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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaldris

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/11/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              TTTTTTTT  OO    OO  OO    OO
                 TT     OO    OO  OO    OO
                 TT     OO    OO  OO    OO
                 TT     OO    OO  OO    OO
                 TT     OOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOO
    HH  HH  UU    UU      M          AA      NNNN   NN
    HH  HH  UU    UU    MMMMM       AAAA     NN NN  NN
    HHHHHH  UU    UU   MMMMMMM     AA  AA    NN  N  NN
    HHHHHH  UU    UU  MM  M  MM   AA    AA   NN  N  NN
    HH  HH  UUUUUUUU  MM     MM  AA      AA  NN   NNNN
    Table of Contents
    [2]Update Log
    [4]User Interface
    [5]The Menu
       [5.4]Adv. Combat
       [5.6]Return to Aesir
       [5.8]Quit Game
    [7]Combat Strategies
       [7.1]Offensive Rushing
       [7.2]Defensive Withdrawl
       [7.3]Edge Fighting
       [7.4]Surround Fighting
       [7.5]Roll & Nade
       [7.6]Fierce / Leap
    [8]Skill Trees
    [9]Rune Effects Guide
       [10.1]Mission 1  - Hall of Heroes
            [10.1a]Boss 1 - GRNDL-1
       [10.2]Aesir - Debriefing
       [10.3]Mission 2  - Ice Forest
            [10.3a]Boss 2 - Hod
       [10.4]Aesir - The Great Serphant
       [10.5]Mission 3  - Great Serphant
       [10.6]Aesir - To War
       [10.7]Mission 4  - Helheim
            [10.7a]Mini-Boss - Garm
            [10.7b]Busting Down Hel
            [10.7c]Boss 4 - Hel
    [11]Final Notes
    Welcome to my Too Human walk through. A quick word to anyone reading this;
    This guide has been written from the perspective of a Commando unit, so
    certain strategies might not apply to a particular class. I have tried as
    much as possible to keep any strategies and overviews as basic as possible
    so that any class can use them.
    [2]Update log
    ---April 3, 2009---1.00
       Just an update to include Rune Effects guide, courtesy of
    ---December 11, 2008---1.00
       Nice long delay between updates, eh? Yeah other games can be
       distracting. I've finished the walkthrough, but misplaced my map
       for Helheim, so I'll need to rebuild it from scratch.
    ---October 17, 2008---0.95
       My bloody internet has been out for almost 2 weeks, it finally got back 
       up today and I was able to upload this, sorry for the length between 
       the updates.
    ---October 2, 2008---0.95
       Added Mission 4, upto GARM
    ---September 29, 2008---0.70
       Finished Mission 3, as well as boss strategy
    ---September 28, 2008---0.65
       Added Mission 3, up to the Conveyor Area
       Raging Fire Renamed to Grenader, to help with identification
       Minor grammatical changes
    ---September 24, 2008---0.45
       Had my Commando and Champion descriptions messed up, 
           Credit to BFBeast666 & Smacd for finding, thanks.
       Completed Mission 2
    ---September 22, 2008---0.30
       Guide started, Mission 1 added as well as first boss
       Class overviews
       Basic combat strategies
       UI & Menu descriptions
       Berserker Skill Tree
    There are 5 classes in this game, each class has different abilities and 
    skill trees. As well as this certain classes can use certain items that
    others might not be able to.
    A Champion is your standard basic unit. They are an all around unit with
    no major special focus. Your commando can wield almost every weapon,
    however he cannot dual wield.
    A Berserker is a close quarters expert. They forgo defensive capabilities
    and ranged weapons for melee superiority. They are the only class that
    are able to dual wield melee weapons.
    Bio-Engineer is the healing expert of all of the classes, able to
    regenerate both themselves and their team-mates. As enemies will
    to get stronger and stronger with missions, the Bio-engineer should
    prove useful to keep your ally alive if you are playing with a partner.
    The Defender is the tank. He is able to take massive amounts of damage
    and mitigate most of it on his Armour. He is the only class able to use
    a shield.
    The Commando is your ranged hero. He specializes in ranged weapons but
    in a result he sacrifices his melee capabilities.
    [4]User Interface
    Bottom Left:
      __  ____
     / / / /\ \
    | | | |  | |   ___
    |#| |#|  |#|  / _ \
    |1| |2|  |3| / / \ \
    | | | |  | || / # \ |
     \_\ \_\/_/ | \ 4 / |
                 \ \_/ /
    #1: Experience Bar, when it reaches the top of the bar you will
        level up.
    #2: Health, Scales from top to bottom. When it runs out you die.
    #3: Ammo, Scales from top to bottom. You will automatically reload
        when your ammo supply runs out and you can manually reload by
        pressing the right analog stick.
    #4: Special Action Counter, fills up to 3 times. This bar is used
        for Battle Cry's and your AoE nuke (Which is fired by hitting
    Bottom Right:
      / /  \ \
     | | #1 | |
     | |    | |
    #1: This is the cooldown counter for your Turret / Mine skill. It
        will only display when you use you ability and will slowly
        recharge. Once recharged, you can use the ability once more
        and the bar will disappear.
    [5]The Menu
    [5.1]Skills: This is the menu where you can invest your Skill points 
                 each time you level up. The amount of skill points you
                 obtain per level varies based on your level. The class
                 and alignment that you pick will change the choices of 
                 skills that you can invest in.
    [5.2]Equipment: This page displays any equipable Armour and weapons
                    as well as your crafting and Rune pages.
    [5.3]Stats: Shows the status of your character including; health, 
                experience, level, class & alignment
    [5.4]Adv. Combat: This displays all button combinations for extra
                      attacks an abilities.
    [5.5]Controls: Standard layout for your controller.
    [5.6]Return to Aesir: Returns your character to Aesir. Only available
                          after the first mission.
    [5.7]Save: Saves the game.
    [5.8]Quit Game: Exits the game and brings you to the main menu, also
    [6.1]Fierce Attacks
    Fierce Attacks are a ranged form for your melee weapons. They deal
    almost as much damage as a regular melee attack will do and they
    hit multiple enemies. Fierce attacks must be manually aimed and
    are completley different depending on what weapon type you are using
    (sword / Stave / Hammer) Swords emit a blue burst of energy, 
    travelling in a straight path. Staves will through a miniturized
    version of your weapon, travelling again in a straight path. Staves
    have a very low chance to miss, (i've seen it miss once.) Hammers
    will throw a boomerang, traveling for a bit then coming back, hitting
    enemies both paths. Hammers have less range then the others. All Fierce
    attacks will knock down enemies.
    To execute a Fierce Attack you must be at ranged from your enemy, once
    there press both analog sticks in the direction you want to attack and
    hold them. This ability can be recast immediatley afterwards, so it can
    be spammed on incoming enemies.
    [7]Combat Strategies
    Throughout the game you will encounter waves of enemies in set 
    battles. These enemies will always spawn in the same location
    and with the same amount per spawn. Most of these battles can
    be taken down with a limited number of strategies. On more
    difficult battles specific strategies will be explained to help
    through them.
    [7.1]Offensive Rushing: This method of fighting puts an emphasis
         on running headlong into your enemies and smashing them to
         pieces at Melee. A 2-hander or dual wielding is especially
         useful here, as you can cleave additional units to deal
         even more damage.
    [7.2]Defensive Withdrawl: Used for more cautious people when you
         have lots of room to backpedal. This can be used with any
         ranged weapon, though lasers are pretty much useless.
         Rifles and cannons are a little bit better as you can
         launch grenades to help thin out incoming enemies.
         Lock on to the closest enemy and dispatch them with
         ranged fire. Keep switching to whoever is closest to yourself.
         Once enemies get too close to you thing them down with your
         weapon. By the time they hit you though you should have taken
         out almost all of the enemies.
    [7.3]Edge Fighting: When there is a large amount of enemies in a
         room and you are not surrounded by them you can try to fight
         them from one side. This can be amazingly effective as enemies
         will have a harder time surrounding you. Use your leap attacks
         to beat down opponents that try to stray and go behind you.
         You can also use a wall as your rear support to help prevent
         enemies from being able to surround you as well.
    [7.4]Surround Fighting: When you are surrounded by enemies and are
         not able to pull off an edge fighting strategy you will need
         to try to survive while being attacked from all sides. The
         downside to this is you cannot keep enemies locked up, and the
         ones on the opposite side of your weapon will be free to attack.
         The best way to counter this is to attack in all directions,
         swing once then swing again on the opposite side. While this
         will not prevent you from being attacked it will help to stop
         tougher enemies from doing heavy damage. Obviously, the quicker
         you eliminate a side, the faster you can switch to edge fighting,
         so use your AoE Nukes if one side is getting thin.
    [7.5]Roll & Nade: This is more of an extra attack to add in to any
         previous strategy. In order to do this strategy you need either
         a rifle or a cannon for a ranged weapon (Laser Cannons do not work
         either.) When you are engaging enemies you can fire grenades to
         destroy many at once. Each shot takes away almost an entire clip
         of ammo, so you will need time to reload or rejuvenate your ammo
         again. The easiest way to avoid taking damage while waiting for
         this to happen is to roll out of the way of enemies. Once your
         weapon is recharged you can fire a grenade once more.
    [7.6]Fierce / Leap: Fierce Leaping is a combination of Leap attacks 
         and Fierce attacks. Use fierce attacks at ranged and aim for 
         the biggest group of enemies. As the battle progresses stray 
         enemies may try to strafe you. Leap to them and finish them off 
         at ranged, then continue Fierce attacks from that spot. 
         Targetting melee units is your primary focus, then ranged after 
         that, because if a melee unit reaches you you won't be able to
         cast Fierce attacks anymore.
    [8]Skill Trees
    Skill Trees are the how your character advances throughout the game.
    From levels 1 through 10 you will receive 3 skill points, higher 
    levels will only give 2, however. Spend these points on Skills, 
    as you put enough points in one skill, new ones will open.
         /  \1/  \
        /    |    \ 
       |     |     |  
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \2/\  \3/   \4/
       | /0\ |     |
       | \5/ |     |
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \6/   \7/   \8/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /1\   /1\
      \9/   \0/   \1/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /1\   /1\   /1\
      \2/   \3/   \4/
       |     |     |
        \    |    /
         \  /1\  /
    01 - 
    02 - 
    03 - 
    04 - 
    05 - 
    06 - 
    07 - 
    08 - 
    09 - 
    10 - 
    11 - 
    12 - 
    13 -
    14 -
    15 -
            /0\ -----/1\
         /  \1/  \   \5/
        /    |    \ 
       |     |     |  
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \2/   \3/   \4/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \5/   \6/   \7/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /1\
      \8/   \9/   \0/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /1\   /1\   /1\
      \1/   \2/   \3/
       |     |     |
        \    |    /
         \  /1\  /
    01 - A Capacity For Rage - Increases your combo meter growth rate. Levels
                               1 through 9 increase the rate of growth by 
                               11% per level. Level 10 increases your 
                               maximum combo counter.
    02 - The Bears Boiling Blood - Increases your weapon haste based on combo
                                   levels, increases by 1% per level.
    03 - Onslaught of Claws - Increases your Fierce weapon haste, Increases
                              by 5% per combo level.
    04 - Brutality - Chance on being hit to reflect damage back to attacker.
                     5% chance per level.
    The following 3 skills are deployable abilities, you can only have
    1 of them and once you specify one the others deactivate.
    05 - Loki's Kiss - Sticky grenade, attaches to closest enemy and
                       detonates. Damage bonus increases by 5% per level.
    06 - Ankle Biter - Deploys a turret that slows movement speed of
                       attackers. Damage and snare duration increase
                       by 5% per level.
    07 - Sleep Storm of Steel - Proximity mine. Detonates when enemies
                                close in.
    The next 3 abilities are Battle Shouts. Battle shouts function
    the same as deployable abilities in the matter that you can only
    gain one of these abilities. Battle Shouts are activated based on
    your combo level. The higher it is, the longer the duration.
    08 - Swift of Claw - Increases melee attack speed while Shout is
                         active. Speed increases by 3% per level.
    09 - Engulfing Rage - Increases movement speed and adds knock back
                          to all of your attacks while Shout is active.
                          5% increase on speed and duration of ability
                          per level.
    10 - Shield Biter - Increases your attack damage while Shout is
                        active. 5% increase per level.
    11 - Unrelenting Blades - Increases dual wield attack speed,
                              attack speed bonus of 2% per level.
    12 - Weapon Recovery - Increases slide attack speed by 
                           1% per level.
    13 - Warrior of the Twinned-claw - Increases dual wield damage
                                       by 3% per level.
    14 - Spirit of Fenrir - Attacks all nearby enemies to increase
                            combo meter. Duration increases by 30%
                            per level.
    The next ability is only available at level 10 and up. It is
    An AoE nuke ability and replaces your normal R2 ability. The
    benefit of this ability is it does massive amounts of damage
    and can be leveled up for a greater AoE range.
    15 - Hunger of the Bear - Summons a large bear, doing AoE damage.
                              Increases range of AoE by 100% per level.
         /  \1/  \
        /    |    \ 
       |     |     |  
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \2/   \3/   \4/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \5/   \6/   \7/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /1\
      \8/   \9/   \0/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /1\   /1\   /1\
      \1/   \2/   \3/
       |     |     |
        \    |    /
         \  /1\  /
    01 -
    02 -
    03 -
    04 -
    05 -
    06 -
    07 -
    08 -
    09 -
    10 -
    11 -
    12 -
    13 -
    14 -
         /  \1/  \
        /    |    \ 
       |     |     |  
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \2/   \3/   \4/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \5/   \6/   \7/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /1\
      \8/   \9/   \0/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /1\   /1\   /1\
      \1/   \2/   \3/
       |     |     |
        \    |    /
         \  /1\  /
    01 -
    02 -
    03 -
    04 -
    05 -
    06 -
    07 -
    08 -
    09 -
    10 -
    11 -
    12 -
    13 -
    14 -
         /  \1/  \
        /    |    \ 
       |     |     |  
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \2/   \3/   \4/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /0\
      \5/   \6/   \7/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /0\   /0\   /1\
      \8/   \9/   \0/
       |     |     |
       |     |     |
      /1\   /1\   /1\
      \1/   \2/   \3/
       |     |     |
        \    |    /
         \  /1\  /
    01 -
    02 -
    03 -
    04 -
    05 -
    06 -
    07 -
    08 -
    09 -
    10 -
    11 -
    12 -
    13 -
    14 -
    In addition to a single Skill Tree per class, you have access to a
    second skill tree. This tree will be either Human or Cybernetic and
    you choose which one you would like to take after the first mission,
    when you get back to Aesir.
        / \1/ \
       |       | 
      /0\     /0\
      \2/     \3/
       |       |
       |       |
      /0\     /0\
      \4/     \5/
       |       |
       |       |
      /0\     /0\
      \6/     \7/
       |       |
        \ /0\ /
    01 -
    02 -
    03 -
    04 -
    05 -
    06 -
    07 -
    08 -
        / \1/ \
       |       | 
      /0\     /0\
      \2/     \3/
       |       |
       |       |
      /0\     /0\
      \4/     \5/
       |       |
       |       |
      /0\     /0\
      \6/     \7/
       |       |
        \ /0\ /
    01 -
    02 -
    03 -
    04 -
    05 -
    06 -
    07 -
    08 -
    [9]Rune Effect Guide
    The following guide was not made by me, it was made
    by Sethgz in the gamefaqs.com forums, here's a direct
    link for it, if you have any questions to deal with it,
    best to check there first.
    A lot of people have been confused as to what certain 
    rune effects do. Whether they are in a rune or in a 
    weapon or item people just don't understand what they 
    do. The reason for that is that some of the effects’ 
    names are words that really don't tell you what that 
    effect does. One example would be the effect MetalStorm 
    which upon reading, one could conclude that a storm of 
    metal is rained down upon your enemies but that in fact 
    is not the case. Others are just things that some of us 
    just don't know the definition of such as annulment. 
    This guide was created in the hopes of making an 
    accessible list of definitions of those hard to understand 
    effects. These are usually seen in items but sometimes 
    as a rune to put in weapons or armor. I hope this is 
    helpful because I know a lot of people need a guide 
    like this.
    Now, on with the guide! I will try to make this as 
    simple as possible so I will just list the name of the 
    effect and what that effect really does. If you want 
    to jump straight to a specific effect press Ctrl+F and 
    type in the name of the effect. Some of this was 
    discovered on my own and some credit goes to Rajaal 
    on the gamespot forums for some of the effects 
    that I didn't already know.
    Ablative Shield: Chance of absorbing a percentage 
    of incoming damage.
    Annulment: chance of putting a target to sleep.
    Blight: chance of emitting a damaging radiation 
    cluster that is capable of spreading to other targets.
    Defenseless: Chance of nullifying the 
    targets resistances.
    Enfeebled: Enemies do half damage.
    Enthalpy: chance of freezing target.
    Exposed: chance of rendering a target 
    vulnerable to ballistic (gun) damage.
    Gravitation Pulse: chance of creating a temporary 
    gravity field which pulls targets into it, 
    killing them instantly. (I love this)
    Impact: chance of knocking a target down.
    Leech: reduces enemy health over time giving 
    the health taken to you.
    Lighting Induction: chance of covering target 
    in a lightning field causing damage over time.
    Metalstorm: Chance of a shot ricocheting off 
    of a target to nearby enemies. Lasers 
    penetrate instead of ricocheting.
    Mobility Disruption: Chance of rooting 
    target in place.
    Necrotized: chance of creating a toxin pool 
    which damages enemies that touch it.
    Pierce: increased pierce damage. 
    (I don't think I needed to state this one.)
    Pulse Munitions: chance of triggering an EMP, 
    disrupting electronic systems. (I think it 
    stops enemies from moving or attacking).
    Rot: chance of poisoning target.
    Rupture: chance of causing a small explosion 
    which does light damage.
    Slowed: chance of decreasing targets 
    ballistic rate of fire.
    Snared: chance of slowing targets movements.
    Softened: critical strikes do 2x damage.
    Target Acquisition Scrambler: chance of causing 
    the target to attack your enemies.
    Thermal Induction Pulse: chance of setting 
    the target on fire.
    Hybrid: plasma (this isn't an effect but I 
    added it because I know some people don't know 
    what it is, I'm just that helpful ^u^)
    [10.1]The Hall of Heroes
                  | |                              _
                 /   \                           _/ \_
       __ _ ____|_____|__                       /     \
      |__|_|____________ \                     |  END  |
                |     |_||                      \_   _/
                |      __/                        \_/
                |___  |                            _
                |_||  |                           | |
                \_\   |                           | |
                 \_\ _|                           |_|
                  \_  |                           _ _
                    |_|                          | | |
                    _                            |   |
                  _| |_                          \   /
                 |     |_                         |_|
                 |      _|                        ___
                 |_   _|                         /   \
                   |_|                          |     |
                                                 \   /
                    _                             | |
                   | |                            |_|
             ______| |__                           _
       _    /    _______|_                        | |
      | |__|  |||         \    __                |   |
     _|       |||          ||||  |               |___|
    |_   _    |||___ ______||||  |               |   |
      | | |  /      |   ____|||__|               |  /
      |_| | |       |  |                         | |
          |_|       |  |                         |_|
                    |__|                          _
                     __                          | |
              ___   |  |                         | |
             |   |  |  |__       __              |_|
             |   |__|     |||||||  |_   _____          
             |    __      |--\|||    | |     |    1  
             |___|  |     |__/|||   _| |__   |          _________
                    |_____|||||||__|      |  |         |____ _   |
                                          |  |         |____| |  |
                                          |  |___   ___|____| |__|
                                          |      | |   |____|  __
                                          |______| |________| |  |
                                                    ____   ___|  |
                                                   /    | |      |
                                                  /   __| |______|
                                                  |  |
                                                  |  |
    Take this hallway until you spot a large tomb in the center of the room. To 
    your right will be your first door.
    Go down the hall and take a left at the bend, this is where you will
    encounter battle 1.
        Battle 1: Cripplers
                  Cripplers are your standard melee unit. They will almost
                  always attack you in mass and are very adapt at surrounding
                  your character. Cripplers die in almost 1 shot from any melee
                  weapon and ranged weapons are very effective at killing them,
                  so they should not cause a problem.
    Take a left at the corner and down the stairs, you will run into battle 2.
        Battle 2: Cripplers & 2 Launchers
                  Launchers are your standard ranged enemy. They steadily shoot
                  missiles which track to the position you were standing in when
                  they were fired. Launchers have no melee abilities whatsoever
                  and won't even fire at you if you are in melee. Your best bet
                  is to try to close the gap and always kill them first, but if
                  you are trapped or they are too far away keep moving to help
                  avoid the missiles. Missiles that contact will knock you down
                  for a moment. Launchers are also extremely resistant to ranged
                  weapons, so your melee weapons are preferred.
    Lore scene 1:
      Proceed along the pathway towards the elevator. Once the elevator stops
      proceed to the desk area.
    Battle 3 starts immediately after the lore scene ends. Proceed down the hall
    to the right of the bottom of the stairs afterwards.
        Battle 3: Cripplers
    Follow the tracks on the ground around the corner, battle 4 is along this
    pathway. At the end of the pathway take a left.
        Battle 4: Cripplers, 2 Launchers & The Red Eye
                  The Red Eye is the first monster you will encounter with a
                  shield, he has an ability to launch mass missiles at you. This
                  ability requires several seconds of tracking on your character
                  to launch though, so it can be countered. When you see a red
                  beam pointing at your character, find the closest point to
                  break LoS on Red Eye. Doing so will cause his tracking to
                  fail, allowing you to proceed towards him. His shield will
                  take a lot of damage before it finally does fail. The most
                  effective way to take him down is with ranged weapons, however
                  swords are still somewhat effective
    Immediately on entering this room you will encounter battle 5. Proceed up the
    stairs where you will encounter battle 6.
        Battle 5: Cripplers & 2 Launchers
        Battle 6: Skullhammer
                  Skullhammer is the second named unit you will encounter, he is
                  heavily armed with a large hammer. If you are at ranged he
                  will slam his hammer into the ground, creating a shock wave.
                  Jump over top of the shock wave to avoid damage. When you are in
                  melee range he will try to step on you. Despite his speed it
                  is hard to avoid taking damage from his stomp, so you are best
                  to stay at ranged. Shoot at the first target that appears to
                  slowly chew away at his Armour, the Armour has 2 full bars of
                  health so it will take many shots to bring down. If you stay
                  far enough away not even his hammer ability will affect you,
                  so you will not need to worry about taking damage. Once his
                  Armour is destroyed you can move in to finally kill him. Run
                  around behind him and hit A when you see the button appear at
                  the top right of your screen. This will cause your player to
                  jump up on his head. Skullhammer will try to shake you off by
                  moving left and right and to avoid getting knocked off you
                  need to move your character in the opposite direction that he
                  leans, (When he leans right, tilt your joystick to the left
                  and vise versa.) After 2 movements Skullhammer will stand
                  upright and pause for a brief moment. When this happens attack
                  downwards with your sword and your character hit Skullhammer.
                  One shot will kill him like this, no matter what health he is
                  currently at.
    You will move towards a well and enter a lore scene automatically.
    Lore Scene 1:
      Directly ahead of you is the final path you will want to take, however
      there are paths to the left and right of you that will give extra items.
      Turn to your right and follow the pathway until it splits, to the left
      there is an obelisk. When you approach it your screen will ask you to hit
      A. Doing so will open the obelisk, giving you some items and bounty. Turn
      around and down the path to find the next obelisk. Turn around again and
      take the first left you see, this will bring you on a path behind your
      starting point where there will be another obelisk. Backtrack to the well
      where you started at and follow the path that will be in front of you, this
      will lead you to the final obelisk. From there continue on the pathway
      towards the gate and then to the woman.
    Once you are back in control approach the well in front of you and activate
    Cyberworld 1:
      Follow the pathway to the monument, activate it to receive the ability to
      push items while in the cyberworld. Follow the path to a circle with a
      glowing door. Use your push ability (Right Trigger) to open the door.
      Doing this will open a new pathway for you in the real world. Collect the
      obelisk through the door in the Cyberworld, then backtrack to the well and
      activate to leave.
    There is a small opening directly in front of you at the top of the stairs,
    enter it to find another obelisk. After that enter the doorway that you had
    just finished opening in the Cyberworld (It will be at the top of the stairs
    on the right most side.
    Cross this long bridge, you will encounter battle 7 on this, and almost
    immediately afterwards you will see battle 8. Enter the door at the end of
    the bridge.
        Battle 7: Cripplers & 1 Red Crippler
                  A Red Crippler has no standard melee attacks, and can be
                  distinguished from regular cripplers because it glows red. 
                  They will rush at you or your allies and explode. When you 
                  kill these they will also explode, causing damage to you, 
                  your allies and their allies. Stay at ranged and burn them 
                  down before they can reach you.
        Battle 8: Cripplers & Red Eye
    2 Red Cripplers will rush you as you enter this door, if you attack fast
    enough with ranged, you can blow one up with the other. Move down the stairs
    into the bottom of room where you will see battle 9.
        Battle 9: Cripplers & 3 Launchers  // Cripplers & 1 Red Crippler
                  This is a long fight with lots of waves, so I will give a 
                  specific strategy for it.
                  2 Launchers will be standing nearby the bottom of the stairs, 
                  and the final will be on the other side of the room. Charge 
                  down to the first 2 and dispatch them as quickly as possible. 
                  As you are fighting these 2 Cripplers will jump down into 
                  the room and start to engage you. Keep to the outside of the 
                  room, with the wall to your back to help prevent the Cripplers 
                  from surrounding you.
                  Reach the final Launcher and kill it, then focus on the 
                  Cripplers. There are about 5 waves of cripplers and waves 
                  will drop from the roof all around you. If you are not careful 
                  you can be quickly surrounded. Try to kill the ones behind 
                  you first and always keep to one side of the bulk of them. 
                  Do not let them surround you or it will be much harder 
                  to avoid their attacks.
                  Once they stop spawning proceed up the stairs at the 
                  other side of the room. Immediately to your right you will 
                  be ambushed by Cripplers and 1 Red Crippler, blow away the Red 
                  Crippler and it should kill off the rest of them with itself.
    At the top of the stairs there are 4 doors you can enter, 2 to the right,
    one in front of you and one to the left. There is also a well on the left
    side that you can enter. Each of these doors leads to an Arena, so we will
    skip them and keep going. Take the door on the right apart from the others,
    there is an obelisk on the way that you can pickup as well. When you open it
    Battle 10 will start. Move through the doorway after
        Battle 10: Cripplers & 1 Red Eye
                   These enemies will drop literally on top of you, so you will
                   almost constantly be surrounded, focus down the Red Eye first.
    When you enter this room you will be presented with Battle 11. Defeat these
    and proceed down the hall to encounter Battle 12. There is also another
    Arena here.
        Battle 11: Skullhammer & 2 Launchers
                   Please for everyones sanity kill the Launchers first, 
                   they are to the sides of the room, up some steps. If you 
                   also have a Plasma ranged weapon, you can take down 
                   Skullhammer with it. It is a lot slower but if you have 
                   trouble with standing on his head this is a way around it.
        Battle 12: Cripplers, 2 Launchers & Red Eye
    Take the stairs to the bottom of the room and you will encounter a wave of
    Cripplers. After they are dead enter the Well to go to Cyberworld 2.
    Cyberworld 2: 
      There is a circle right in front of you, step on it and do a push to open
      up a very useful passageway. There is also an obelisk behind the well.
    Move into the next room, on the right side will be the opening for the
    passageway you opened in the Cyberworld. Go through it and follow the path
    until you hit a bride. On this bridge you will find a Red Eye and the start
    of Battle 13. Keep going to the end of the room.
        Battle 13: Cripplers, 2 Launchers & Red Eye
                   Kill off Red Eye then jump off the bridge, the 2 
                   launchers are on either side of you.
    Another Bridge, another battle. Get to the other side
        Battle 14: Cripplers, 2 Blue Cripplers
                   Blue Cripplers are a little different then red. When 
                   you kill a blue crippler they will AoE freeze anyone 
                   around them, including yourself. This causes no damage. 
                   The freeze lasts about 5 seconds for enemies and about 3 
                   for you. So even if you get caught in the freeze it isn't 
                   totally detrimental.
    Battle 15 will occur the second you set through the door, be ready for it.
    Move onto the elevator once that is done and you will be lowered, from there
    you will be ambushed for battle 16. Go to the doorway afterwards.
        Battle 15: 15 Red Cripplers
                   Itchy trigger fingers are a bonus in this battle.
        Battle 16: Cripplers
    Battle 17 will start the moment you enter this room and it is a bit tricky.
        Battle 17: Cripplers, 2 Launchers & 1 Red Eye
                   This battle is a little bit tougher then others, mainly 
                   because there is no LoS to avoid the Red Eye's mass 
                   missiles. Try to reach the red eye and the launchers as 
                   fast as possible, roll when needed to avoid excess damage.
    At the end of this room is an inactive door and a well. So lets enter
    Cyberworld 3!
    Cyberworld 3:
      Follow the pathway, at the end you will see a large rock and an obelisk.
      Activate the obelisk and push the rock to open the doorway.
    Once you enter this room you will see a landing on the far side, enemies for
    Battle 18 will come from there.
        Battle 18: Cripplers and 1 Launcher (Smart)
                   It appears that this Launcher got a bright idea; Jump 
                   away when you come near it. Have fun catching it. Ranged 
                   weapons help keep it in place while you try to close the gap.
    At the top of the rise you will see 2 buttons, activate 1 of them to bring a
    lift. Jump on the lift and ride along the tracks. While going along these
    tracks you will be attacked by 5 launchers. They are too far away to kill,
    so just roll out of the way of the missiles, as you will soon out range them.
    Your character will jump off of the lift and into the final room. Time for
    your first boss fight.
    [10.1a]Boss 1 - GRNDL-1
    GRNDL-1 Is your first real boss fight, this boss has tons of health and 5
    phases. Despite the length of this fight, it is extremely easy. Don't be
    surprised if the boss never even touches you.
    Phase 1 - 100% health
              GRNDL starts on all 4 legs, he will charge and try to swipe 
              at you. On a random timer he will also take off and run around, 
              knocking down walls and summoning flying saw blades to attack you. 
              When he is melee range of you attack him with your sword, 
              do a single strike then barrel roll out of his way, as soon as 
              you do that run back in, strike once more and roll out. He 
              will eventually take a swing at you, but provided you are only 
              running in for 1 swing at a time he will barely ever touch you.
              When GRNDL runs off to the side, stay and ranged and watch 
              for saw blades when they come at you pick them down with your 
              guns, because GRNDL is so far away you will auto lock on the 
              saw blades and take them down with almost no effort.
    Phase 2 - 75% health
              Once you reach 75% health GRNDL will try a different 
              approach, he will stand on his back legs and slowly walk 
              towards you, during this phase going into melee range is 
              ill-advised. stay and ranged and bring him down with your guns. 
              He walks so slow that he will never be able to catch you 
              if you backpedal.
    Phase 3 - 60% health
              at 60% health GRNDL will go back down on all 4 legs 
              and he will act the exact same as he does in phase 1, 
              repeat the strategy in phase 1.
    Phase 4 - 40% health
              40% health will start the 4th phase. This phase is 
              probably the most tricky as it is where you will get hit 
              a bit more then others. GRNDL will act the exact same as 
              in phase 1 and 3, but he will have around 8 saw blades floating 
              around him, this can be detrimental if you stay too close to 
              him for too long, as the blades can stun for for a brief 
              second when they hit you, letting GRNDL get a swing 
              in. Strategy remains the exact same as phase 3, 
              just make sure you don't stay in long.
    Phase 5 - 25% health
              at 25% health GRNDL will try getting on his back legs 
              again, except this time he will be surrounded by saw blades, 
              the same as in phase 4. Treat this the same as you would 
              in phase 2. The good thing about this phase is the saw 
              blades have horrible AI. They will fly directly at you, 
              9/10's of the time that will be directly through your bullet 
              path, so they will destroy themselves.
              Keep shooting until 0%, once he dies you have 
              completed your first mission.
    [10.2]Aesir - Debriefing
                              Feasting Hall        Cybernetic Lab
                                 ______                ____
                                /      \              /*   \
                               |        |     ___    |      |
         *Obelisk              |        |    |   \   |      |
                                \      /     |    \   \    /
                                 \    /      |___  \   |  |
                                  |  |     Prison|__|  |  |
                                  |__|            __   |__|
                                   __             \ \   __
                                  | *|             \ \ |  |
            _______              _|  |_             \ \|  |
           /       \   ___   ___/      \_________   _\     \__   ______
          |         | |   | |                    | |          | |  *   |
          |         | |___| |___        _________| |__      __| |______|
           \_______/            \_    _/              \    /      Dock
                                  |  |                 |  |
           Heimdall's             |__|                 |__|
            Office                 __                   __
                                  |  |                 |  |
                                  |  |             ____|  |
                                 /    \           |    |  |
                                |      |          |    |  |
                                |      |          |   /   |
                                 \____/           |       |
                               World Tree                  
    When you arrive in Aesir, head down to exit the dock, there will be an 
    obelisk that you can grab as well. in the next room you will be asked to
    go towards the Cyber labs. Take a right at the center of the room and follow
    the pathways. Inside of the Cyber Lab there is an obelisk as well.
    While inside of the Cyber Labs you will be asked to specify what alignment
    you would like to choose. The choices are Human and Cybernetic and each
    gives you a secondary skill tree. Humans focus mainly on attack speed
    increases and their items are more highly customizable Cybernetics
    focus on damage as opposed to attack speed. Their items are less
    customizable but as an added bonus you will be able to use cannons.
    Leave the Cyber Labs and you will need to go towards the Feasting Hall.
    Take a right from the Cyber Labs and follow this pathway until the first
    right doorway. After the door there will be an obelisk.
    After exiting the feasting hall take a right to go towards Heimdall's
    Office. There you will be given your second mission. Leave the Office
    and head towards the dock to go to the next location.
    [10.3]Mission 2 - Ice Forest
                  _    _               _  ___
                 | | =| \              \\ \ /
                 | |  | |         ___   \\ \\   ____
                 | |  | |        /__ \   \\ \===___/
               _/ /    \ \___   //  \_\   ||    __
              |__/      \_  /   \\        ||    \ \
               ||         ||_    \\______//      \ \
               __        /   \    \__   _/       / /
              / _|       \   /       |-|        / /
              \__|        | |        | |__      \ \___
               ||         | |        \____|      \___/
               __         | |       __   __        ___
              |_ \        | |      /  \ |  |_     |   |
              |__/        | |     /   /  \___|    |  _|
               ||         | |     \__/     _       \ \
                _         | |      ||    \/ \       \ \___
               | |        | |       _   \/   \       \/_  |
              _| |_       | |      | |   \   /          | |
             /     \      | |      |_|    \_/           | |
             \_   _/      | |       |                   / /
          _    |-|        | |      ____                 | |
         | |  /   \       | |     /____|                |_|
         | | = [ ] |      | |     ______               Start
       __/ /  \___/       | |    /\____ \
      |___/               | |   / /___ \_\
       ||                 | |  | |/   \
       __                 | |  |_|     |
      |  |                | |     \___/
      |  |                |  \_     ||
      |  |                 \__ \    __
      |__|                    | |  /  \
       ||                     | | =\__/
       __                     |_|
      |_ \
        \ \____________________ __
         \_____________________|__| Boss
    *You will be facing an advanced version of cripplers, named Crippler v2
    in this level. Unless otherwise stated, Crippler will refer to v2.
    Follow along the pathway, you will immediately start battle 1. At the
    end of the path there is a turn to the left, take it and you will start
    Battle 2. A cutscene will start after that.
        Battle 1: Cripplers v2, 4 Launchers & Skullhammer
                  Crippler v2's are the same as regular cripplers, except
                  they are a bit more agile. They jump around and can
                  sidestep left and right quite quickly, other then that
                  they are virtually the same. Cripplers will spawn in 3
                  separate waves, one before the first 2 launchers, one
                  after those 2 and a final wave after the last 2.
                  Skullhammer comes as the final wave of Cripplers spawn.
                  Crippler v2 are the same as regular cripplers, except they
                  are a bit more agile. They jump around and can sidestep
                  left and right quite quickly. Other then that they are
                  virtually the same.
        Battle 2: Cripplers
    You will immediately get jumped by battle 3. Once that is done a small
    cutscene will show a Crippler using a jump pad, step on the jump pad to
        Battle 3: Cripplers & 1 Blue Crippler v2
                  Blue Crippler v2's have a much longer freeze time when
    they die. In addition to that, some Blue Cripplers are almost completely
    immune to ranged weaponry.
    Once you clear the gap battle 4 will be waiting for you, follow the
    pathway along the left and you will start battle 5. There is also an
    obelisk on your way out of this location.
        Battle 4: 20 Red Cripplers v2, 2 Launchers & The Red Eye
                  Like Blue Crippler v2's, some of these can be immune to
                  ranged fire. In addition to that, the Red Crippler
                  explosion will also place a DoT on your character.
        Battle 5: Cripplers, 1 Red Crippler & The Red Eye
    Move into the small opening at the end of the pathway, to the left is
    another jump pad. Clear Battle 6 which will spawn to try to block you to
    get to the jump pad.
        Battle 6: Cripplers, 1 Blue Crippler & 2 Stalkers
                  Stalkers are a new form of enemy, they are overly large
                  and usually green. These enemies can deal massive damage
                  at ranged, and a few of them can easily overpower you with
                  their long swing reach. When Stalkers are knocked on the
                  ground they are completely immune to melee damage, as well
                  as when they are getting up. During that time however,
                  they are not immune to ranged weapons. Your best strategy
                  is to knock one into the air, and shoot it with your
                  ranged weapons as it is on the ground / getting up.
    Once you land on the other side of the jump pad, battle 7 will start.
    Follow the pathway left afterwards to start Battle 8, when the pathway
    shrinks in size.
        Battle 7: Cripplers & 1 Blue Crippler
        Battle 8: Cripplers, 1 Purple Stalker & 1 Beam Stalker
                  Purple Stalkers are completely melee, they have very
                  little health and deal low damage, however they can place
                  a DoT on you if they get too close. Blowing these away
                  from ranged is advised. 
                  A Beam Stalker is almost the reverse of a Purple Stalker.
                  They have almost no melee ability but an enormous laser
                  cannon, which will slowly damage you if you are in LoS.
                  They also have no health, so die very quickly.
                  For this fight, use the walls to LoS the Beam Stalker, it
                  will not move from its spot so you can drag the other
                  enemies away from it. Focus fire the Purple Stalker down
                  from ranged first, to avoid it touching you and placing
                  its DoT. Kill the Cripplers afterwards, then go down the
                  path and kill off the Beam Stalker.
    Keep heading down the pathway and you will encounter Battle 9. Battle 10 
    is afterwards. To the left there is a Jump Pad, and an obelisk close by.
        Battle 9: 4 Stalkers
        Battle 10: Cripplers, 2 Launchers & The Red Eye
    Immediately across the Jump Pad is Battle 11. Proceed along the pathway
    and you will come across Battle 12 and a bridge with a force field.
    There will be a path further along the walkway, follow it down to Battle
        Battle 11: Cripplers, 1 Blue Crippler & Spider
                   Spiders are huge archers, they posses a bow which can deal
                   massive damage on an impact, but you can dodge out of its
                   way because of its speed. When you are in melee range the
                   spider will do a ground attack similar to Skullhammer's.
                   The difference is there is no wave, it deals damage in the
                   entire radius all at once. Your standard roll can negate
                   all of it so make sure you roll when the Spider raises its
                   arms. Keep hammering at it from melee until it dies.
        Battle 12: 3 Waves of Cripplers
                   These will spawn at different sections of the pathway,
                   defeat them and continue on to start the subsequent waves.
        Battle 13: Cripplers, 2 Plasma Stalkers & Spider
                   As soon as the waves spawns and starts to attack you will
                   want to backtrack to the bridge, this will cause a LoS from
                   both the Spider and the Plasma Stalkers, who will run up
                   the ramp. This will put them closer in range to you and
                   give you enough time to dispatch the Cripplers first.
    Follow along the pathway and you will encounter Battle 14. There is a
    Jump Pad to the left which will lead you to a new platform with a well.
        Battle 14: Cripplers, Elite Cripplers, 25 Red Cripplers, 2 Launchers
                   1 Plasma Stalker & The Red Eye
                   Elite Cripplers are stronger, and more resilient to
                   ranged attacks.
                   Red Cripplers will only spawn once you go close to Red
                   Eye, so try to pull back and eliminate as many as you
                   can before moving towards Red Eye.
    Cyberworld 1:
      Follow the pathway to a tree and an obelisk. Activate the obelisk and
      push over the tree, then leave through the Well.
    Take the Jump Pad to the landing and follow it to the bridge you have
    just opened. At the start of the bridge you will encounter Battle 15.
    At the other side of the bridge will be Battle 16. To the left is an
        Battle 15: 4 Stalkers & 1 Red Stalker
                   Red Stalkers are exactly like Red Cripplers, they will
                   explode when you kill them off. Unlike Red Cripplers
                   however, they will put a DoT on you if they land a hit.
        Battle 16: 3 Plasma Stalkers
                   Unfortunately there are no LoS obstacles to close the
                   gap between these Plasma Stalkers and yourself, so try
                   to roll as much as possible to avoid the bulk of their
    At the top of the elevator you will immediately be ambushed by Battle
    17. Afterwards hug the right side to find the next Jump Pad.
        Battle 17: 6 Stalkers, Spider & Skullhammer
                   Keep at ranged from Skullhammer and kill off the
                   Stalkers. After that close in and take out the Spider.
                   Once the Spider is dead you can focus in on Skullhammer.
    As soon as you land from the Jump Pad Battle 18 will start. To the
    left is the Jump Pad for the next area.
        Battle 18: 8 Stalkers, 4 Plasma Stalkers, 1 Elite Stalker,
                   Skullhammer & Raging Fire *Referred to as Grenaders*
                   Grenaders are built from the same model as
                   Skullhammers. Instead of a large hammer he wields an
                   immense Grenade Launcher. It will fire 5 Grenades in 
                   random spots around your location. Grenades will explode
                   3 to 5 seconds after landing and deal massive amounts
                   of damage. In addition to this Grenader has a large
                   pack on its back, preventing you from jumping on his back
                   until it is destroyed. It's very hard to hit so don't
                   expect to destroy it every time.
                   The easiest way to kill these is to focus on destroying
                   its gun first. Start shooting at it then hold the right
                   along stick to the right, which will target his arm.
                   Once it has blown up he will not be able to hit you at
                   ranged, so you can take your time with it.
                   An Elite Stalker has more health, Armour and damage then
                   a regular Stalker.
                   For this battle, save Skullhammer and Grenader for
                   the end. Kill off all of the Stalkers with a well placed
                   AoE Nuke to begin then track along the outside of the wall
                   to find the Plasma Stalkers.
    Once you land on the next bridge Battle 19 will be waiting for you. Take
    the Jump Pad on the end to move to the next area.
        Battle 19: 2 Beam Stalkers (Smart)
                   These Beam Stalkers will jump away from you when you get
                   close, so standing at ranged and taking them down is
                   the quickest and easiest way.
    You will start Battle 20 when you land. To the left is an elevator,
    which will lead you to the next area.
        Battle 20: 3 Plasma Stalkers, 5 Stalkers & 1 Grenader
    Battle 21 is at the top of the elevator, continue along the left pathway
    to find Battle 22. Behind them is a Generator. Destroy the Generator to
    deactivate a shield at the opposite side of the pathway. At the deactivated
    shield area you will find Battle 23. Beyond that is an elevator.
        Battle 21: 6 Plasma Stalkers
        Battle 22: 2 Red Plasma Stalkers & Skullhammer
                   Red Plasma Stalkers will place a DoT on you even if they hit
                   you from range, as well as detonate when they die. They have
                   less health then regular Plasma Stalkers, so ranged can kill
                   them quickly.
                   Skullhammer will only activate once you come close in range
                   so you can take down the Plasma Stalkers at range without 
                   provoking Skullhammer first.
        Battle 23: 3 Stalkers & Grenader
                   Blow up Grenaders weapon first, then take down the Stalkers
                   while he is unable to do anything.
    At the top of the elevator will be Battle 24. Refer to Battle Guide on how
    to grab the obelisk afterwards. Take the Jump Pad on the outside of the
    ring to continue.
        Battle 24: 4 Stalkers, 4 Plasma Stalkers, Skullhammer & Grenader
                   This battle is amazingly hard to defeat, there are no LoS
                   points to dodge the Plasma Stalkers attacks, and they are
                   very far away. There is a very easy way to defeat this
                   though. Along the outside of this area are generators.
                   If you destroy one it will release a clamp on the top of 
                   the spire. Destroy 4 generators and the top of the spire
                   will fall directly on top of every enemy. In the center of
                   the spire now will be an obelisk that you can activate.
                   Doing this method, you will still receive all off the exp,
                   so there is no downside to doing this.
    When you land on the next platform you can go one of 2 ways, left or right.
    Left has a lot harder enemies to kill but a lesser amount, whilst the right
    has the opposite. For this walkthrough we will go to the right. Battle 25
    will occur as you reach the bottleneck in the pathway and Battle 26 is
    right before the Jump Pad to the next location.
        Battle 25: Cripplers & 2 Launchers
        Battle 26: Cripplers (Shielded) & Spider
                   These are Cripplers with Shields, not much 
                   different about them.
    Follow the pathway to the right for Battle 27, after that there will be a
    bridge that you can take to continue after fighting Battle 28.
        Battle 27: 4 Stalkers & 2 Launchers
        Battle 28: Cripplers, 1 Red Crippler, 1 Blue Crippler & 2 Stalkers
    On this bridge you will find Battles 29 and 30. At the end of the bridge 
    will be a another platform.
        Battle 29: Cripplers x3 Waves // Cripplers & 2 Stalkers x3 Waves
                   There will be 6 waves in this battle, each one spawning
                   as the previous one is nearly finished. The first 3 are
                   solid Crippler waves about 40 each. The final 3 are the
                   same, but they come with 2 Stalkers each as well.
        Battle 30: Cripplers & Elite Cripplers // Cripplers & Blue Cripplers
                   Battle 30 occurs at the very end of the bridge, both
                   waves will come almost at the same time, so you want to
                   be quick at killing most before the Blue Crippler can
                   get into close range.
    A small generator will appear in the dead center of the next room.
    Fight through Battle 31 and destroy it. This will lower a platform with
    a well on it a small fraction. Doing so will also start Battle 32.
    Move through the collapsed forcefield to continue.
        Battle 31: Cripplers & 1 Red Crippler
        Battle 32: Cripplers & 1 Red Crippler // Cripplers & 1 Red Crippler
                   2 Separate waves of the same makeup, they will spawn from
                   both sides of you.
    Along this pathway is another generator and Battles 33 and 34.
        Battle 33: Cripplers, 15 Elite Cripplers, 4 Stalkers, 1 Blue Stalker
                   Blue Stalkers will detonate and freeze anyone around them
                   when they die, the same as Blue Cripplers.
        Battle 34: Cripplers & 2 Stalkers
    Follow the new pathway through Battle 35 and to the next Jump Pad.
        Battle 35: Cripplers, 1 Elite Crippler, 2 Shield Cripplers, 
                   4 Stalkers, 1 Plasma Stalker, 1 Green Plasma Stalker &
                   Green Plasma Stalkers will explode causing a poison DoT
                   on death.
                   The Cripplers and Elite Crippler will only spawn once
                   you reach the Plasma Stalkers. Pull back off of the
                   pathway and fight the Stalkers. After that kill off the
                   Plasma Stalkers as quick as you can. The second you pass
                   where they are the Cripplers will spawn, so close the gap
                   to the Spider and kill it.
    After landing on the next jump pad travel along the outside of the spire.
    There will be a Generator after Battle 36 and Battle 37 immediately after
    that. There is also an obelisk on the opposite side of the generator. Take
    the Jump Pad to continue.
        Battle 36: 5 Plasma Stalkers & 3 Launchers
        Battle 37: Cripplers, 6 Plasma Stalkers & 1 Launcher
    There is a huge party (Battle 38) waiting for you at the bottom of the 
    Jump Pad. Fight them and follow along the pathway to the right. Battles
    39 through 41 will be in your pathway up to the next Jump Pad.
        Battle 38: Cripplers, 1 Elite Crippler & 2 Plasma Stalkers
        Battle 39: Cripplers & Red Eye
        Battle 40: Cripplers, 2 Stalkers & 2 Plasma Stalkers
        Battle 41: 2 Stalkers
    Fight through Battle 42 when you land and follow the pathway to the left.
    There will be a final Generator on you way. Battle 43 will spawn directly
    on top of you, and after that grab the obelisk beside the Jump Pad, then
    use it.
        Battle 42: 4 Electric Stalkers, 20 Red Cripplers &
                   10 Elite Cripplers v2
                   Electric Stalkers will detonate causing a Lightning DoT and
                   they are very difficult to kill from ranged.
                   Elite Cripplers v2 are the same as regular Elite Cripplers
                   except they can detonate and freeze you and it is impossible
                   to tell which one will or not.
        Battle 43: Cripplers
    Battle 44 is on the bridge, afterwards enter this room to fight Battle 45.
    Activate the well in the center to continue.
        Battle 44: 3 Stalkers, 1 Red Stalker & Spider
                   There is no where on this bridge that you can out range this
                   Red stalker. You can however knock it off of the bridge.
                   Keep hitting it into the air to knock it closer and closer
                   to the edge and it will eventually fall right off, causing
                   no damage to yourself. As soon as that is over close the gap
                   to the Spider and kill it, as it will still be firing arrows
                   at you.
        Battle 45: Cripplers, 1 Blue Crippler, 4 Elite Cripplers, Spider &
                   2 Red Eyes
                   The Spider will be the closest enemy, so close the gap and
                   destroy it as fast as you can. You have maybe 10 seconds to
                   kill it before the others come in close enough to attack you,
                   and if you can kill the Spider before the others join it will
                   make it a lot easier.
    Cyberworld 2:
      Follow the pathway and hug the left to find an obelisk, then push open
      the doorway to continue. Activate the stone to obtain the ability to pull
      items in Cyberworld with your Left Trigger. There is a tree on the
      opposite side of the river, step on the pedestal and pull it over to open
      the next path. Leave through the well.
    Follow the new pathway that is opened in front of you. As you cross the bridge
    you will encounter Battle 46. Activate both Obelisks then take the right
    direction. There will be a Jump Pad on the end.
        Battle 46: 5 Stalkers, 1 Red Stalker, 2 Plasma Stalkers &
                   1 Green Plasma Stalker
    When you land you will start Battle 47. There is an Obelisk at the landing.
    Follow along the path and through Battle 48 and 49. Take the Obelisk at the
    end and the Jump Pad.
        Battle 47: 5 Stalkers, 1 Green Stalker & 1 Elite Stalker
                   Elite Stalkers have tons of health and a lot more damage then
                   their lower ends, be careful if they get too close to you.
        Battle 48: 4 Stalkers, 1 Plasma Stalker & 1 Green Plasma Stalker
        Battle 49: 6 Stalkers & 1 Spider
    You will find Hod here. He likes to run a lot so be prepared to run 
    after him. In this stage Hod will fire random shots at you as you get
    closer to him, either Slug shots or Grenades. Every time that you come in
    too close he will turn around and start running again. You cannot hurt him
    here so don't worry about trying to attack him.
    Follow the pathway and through Battle 50 to the next Jump Pad.
        Battle 50: 5 Stalkers
    Battle 51 will start when you land. Continue to the left and through
    Battle 52. Take the bridge and follow through the Gauntlet that is
    Battle 53. Take the elevator to the final room and the Boss.
        Battle 51: 1 Plasma Stalker & 6 Stalkers
        Battle 52: Spider
        Battle 53: 4 Plasma Stalkers 
                   4 Stalkers, 1 Red Stalker & 2 Plasma Stalker
                   2 Stalkers, 1 Electric Stalker
                   1 Plasma Stalker
                   1 Beam Stalker
                   There are 5 waves total, each will spawn as you 
                   progress along the pathway.
    [10.3a]Boss 2 - Hod
    Hod is a 2 phase fight. The first phase has 3 separate stages and in it
    you do not actually fight Hod. The second phase is your battle against Hod.
    Phase 1 - 100%
              Move to the elevator that Hod went in to. It will ascend you 
              to the very top of the spire. When you exit there will be a force 
              field. Destroy the force field and move up to the end of the 
              pathway. Hod will be at the end of the bridge on one of 4 
              platforms. The platforms have shields surrounding them, so you 
              cannot hit Hod. You can target the platforms that he stands on 
              though. When you blow up a platform he will jump to another. 
              Destroy all 4 platforms and he will fall off the bridge, 
              taking 5% damage in health.
              Move back into the elevator, there will be 1 Stalker in your
              pathway, kill it to proceed. The elevator will take you to the
              second level.
              The second level is the same as the first, get to the outside
              and blow up the platforms. There will be a final platform on
              next level that has 5 platforms instead of 4 and 2 Stalkers 
              will spawn instead of 1.
    Phase 2 - 85%
              Stage 2 is your actual fight with Hod, he will fall to the
              bottom level and finally stop hiding behind crap. Equip
              pistols and start attacking him with them. Hod will dodge
              almost every ranged attack you do, so you will be very lucky
              if an attack lands. However during that time he wont be firing
              at you or try to run away, so close the gap as fast as you can
              and attack him with your melee weapon.
              Once you get in to melee range he switches to melee as well,
              Hod's attacks deal devastating damage so getting hit is very
              counter productive. Attack Hod and roll out immediately afterwards
              once you finish rolling out leap back in attack once more.
              Keep doing this again and again. Every once in a while Hod will
              try to distance himself by jumping away from you. Just attack him
              with your ranged weapons and close the gap once more.
                              Feasting Hall        Cybernetic Lab
                                 ______                ____
                                /      \              /    \
                               |        |     ___    |      |
                               |        |    |   \   |      |
                                \      /     |    \   \    /
                                 \    /      |___  \   |  |
                                  |  |     Prison|__|  |  |
                                  |__|            __   |__|
                                   __             \ \   __
                                  |  |             \ \ |  |
            _______              _|  |_             \ \|  |
           /       \   ___   ___/      \_________   _\     \__   ______
          |         | |   | |                    | |          | |      |
          |         | |___| |___        _________| |__      __| |______|
           \_______/            \_    _/              \    /      Dock
                                  |  |                 |  |
           Heimdall's             |__|                 |__|
            Office                 __                   __
                                  |  |                 |  |
                                  |  |             ____|  |
                                 /    \           |    |  |
                                |      |          |    |  |
                                |      |          |   /   |
                                 \____/           |       |
                               World Tree                  
    You will start the the World Tree this time, head across the area to find
    Thor & Heimdall. They will give you the next mission, in which Thor will
    accompany you, (hurray.)
    Head back to the Dock when you are ready to leave.
    [10.5]The World Serphant
                                 |     |   __
                                 | [ ] |__|  |
                               __ |___ |
                          ___ /  \ ___||
                   ___   | __|    |____|
               ___|   |__||   \__/
              | __|   |___|
     _____ ___||  |___|
    |     |____|
    |_   _|
      | |
    A word of note is the ally you have in this mission, Thor. Thor wields a
    large hammer and is capable of knocking down a large amount of enemies
    all around him. He is completely invincible to all forms of damage, but
    walks amazingly slow towards enemies around him. He is very useful in
    distracting enemies while you pick them off from afar
    When you enter the building, follow the pathway to the well and activate
    Cyberworld 1:
      Behind your character is an obelisk, and in front is a wall that you can
      push over. Walk through the opening to continue and activate the new
    Follow the pathway, unfortunately a pillar falls on the path behind you,
    hitting Thor and killing him, (What, you believed me about Thor being
    that good?) Take the path to the left and follow the doorway that for
    some reason doesn't want to let you through.
    Take the bend to the right and through the doorway into the next room. Go
    through the room to the next door, where the door will be blocked. Behind
    you Battle 1 will spawn. After the Battle take the new doorway and
    continue down the path.
         Battle 1: Cripplers, 2 Red Cripplers, 2 Stalkers, 2 Launchers &
                   The Red Eye
                   There is no LoS in here, so close the gap to the
                   Launchers and burn them down first to avoid getting
                   picked off.
    You'll enter a room with a spinning wheel on it, on the opposite side is
    the door you need to get to, easiest way through is to stand at the
    entrance and wait for the room to spin you to where you need to go. Keep
    following the pathway after that.
    The next room you enter will have Battle 2 in it. After you're done there
    will be 2 doors in front of you and a third off to the right side. The 2
    in front of you will lead to another room with nothing special in it, the
    third to the right will take you to the next room. In this room will be
    another well, activate this to continue.
         Battle 2: Cripplers, 1 Blue Crippler & 2 Stalkers
    When you enter the Well you will be teleported back to the start of the
    map, apparently the last part was just a trick, (What, you believed me
    about Thor dieing?) :)
    Alright, lets keep going with the walkthrough and find the World
         _                          _____
        | |   ____                 | ___ |
        | |__|    |                ||   ||
        |  __|____|a     _____    _||_  ||____
      __| |             |____ |  | |__| |  _  |
     | ___|  _____     ____  ||__|    | | | | |
     ||_____|     |___| ___|_||__  /\ | | |_| |
     |______|_____|___|_______|  | \/ | |__ __|
                                 |____|   | |
      _                               ____| |
     / \                             | _____|_     __
     |2|        ____             __  |_______ |   |  |
     | |   ____|    |   __ _____|  | | _______|___|  |
     \ | a|____|    |  |  |   |_   | |_____________  |
     |-|       |    |  |  |___| |  \     ____     /  |
     ||__      |    |  |  |      \  \___/    \___/  /
     |__ |     |    |  |  |       \__            __/
      __||     |    |  |  |          \__________/
     | __|     |_  _|  |__|______         |-|
     ||   ____   ||    |         |        / |
     | |_|    |__||    |   Boss  |        | |   1-3: Elevators
     |  _|____|___|    |         |        |3|    
     |_|               |_________|        \_/
                    _      |-|                      
                   / \    /  |
                   |2|    |  |        _____
                   | |    |  |       |     |   __   ___
                   \ |    \__/       | [ ] |__|  |_/ 1 \
       ___        _|-|     End       |_____|__|__|_____/
      |   |      /   |                ||___
      |   |      \   |             __ |___ |
      \   /       \_ |  ___   ___ /  \ ___||
       |-|          ||_/ 1 \ | __|    |____|
       / |          |_|____/ ||   \__/
       | |          ___      ||_____
       |3|      ___|   |___  |_____ |
       \_/     | __|   |__ |   __  ||
      _____ ___||  |___|  ||__|  |_||
     |     |____|         |___|__|__|
     |_   _|
       | |
    Follow the bridge until you enter the first large room, Battle 1 will
    start there. Take the doorway and keep following the path to the next
         Battle 1: Cripplers, 1 Blue Crippler, 2 Elite Cripplers & 
                   2 Launchers
    You'll get hit by Battle 2 in the next room. Across from the entrance is
    the next door. Follow that down the ramp to the next area.
         Battle 2: Spider
    Battle 3 will spawn once you enter the next room. This room has 3 doors
    in it, the same as the one before. the first 2 in front of you will lead
    you to another area with nothing on the opposite side of it. To the right
    is the doorway you want to take.
         Battle 3: 6 Stalkers, 2 Plasma Stalkers & Spider
                   Stay at the entrance to the room, if you can try to lead
                   the Stalkers into the previous room. Once all are dead
                   move out into LoS of the Spider and the Plasma Stalkers.
                   burn down the Spider before the Plasma Stalkers can
    Keep following along these rooms until you reach the first elevator,
    which will take you to the next area.
    At the top of the elevator will be a room with 2 inactive Skullhammers
    and a Well. Activate the Well to continue.
    Cyberworld 2:
      Behind your character is an obelisk, but you will not be able to reach
      it yet, (it is covered in purple vines.) To the right of the Well is a
      new pedestal, which will teach you how to walk across water,
      (personally I don't know why you can't just swim.) Cross the river
      afterwards and follow the pathway. There are 2 Obelisks along the way
      and a stone circle at the very end. Across the way is a large dam. Use
      your push ability to move the middle column into the center pillar.
      Push once more to move the center pillar into the outer section. After
      that use your Pull ability to Pull the entire dam up and out of the
      way, releasing the Serphant.
    Once you exit Cyberworld the 2 inactive Skullhammers will activate,
    starting Battle 4.
         Battle 4: 2 Skullhammers
                   Focus on the furthest Skullhammer first, and get as close
                   to him as you can. This lets Thor take on the second one.
    Move through the newly activated door to the next elevator. Once you exit
    the elevator follow the pathway to the inactive doorway. There will be a
    small generator the the left of the doorway, destroy it to force open the
    door. Battle 5 will be waiting for you on the other side. Keep going up
    this room to the bridge and Battle 6. At the top of the bridge will be an
    Obelisk and a new pathway to the left.
         Battle 5: 3 Stalkers 1 Elite Stalker & Skullhammer
         Battle 6: 2 Plasma Stalkers & 2 Stalkers
    The next room will have Battle 7 in it. At the end of the room will be a
    door. Take it then follow the pathway to the next area.
         Battle 7: 34 Stalkers, 1 Skullhammer, 1 Grenader, 2 Red Stalkers &
                   1 Plasma Stalker
                   Skullhammer and 8 Stalkers will start his battle. Burn down
                   Skullhammer because as soon as you attack him another 10
                   Stalkers and Grenader will spawn. Once Stalkers dip below
                   6 another 6 will spawn, as well as 1 Red Stalker. Once
                   you've killed all of them another 10 Stalkers and the final
                   Red Stalker will spawn, 5 at a time starting with 5 Stalkers
                   then the Red, then back to the other Stalkers.
    This room will harbor Battle 8 and Battle 9. Keep going up this room and
    to the left will be the doorway to the next room.
         Battle 8: 2 Plasma, 2 Skullhammer & 20 Stalkers
                   There will be 1 Plasma and 1 Skullhammer on either side
                   of the room, focus on the one that Thor does not take
                   to help spread out the Stalkers. As soon as you attack
                   one of the Plasma Skulkers the 20 Stalkers will spawn,
                   all at once, so make sure your hits count on it. This
                   time is probably the best battle to use an AoE nuke in.
         Battle 9: Spider
    Cross this room and through Battle 10 to the next hallway, in it will 
    be an Obelisk to your right as well as Battle 11.
         Battle 10: 6 Plasma Stalkers, 10 Stalkers, 1 Green Stalker
                    1 Electric Stalker & Skullhammer
                    The Plasma Stalkers will be spread throughout the
                    room. Kill the first 2 then Skullhammer. Once you
                    kill Skullhammer the Stalkers will spawn, 6 total
                    at a time. It will go 6 Stalkers -> 1 Elec ->
                    1 Green -> 4 Stalkers.
         Battle 11: 3 Stalkers, 1 Elite Stalker & 3 Plasma Stalkers
                    Get to the Plasma Stalkers and kill them first, this
                    will also give you the higher ground, and allow Thor
                    to attack from the bottom side.
    Battle 12 will spawn directly on top of you in the next room, go up 
    the ramps afterwards to continue.
         Battle 12: 8 Stalkers, 1 Plasma Stalker & Skullhammer
                    6 Stalkers will engage you when you first enter this
                    room, bypass them and head up the ramp to the lone
                    Plasma Stalker. When you reach there the final 2
                    Stalkers will spawn to try and defend the Plasma
                    Stalker. Kill them all and Skullhammer will spawn
                    at the top of the second ramp.
    Battle 13 will take place in the next area, at the very end of the room 
    across from you is the next doorway, mind the gap on the right 
    side of the room.
         Battle 13: 5 Stalkers, 2 Grenaders & 3 Plasma Stalkers
                    10 Stalkers & Spider
                    You will initially start with the first 5 Stalkers
                    and no Spider. The 2 Grenaders will be on either side
                    of the room for now. Move up far enough to aggro the
                    Stalkers then move back to the doorway. This will
                    let Thor get close enough to start attacking the
                    closest Grenader, giving the Plasma Stalkers and
                    both Grenaders something to target and give you the
                    room to pull the Stalkers and take them out. Once you
                    Kill the Stalkers take out the right Grenader. As soon
                    as you kill it the final 10 Stalkers and the Spider
                    will spawn. Move back to the entrance and kill off the
                    Stalkers again. Once that is done move to the Plasma
                    Stalkers and the Spider and kill them. By then Thor
                    should have taken out all of the final Grenaders
                    Armour, just mount kill it.
    There are 2 walkways in this next room, the left leads to a dead end 
    and the right past Battle 14. Once you have dealt with Battle 14 keep 
    heading down the path. To the left is an outcropping that leads to 
    a well, if you pass through the door you will have gone too far.
         Battle 14: 20 Stalkers, 1 Electric Stalker, 3 Plasma Stalkers &
                    Stalkers will spawn 10 to begin with, as you kill them
                    another will spawn to take its place, starting with
                    the Electric Stalker first. There are 2 walkways in
                    this area, with generators that will cause LoS errors
                    for the Plasma Stalkers and the Spider. Stay on the left
                    Walkway and let the Stalkers come to you. Thor will
                    keep the ranged units in their spot, as they should
                    stay there and just pick away at him. Once the Stalkers
                    stop spawning move up the left pathway and into range
                    of the Spider and Plasma Stalkers, who should all be
                    on top of each other by now on the bridge.
    Cyberworld 3:
      There is an obelisk in front of you. Grab it then leave, as there is
      nothing else in this section.
    After going through the door you will enter a large room with a crane 
    in the center To the right of the crane is an Obelisk and to the left 
    is a Conveyor belt. Grab the Obelisk then jump on the Conveyor belt.
    Battle 15 will take place both on the conveyor belt, and at the end of
         Battle 15: 20 Stalkers, 3 Plasma Stalkers & 1 Red Grenader
                    Red Grenaders will explode when they die and place
                    a DoT on you when they hit you.
                    Stalkers will spawn at sections along the Conveyor
                    belt section, 5 will initially spawn, then 5 at the
                    first bend, then 10 at the second bend. The Plasma
                    Stalkers and Grenader spawn at the end of the conveyor
                    belt. Kill off as many Stalkers as fast as you can, the
                    less that there are at the end of the belt the better
                    for you.
    Once you get off the conveyor area take the doorway into the next room.
    Battle 16 will engage you through the door. Afterwards there are 2
    pathways you can take, left or right. Either of them leads to the 
    exact same room with the same mobs, so pick whichever you like. Battle
    17 will engage you on the other side of the pathways. Take the next
    door that you see to keep going.
         Battle 16: 5 Stalkers
         Battle 17: 3 Plasma Stalkers & 1 Skullhammer
    This room will lead back and forth across 4 different bridges. Battle
    18 takes place on and around these bridges. The final bridge will lead
    to Battle 19.
         Battle 18: 14 Stalkers, 3 Plasma Stalkers & 
                    1 Electric Plasma Stalker
                    Stalkers will spawn in 4 waves, depending on the bridge
                    you are currently on. Bridge 1 will be 5 Stalkers,
                    bridge 2 will have 5 Stalkers, 2 Plasma Stalkers & 1
                    Electric Plasma Stalkers. Bridge 3 will have 1 Plasma
                    Stalker and the final 4 Stalkers.
         Battle 19: Spider
    Follow the path to the Well and activate it to enter Cyberworld 4.
    Cyberworld 4:
      To the left and right of you will be 2 Obelisks. In the center of
      the area is a platform with a rock infront of it. Push the rock
      into the bigger rock to turn off the Great Serphant's generator.
    As soon as you leave Cyberworld Battle 20 will engage you. Once the
    battle is over there are 4 doors you can take. The middle door will
    lead to an elevator. At the bottom of the elevator will be an
    Obelisk. Take the elevator back up and through the door farthest to
    the left of you.
         Battle 20: Cripplers, 1 Launcher & Skullhammer
    Through this door will be a computer room, run through it to the
    next room and Battle 21. The next door will lead to the Boss Room.
         Battle 21: Cripplers, 2 Launchers & The Red Eye
                    Launchers and Red Eye are at the far end of the
                    room. Cripplers will climb up the outside wall and
                    drop down at all points of the room, (about 100 of
                    them.) Get to the end of the room and kill the
                    Launchers and Red Eye to make killing the Cripplers
    [10.5a]Boss - The Unending Hate
    Unending Hate is basicly an enormous Skullhammer, without a Hammer.
    He has enormous ammounts of armour, can't be mount killed and is
    about triple the speed of regular Skullhammers. In addition to
    these upgrades, Unending Hate has waves of Cripplers that will
    continiously spawn to try to kill you. There will be about 5
    Cripplers at a time on the field, and when you kill one another
    will spawn to take its place. Cripplers spawn based on Unending
    Hates health pool, so it is possible to kill all of the Cripplers,
    then deal with a piece of Unending Hates armour.
    Cripplers start as regular, but will steadily increase in
    difficulty as the fight progresses, switching from standard to
    red / blue then finally to Elite.
    Since Unending Hate is accompanied by Cripplers it is very
    difficult to actually lock on to him, because of that we will
    kill him off with AoE Nukes and air-finishers. For the purpose 
    of this fight we will deal with a 4 Phase fight, the first 2 
    being repeated until 15% (apprx) health.
    Phase 1 - Nuke
              Run straight into Unending hate and use an AoE Nuke.
              This should automatically destroy all of his leg armour.
              In addition this will freeze Unending Hate in place,
              when this happens jump into the air and use an 
              Use AoE Nukes and Finishers until you run out of 
              Combo Meter, then switch to Phase 2.
    Phase 2 - Cripplers
              Keep away from Unending Hate during this phase, as he
              can deal massive ammounts of damage to you in melee.
              Focus on killing off Cripplers that are on the edges of
              the map. Keep doing this until you have 1 Combo Meter
              point, then repeat Phase 1.
    Phase 3 - Finishing the Adds (15%)
              Switch to this phase once Unending Hate reaches about
              15% health (when you can no longer see any visible
              armour pieces.
              Simply put for this phase, keep attacking all of the
              Cripplers until no more spawn. Depending on how many
              you killed with AoE Nukes it might take a bit to do.
              Feel free to skip to Phase 4 if you can target 
              Unending Hate
    Phase 4 - Ending The Hate
              Once you have killed all of the cripplers, or can get
              a lock on Unending Hate, target him with your ranged
              weapon. The only places left to target should be his
              shoulders, so switch you aim to one of those and blow
              them away.
    Once you have killed Unending Hate, take the elevator in the
    Center of the room to continue to the exit.
    [10.6]Aesir - To War
                              Feasting Hall        Cybernetic Lab
                                 ______                ____
                                /      \              /    \
                               |        |     ___    |      |
                               |        |    |   \   |      |
                                \      /     |    \   \    /
                                 \    /      |___  \   |  |
                                  |  |     Prison|__|  |  |
                                  |__|            __   |__|
                                   __             \ \   __
                                  |  |             \ \ |  |
            _______              _|  |_             \ \|  |
           /       \   ___   ___/      \_________   _\     \__   ______
          |         | |   | |                    | |          | |      |
          |         | |___| |___        _________| |__      __| |______|
           \_______/            \_    _/              \    /      Dock
                                  |  |                 |  |
           Heimdall's             |__|                 |__|
            Office                 __                   __
                                  |  |                 |  |
                                  |  |             ____|  |
                                 /    \           |    |  |
                                |      |          |    |  |
                                |      |          |   /   |
                                 \____/           |       |
                               World Tree                  
    You will start at the Dock. Travel to the Feasting hall to recieve
    information on the next mission. Once you are ready go back to the
    Helheim is the final mission in Too Human. In this mission you
    will be going against an entirely new species of enemies and you
    will not see any of the previous kind. The new species you will
    encounter are the undead, and they are not a pushover.
    Undead pride themselves on being able to amass hundreds of units
    at once to mow their way through you. One undead on its own is mearly
    a neucance but when they all stack together, they can take you down
    very quickly.
    Since the difficulty of this mission has been amazingly higer as
    opposed to the others, I have devised a new strategy for taking them
    out. My first runthrough was using my inital 4 and I dead over 10
    times, the following strategy never killed me.
    Fierce Leaping
    Fierce Leaping is a combination of Leap attacks and Fierce attacks.
    use fierce attacks at ranged and aim for the biggest group of 
    enemies. As the battle progresses stray enemies will try to strafe
    you. Leap to them and finish them off at ranged, then continue Fierce
    attacks from that spot. Targetting melee units is your primary focus,
    then ranged after that, because if a melee unit reaches you you can't
    cast Fierce attacks anymore.
    Once you land in Helheim you will be immediatley bombarded by Battle
    1. Clear the area and move upto the metal wall section, there is a 
    generator in the middle of it. Destroy the generator with a ranged
    weapon to allow your reinforcements to enter.
         Battle 1: Shamblers (Line)
                   Shamblers are your standard undead wave. Half of the
                   time they will be lead by an Elite version, which
                   has more health, but nothing else special.
                   Groups of Shamblers are made out of a random assortment
                   of 2 different unit types, ranged and melee. Ranged
                   carry a single pistol, capable of sustained rapid fire.
                   Each shot does very low damage, however when 20 are
                   firing at you out of weapons range it can kill you very
                   Shamblers come in 2 different formats, Lines or Waves.
                   Lines will come at you in almost single file, allowing
                   you to pick them off one at a time without the others
                   being able to retaliate.
    Once the wall comes down follow along the pathway to the door at
    the very end. Battles 2, 3 & 4 will be in your way and once you reach
    the doorway your reinforcements will blast it open, allowing you
    to continue.
         Battle 2: Shamblers (Wave x3)
                   Waves are the second format for Shamblers, they will 
                   either spawn in random places or spread out before 
                   getting in range of you, these are harder then Line 
                   waves because a single Fierce attack will only take 
                   down a few, as opposed to many. Kill them the same 
                   however, Fierce attacks and leaps on stragglers.
         Battle 3: 1 Sapper
                   Sappers are Shamblers with explosives on their backs, 
                   they have very little health, so can be dispatched 
                   easily by ranged. When they die or reach you they will 
                   detonate, knocking down anyone around them and doing 
                   a moderate ammount of damage, try to stay away from 
                   these and kill them as they are running with 
                   groups to maximize collateral damage.
         Battle 4: 4 Sappers, 2 Posion Shamblers, 1 Red Shambler,
                   1 Slow Shambler, Shamblers (Wave x4)
                   Posion Shamblers will detonate when they die, placing
                   a posion DoT on anyone around them.
                   Red Shamblers detonate when they die, doing damage
                   and knocking those hit down.
                   Slow Shamblers will detonate when they die, this does
                   no damage but will place a slow aura on anyone hit,
                   reducing their movement and attack speeds by roughly
    In this next room are 2 seperate pathways, for the purpose of this 
    strategy we will proceed straight instead of left, as it is a way 
    quicker path. Battle 5 will engage upon entering and on your way to 
    the end of the hallway you will be hit by both Battle 6 and 7. Take
    the doorway when done.
         Battle 5: Shambler (Wave)
         Battle 6: 3 Wights
                   Wights are flying ghosts, they have no attack but will
                   do a constant AoE pulse when you are in range that can
                   stack. When they die they detonate, knocking you over
                   and causing no damage. Take them down from Ranged with
                   a Fierce attack whenever possible.
         Battle 7: Shambler (Wave), 2 Posion Shambler, 1 Red Shambler
    You will join up with a squad of humans for Battle 8. After the battle
    the humans will take the left fork, which is destroyed behind them.
    Take the right path and follow along the pathway, Battles 9 through 11
    will spawn on this bridge.
         Battle 8: Shambler (Wave), 2 Red Shambler, 
                   4 Posion Shambler, 4 Sappers
         Battle 9: 2 Shambler Waves, Shambler (Line)
         Battle 10: 3 Shambler Waves
         Battle 11: Shambler (Wave), Troop Bridge
                    A troop bridge is a huge structure that will rise up
                    from the ground and attach to the pathway, about 20 to
                    30 Shamblers will emerge from it, you can attack them
                    while they are trying to get onto the pathway, as they
                    bunch off. A well placed grenade can kill them all in
                    one shot.
    In the next room will be Battle 12, don't go past the 3 way intersection,
    as it has a chance of starting battle 14. Once you are done with battle
    12 take the left pathway for an obelisk, then the right one. Follow this
    to the well and Battle 13. Activate the well when clear.
         Battle 12: Shambler (Wave)
         Battle 13: Shambler (Wave), 5 Elite Shamblers, 1 Red Shambler, 
                    1 Troop Bridge
    Cyberworld 1:
      There is a door at the side of the room, open it and follow the path
      until you reach a tree. Take a right and you will find an obelisk.
      Leave when done.
    Once you exit Cyberworld 1 head up the path to Battle 14. Battle 15 will
    spawn right before the next door.
         Battle 14: 3 Shambler Waves, 2 Troop Bridges, 
                    2 Necros, 1 Red Shambler
                    Necros are the first named unit you will come across in
                    Helheim. They look like huge fat guys on mobile discs.
                    Necros will raise dead on any unit you kill in their
                    range. In addition they will also do pulse blasts simmilar
                    to the Wights attack. Take them out with a few Aerial
         Battle 15: Shambler (Line), 5 Elite Shamblers
    Battle 16 starts once you enter the next room, take the pathway on the
    right afterwards. Follow down to the sludge pool and through Battle
    17 and
         Battle 16: Shambler (Line)
         Battle 17: Shambler (Wave)
    Battle 18 spawns as soon as you step on the Sludge pool. Follow it to
    the next area, with Battle 19 in between.
         Battle 18: 6 Wights, Shambler (Line), 1 Slow Shambler
         Battle 19: Shambler (Wave), 1 Slow Shambler
    Battle 20 will take place on this platform and the bridge connecting
    to it from the Sludge pool. Take the obelisk in the centre when done
    through the path on the opposite side.
         Battle 20: Shambler (Wave), 4 Sappers, 1 Slow Sapper, 
                    1 Slow Shambler, 1 Elite Troop Bridge
                    Elite troop bridges function the exact same as a
                    regular troop bridge, except Elite Shamblers will
                    come from them, between 5 and 10.
    Follow the path to Battle 21. To the left is the pathway that will
    past Battle 22.
         Battle 21: Shambler (Wave)
         Battle 22: Shambler (Wave), 1 Troop Bridge, 6 Wights
    Follow down the ramp to the landing and Battle 23. The path to your 
    right at the bottom of the ramp leads to the next room.
         Battle 23: Shambler (Wave)
    Once you enter this area Battle 24 will spawn. At the end of the
    area are 3 paths, 2 to the left and 1 to the right. Follow the
    right one to an obelisk.
         Battle 24: 3 Shambler Waves, 2 Wolf Waves, 1 Troop Bridge, 
                    6 Elite Shamblers, 2 Necromancers
                    Wolf waves are basicly undead versions of the humans
                    that help you in this game, they have alot more
                    health then Shamblers, and are a little bit smarter.
                    Kill them all the same, use your Fierce attacks
                    and leaps.
    Once you get back to the 2 bridges infront of you take the left one,
    the wolves will already be on that side so they'll help you out for
    Battle 25. at the end of the bridge is an obelisk. Take the path to
    the left to continue.
         Battle 25: Shambler (Wave), Wolf (wave), 1 Necro
    There are 3 pathways in this room, 1 infront, 1 to the left and one
    to the right. Fight Battle 26 in the middle pathway then take the
    right one to a Well, Battle 27 will be guarding it.
         Battle 26: 1 Elite Troop bridge, Shambler (Wave), 
                    Shambler (Line)
         Battle 27: 5 Elite Shamblers
    Cyberworld 2:
      Behind your character is a pedestal, which will teach you how to
      burn through objects (Vines) in Cyberworld by pressing X. On the
      opposite side are some vines, burn them away then push open the
      door. Grab the obelisk on the other side and leave to continue.
    After you exit Cyberworld follow the path and take the exit on 
    the left, this will wrap around and eventually lead you to an 
    obelisk. Battle 28 will be in the way.
         Battle 28: Shambler (Line)
    Head back up the path and go towards the doorway at the end of the
    ramp area. Battle 29 will block your exit.
         Battle 29: 2 Shambler Lines, 1 Slow Shambler, 1 Red Shambler
                    2 Sappers, 4 Elite Shamblers
    Through this area are 3 pathways that all link upto the same area.
    Stay in the middle path to help bottleneck Battles 30 and 31.
         Battle 30: 2 Shambler Lines, Wolf (Line)
         Battle 31: 2 Troop Bridges, 6 Elite Shamblers
    Through this doorway is your first boss fight, Garm.
    Garm is a large robotic wolf. He has 4 main weak points, each 
    harboring 25% of his health. They are all armoured, and during
    the initial cutscene you will see where they are. The 4 pieces are
    Helm, Chestplate, Left & Right side armour. Each of these pieces
    have their own stage.
    Garm follows a set rotation of abilities, which are incredibly
    predictable. His first attack is a Wave of spines; You can tell
    when he is going to use this attack when he lowers his head and
    stops for a second. Roll out of the way when the line wave reaches
    your character to completley avoid the damage.
    His second attack is another spine ability, but it is much 
    more randomized and alot slower. He will shake and spew spines 
    in all directions. If you are far enough back you can see when a
    spine will be on a collision course with your character. Roll
    forward to avoid the damage and other spines.
    His third attack is a leap. This is done if you are too far out 
    of his melee range (pretty much if you can't hit him with your 
    ranged weapon, he will try to leap to you.) This ability causes
    a lot of damage and knocks you down. To avoid this, right before
    he lands, (he has about a second travel time in the air,) roll.
    Rolling will avoid all damage.
    His attack rotation is as follows: Wave Spine, Wave Spine, Shake,
                                       Leap, Repeat.
    This entire fight is done at ranged, it's much easier to pick
    off his armour at ranged. Make sure that you also Equip a Rifle,
    plasma or Slug. The secondary fire on the rifles is amazingly
    effective against Garm. I was doing 68 dmg a shot with my rifle,
    but 1862 dmg with a grenade.
    Phase 1: The Head - 100%
    Taking down Garm's head armour is quite difficult, even with 
    it always being exposed. Garm likes to shake his head quite a 
    lot, which makes tracking annoying at some times.
    Once you've taken the armour out Garm will cower and stop
    attacking, just keep hammering down his health bar.
    Phase 2: Side Armour - 75%
    This stage is done the same as Phase 1, except you need 
    to be on Garm's left or right side to be able to attack these 
    armour pieces. The easiest way to keep on Garms side is to
    go as close to Garm as possible, then just strafe around him.
    He will try to swipe at you if you get too close, but you can
    easily dodge through it.
    Each side is its own armour piece, so take them both out 
    to recude Garm to 25%
    Phase 3: Chest Armour - 25%
    The Chest armour is the hardest to target, it is blocked
    by his legs almost all of the time. the best location to hit
    this piece is by standing directly infront of Garm, half of 
    your shots will just impact his head, but the rest will hit
    home and take him down. Finish off this piece to kill Garm.
    [10.7b]Busting Down Hel
    Once you have killed off Garm take the exit infront of you
    and follow the long pathway. Battles 32 through 35 will
    engage you along this long room. Take the doorway at the 
    very end to continue.
         Battle 32: Shamblers (Wave), 1 Posion Shambler
         Battle 33: Shamblers (Wave), 5 Wights, 2 Slow Shamblers 
         Battle 34: 2 Shambler (Waves), 5 Elite Shamblers,
                    Shamblers (Line)
         Battle 35: Shamblers (Wave), 3 Wights
    Cross the bridge and get to the elevator, Battle 36 will
    bar your way.
         Battle 36: Shamblers (Line)
    Once you exit the elevator you will be engaged by Battle
    37. At the other end of the room will be Battle 38 after
    a small cutscene. Take the doorway into the next room.
         Battle 37: Shamblers (Wave), 4 Wolves (Lines),
                    Shamblers (Line), 1 Posion Shambler &
                    1 Slow Shambler
         Battle 38: Wolf (Wave), 3 Elite Shamblers
    Battle 39 will engage you when you enter the room.
    There is a cyberwell in the centre of the room, activate
    it to enter Cyberworld.
         Battle 39: 2 Shambler (Waves), 1 Necromancer &
                    1 Posion Shambler
    Cyberworld 3:
      Directly behind you is a monument, activate it to gain
      the ability to burn vines in cyberspace with X. Behind
      you will be some vines, step on the pedestal and burn
      the vines to activate the door in the real world.
      Behind those vines is a door you can push open to reveal
      an obelisk, exit when done.
    Follow the pathway into the next room and you will enter
    a cutscene. After the cutscene take the bridge ahead of 
    you to the next room. The final boss will engage you in
    the next room.
    [10.7c] Boss 4 - Hel
    Hel is a 4 stage fight, the first 2 are skirmishes with
    Hel while the 3rd is an Add stage. The 4th and final
    stage is where you can finally take down Hel for good.
    Hel has the following abilities, which she will use
    during all of her stages. These abilities are:
    Drain life: steadily drains health from you when Hel 
                is not casting anything else
    Resurrection: Raises 4 - 5 Shamblers / Wolf Shamblers,
                  depending on the stage she is on.
    Grenades: Hel will throw grenades at you when you are 
              at range, these bombs will do random status 
              damage to you if they hit you. As soon as you 
              see her attack you can roll out of its way 
              to avoid the damage.
    Warp: When you are in melee range after a length of 
          time Hel will try to warp to one of 4 random spots.
    Stage 1: Hel - 100%
    When you are fighting Hel she will spawn Shamblers to
    help her attack you. In most cases you can ignore these
    units and just focus on Hel, but when they start to get
    out of hand use your Fierce attacks on them to thin them
    out. These units are also useful as they will give you
    health drops when you start to dip down on health.
    Since Hel can warp at will, finisher moves do not work 
    very well on her, your best bet is to use leap attacks, 
    then standard slashes unil she warps away. Hel does 
    very little damage with her Drain Life ability, which 
    she will cast almost all of the time, so you don't have 
    to worry about too much damage racking up.
    Phase 1 ends once Hel reaches 75%, she will teleport
    out of the room and the door will unlock, letting you
    proceed to the next room.
    Stage 2: Hel - 75%
    Stage 2 will start in the next room, the only
    difference between this and Stage 1 is that Hel will
    now summon 5 Shamblers at a time, instead of 4. Use the
    same strategy as above to take her down.
    Once Hel reaches 50% she will teleport again, and the
    doorway will unlock to keep going.
    Stage 3: Adds
    Stage 3 will spawn in your pathway between Hel in Stage
    4 in the room. It is basicly an enormous Shambler wave,
    (apprx 20 - 30) As soon as they start spawning retreat 
    to the back of the room and take them down with Fierce
    Stage 4: Hel - 50%
    This is the final battle between Hel and yourself. In
    this stage her Ressurections will raise 5 units this
    time but instead of it just being Shamblers she will
    raise Wolves, between 3 and 5 per summon.
    Once you defeat Hel you will need to backtrack out
    of Helheim. Retreat to where you first encountered
    Hel in the cutscene and you will finish the level.
    Congratulations, you have finished all 4 Levels.
    [11]Final Notes
    This guide is only to be used by the 
    members of GameFaqs and Supercheats. 
    This guide, nor any parts of it, are 
    not to appear on any other site 
    without express permission from myself.
    If you come across any errors or 
    discrepancies on this Walk through 
    or wish to add something, please 
    submit it to Kaldris "at" gmail "dot" com 
    Credit will be given.
    Copyright 2008, Michael "Kaldris" Monast

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