  4. I have dual staves. they do 1.1k base damage level 36. WIth +6% staff damage and +6 dw damage and +3% staff slide distance and +3% exp.

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  5. Staves are slower with a wider attack radius and swords are faster with a more focused attack radius.
    Only Berzerkers can dual wield two weapons (defenders can "dual-wield" a hammer and shield).
    The "best" weapon would be whatever has the most attack and/or the best stat bonuses for you at the time, you don't even really have to dual-wield (unless you put points into dual-wielding damage increase in which case you'll usually do better damage dual-wielding than anything else).

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  6. For human where the focus is on combo and hit count, i would choose Dual Wield Staves as they do damage in a 360 degree arc and would garner you more hit count when surrounded.

    For a cybernetic where the focus is on damage output, I would choose dual wield swords as their main damage is in the frontal arc. Your damage out would be greatest in front of you and you could mow through enemies faster this way.

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  7. BassGsSpDeluxe ripped the words out of my mouth. if you're looking for a specific weapon (it's hard since everything but theelite armor (red) seems random as far as stats, endgame wise) I would check out the different runes and stats each weapon has that plays to your style.

    For example: I'm currently a 47 Berserker who wandered down the Speed path (left) and I prefer dual staves and seek runes like dual wield melee damage, attack speed, staff damage, equipment state, Battle Cry Efficiency, staff slide distance, health, and any mastery rune that i can find in my tree.

    This isn't everything i look for but it gives you a decent idea of how i play. hit fast and hit hard.

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  8. Human Berserker - The red (elite) dual-staves.
    Cybernetic Berserker - The red (elite) dual-swords.

    There are no elite dual-swords for Human Berserkers, so if thats what you want, choose Cybernetic. The staves do very very nicely for humans.

    You can purchase them from the shop at level 50. Its a chance, however. If its not in Tyr's Workshop, then just quit and come back into your game until it shows up.

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  9. Best I have seen so fare is-
    Raging Axes of the Merciless
    2219 damage with +1 unrelenting blades, Defenseless 8%, Gravitron pulse 1%.
    They are also dual staves.
    For lev 50 tho.
    Costs 1,410,000 to make them :p

    User Info: xMDLuffyx

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