Review by tpolimen

Reviewed: 08/21/08

Too Human......Badassery in a box

Too Human is, by far, the most underrated game I've seen on the Xbox 360 thus far.

Here is where a lot of complaints seem to come in concerning camera angle, accuracy of attacks, etc. etc. In my experience with TH, yes the camera does take some wacky angles, and yes sometimes it will move and force you to adjust, perhaps mid battle, your direction of your attacks. The camera work feeds into attack accuracy which I've seen many complaints about.

Here is the thing, I thought that helped the game. The fact that in a mob of 20-30 monsters you can't pick and choose which one you hit adds to the flashy combat, the smooth transition and the feeling that you are absolutely crushing opponents. You will literally be giddy as you slide across the floor and bash 2-3 baddies at a time and then slide in the other direction and toss one into the air, over a cliff, against a wall, whatever. I mean, you have to kill them all anyway right? So who cares if you hit the robot next to the robot you meant to hit? Hit him when you get there!

The game makes not only look badass, with the almost limitless combination of runes, armor and weapons, but it makes you feel badass. As far as deaths are concerned, I went through my first playthrough of the first mission without dying, and the death animation that is "annoying and takes 30 seconds" is no more than 10 in reality and really doesn't hang on you like some would have you believe. It simply replaces a screen saying you have died and the seconds it takes for the game to reload.

The game flows, there is no other way to say it, and hooks you in with the truly epic loot system. I've heard of slowdowns and glitches but, to be honest I haven't seen any.

The inability to zoom around your character in screens and some of the menu interfaces are annoying. The creaky wheel sound after you hit the trigger buttons can grind on the nerves at times but that is a minor annoyance. The lack of tutorial will have you wandering around in the dark for a bit as well but discovering how the hell to use a rune or a charm by yourself is pretty gratifying.

Score: 9/10

The voice acting is fine, another seemingly stupid critique and yes there are a few cliche lines but what action RPG doesn't have some of those lying around. The sound of battle is rattling and jarring, bringing you even further into the action.

Score 10/10

Well done, facial features can be a bit awkward at times but the scenery and level design are impressive so much so they are actually startling in fact. More than once I muttered a "wow" before leaping into a pile of robots and leaving scrap metal.

Score: 9/10

Another point that was used as a weakness of Too Human I actually find enjoyable and more than passable. Yes if you read up on any Norse mythology before playing this game, within 30-45 minutes you will know what is going on and, probably, what will happen. That being said if you haven't read up on the Norse mythology then don't and you will enjoy the story much more. Characters are portrayed fairly well, with a few more shallow than others (Tyr is cool, Thor is pretty generic). Probably the weakest point of Too Human but by no means does it hamper the game.

Score: 8/10

Honestly, haven't even tried it yet, but if its the same gameplay with another god flying could it suck?

Score: 9/10

No brainer, its a loot based game which means I'm going to be playing many times over with different characters, different items, and different builds.

Score: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Guys, go out and try this game, you will not be disappointed.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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