Review by Alorwin

"Very Human"

Got the game on the day of release and have played for more than 13 hours. A great game, but not perfect, Too Human adheres to being a dungeon crawler that can be compared to other such games favorably.

Overall Score: 7/10

Starting with the overall score with details to follow, Too Human has many great aspects that make sure the game remains a challenge, no matter how much you play. However, it also has a few aspects that make it annoying to play.

Graphics: 8/10

Too Human looks nice. In fact, Too Human looks very nice. But it doesn't look amazing. Too Human is on par with many other big budget games, and easily surpasses at least a few, but it isn't gorgeous. There are times when running around that the frame rate will hit a small hitch and slow down. Only once has this reviewer experienced a drop in frame rate during combat and that seemed to be caused by a great number of enemies, not with major graphical issues.

Audio: 5/10

Too Human has very nice range of sounds, from the music that plays at the start of battle to the sound you get when you find a rare or unique blueprint. Unfortunately, the volume level is schizophrenic, at the very best. Sometimes you can barely hear your squad mates talking to you or each other, other times your speakers are trying to blow your ear drums out with the sound of explosions, trolls, or your own attacks.

Controls: 9/10

Silicon Knights took a different approach to combat in Too Human than most games take, and that makes it much faster paced, which happens to work for it. Not being able to see enemies because the camera isn't facing them doesn't actually hold the player back because with a quick flick of the right-stick the player will end up in some enemy's face.

Plot: 8/10

The story is taken almost entirely from Norse mythology so many players might not follow as well as they may wish. By not focusing on the common Norse god's, being Loki, Thor, or Odin, the player is put into an entirely new situation that isn't well known but that doesn't mean the plot falls on it's face. It is a good story, just not as easy to follow without prior knowledge.

End Note: Too Human is a good game, maybe even a great game. A few patches could easily iron out the few problems it has. However, right now, the failings make the game Very Human, instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/21/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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