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"Insert Pun involving Too and/or Human here."

To start it off: this is quite a fun game. What the professional reviewers say should have no bearing on your enjoyment. If you were excited about this game, and played the demo and enjoyed that, then you will love this game. Too Human puts you in control of the "too human" god Baldur of the AEsir, the divine protectors of mankind. The AEsir are called to arms when a machine rampages into a bar and drinks the blood of a patron. Baldur and his expeditionary force are set to find out why.

The innovative controls have you using the right stick to control the direction and type of attacks you unleash on the machine horde threatening mankind. Don't believe the GI reviewer, who says tapping the analog stick doesn't work and the controls are broken. They are NOT broken, he just didn't know how to use them. Holding the stick down will repeatedly attack an enemy. Tapping it will launch the target into the air. Pulling the triggers will shoot your firearms, which are also aimed by the right stick. However, the targeting is not perfect, and often (especially when fighting Trolls), you will find yourself not blasting what you want to. Also, since the controls for melee are on the right stick, the camera controls have found their way to the left bumper, which centers your view. This does not always happen when you press the button though! And sometimes, the camera needs to be rotated, which is hard to do with the left bumper.

To be a great game, it needs to have the magical fun-factor, and Too Human definitely has it. Watching Baldur fly across the screen and destroy the goblin horde is very cool, and as described above, it is not very difficult to throw some major hurt on the enemy. The amount of loot received when laying down the law on the devilish beings is absolutely staggering. One could very easily fill up the inventory with loot ranging from pieces of junk to elite gear that trumps nearly anything else. To avoid crippling the fast player, there is an auto-salvage tool which will convert the low-end equipment filling up inventory space into money, which can be used to buy new equipment.

As Baldur and his force are on an official mission from the AEsir, death does not play a large part in their search for answers. If Baldur or one of his allies die, a Valkyrie will descend from Valhalla to resurrect them. As the player, you still do not want to die, as you lose your valuable combo meter, and your equipment is damaged. Once a piece of equipment breaks, it is gone forever, so try to keep your epic loot in tiptop shape: do not die.

The graphics in this game are not exactly top-of-the-line, but they are not bad by any measure. The textured world is not great, but the armor and weapons Baldur equips look fantastic. The sound also does not disappoint. The clashes of metal on metal sound great, and the background music is epic, in a norse mythology kind of way. I could do without some of the noises the monsters make, but other than that, I did not see anything wrong with the audio.

Too Human is an epic, dungeon-crawling, high-intensity, fast-paced loot festival which should not disappoint anybody that enjoys dungeon crawlers, or diablo-style looting. With great controls, a solid story, insane fights, and all the phat gear you can put your grubby hands on, I would recommend Too Human as a fine addition to your xbox 360 game collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/21/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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