Review by Crixnmix

"Too Human, Too GODLIKE, same thing."

I got this game on August 20th, the day after release. Best Buy didn't have it on the 19th. I had played the demo so I knew this was a must buy, now I'll give you my good ole opinion.

Overall Score: 9/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Seriously if I could give an 11/10 I would. The gameplay in TH is some of the most fun gameplay I've ever experienced, nothing has ever made me feel so uber, yet at the same time without cheating or having the game super easy. The masses of enemies just makes it that much cooler when you kill 10 at once.

Mechanics: 9/10

Basically the gameplay mechanics are nice, but the menu screen and equipment screen could use a couple upgrades. For example when scrolling through weapons, you can scroll faster than the cursor moves through weapons, so it lags behind, and switching pages is fairly slow, but for the most part you don't notice unless you really want to go fast. Also, after playing Mass Effect, this main menu screen seems inferior, as with Mass Effect, you just held the right stick in 1 of 8 directions for 8 different menu options. With Too Human its the good old scroll wheel thing. All in all pretty good though, game seems to flow smoothly and the leveling and loot/buying system seems balanced to me

Graphics: 10/10

WOW, if you have a 720p screen, get ready to see some high tech machines in some high tech graphics. The only complaint here could be the lip synch, but other than that everything is flawless, nice explosions, good looking enemies, some of the armor just looks AMAZING. Overall there's nothing wrong witht he graphics.

Audio: 9/10
Personally I like the audio in this game, the sound effects are nice in the sense that they tell you what is going on. Each attack or enemy has its own sound, and this makes for gameplay that can actually be enhanced by sound. Example: Without sound on, you could easily not know about that rocket about to hit you, therefore taking more damage.

Controls: 9/10

I was really suprised when I learned all the right stick does is attack, but after learning the combat system, it made sense. The right stick can be held for regular attacks, tapped for throwing enemies in the air, both left and right sticks for power attacks, and both triggers for guns. the only complaint here is that the camera change button (LB) does it instantly, and sometimes you keep running in the same direction you were before the camera changed, not the direction you're holding the stick. But they are very intuitive and if theres an army of puny goblins and you have a combo meter of 3, you can just hold the stick and go in circles and own everything and feel like a GOD.

Plot: 9/10

I personally like the story, some of the lines can be a little lame here and there but for the most part SK has done a good job. The plot is fairly predictable but that doesn't subtract from the overall experience. You still feel as if you are leading your character on their quest and you're doing things for a reason (other than awesome fun and epic loot of course).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/22/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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