Review by SNightmareX7

Reviewed: 08/22/08

Definately not worse than Kung Fu Panda!

My brother in law and I both played the demo for Too Human, and while I will admit my impression of the game was that it was just ok, my brother in law insisted this game was going to be off the hook and that he was going to get it the moment it came out. So we played it, and together we picked the game apart. Bioshock or Oblivion this game is not. That being said, this is not a bad game by any means.

Graphics: 8/10 (excluding the cutscenes which admittedly suck but can for the most part be skipped).

The graphics while actually playing the game are not bad. Some of the areas feel like rehashes of previous zones but then again such is the standard of hack and slash RPGs, which this is. The frame rates hold up both off and online for the most part, with clipping that is noticeable at times, but doesnt normally interfere negatively with gameplay aspects. Attacking animations arent revolutionary, but like much of this game, holds solid. The various armors are awesome and the customization that can be put into pieces is awesome.

Controls: 8/10

The controls themselves feel great and landing special attacks is a total breeze provided the targeting is working for you. The targeting and camera can come up short at times, but these issues tend to resolve themselves with one swift hit of the dodge roll button or a jump, and once you get used to it, the camera becomes a non-issue.

Audio: 4/10

Honestly, dont expect anything revolutionary here. The sound can glitch online at times and hopefully by the time you read this, you will be like "wtf is he talkin bout cuz the sound is fine", thanks to a patch. Even without the glitch, the battle music is average at best, and the ambient music is worthy of a "meh" rating at best. The special effects sounds are solid and at times may save you when you would otherwise be aloof to the fact that something is targeting you. The voice acting is decent but overall I cant say there is anything remarkable about the sound.

Story: 5/10

Honestly, not the strong point of this game. You should not be playing this game if your sole reason for doing so is for its story. It is mediocre at best and at some points you will probably feel totally lost, even if you happen to wiki out a lot of Norse Mythology info. That being said, this is a hack and slash RPG. It would be awesome if it had an epic story, but probably shouldnt have been expected. Most scenes can be cut through though, and then you can get back to the part of the story that matters. You and stuff that is going to drop loot for you.

Gameplay: 9/10

Easily one of the stronger points of Too Human is its gameplay. Combined with the controls and loot drops, Too Human is everything that a hack and slash RPG is supposed to be. A game with minimal story where you find and equip bad ass looking weapons and bad ass looking armor and get DOWN with your inner bad ass, laying waste to room after room full of potential loot carrying baddies. Yeah it sucks that you can only play with one other person at a time, and that certain jobs are weaker solo (Bio Engineer), but when you are kicking back on the sofa on a headset ripping on helpless trash left and right with a buddy, its all good. Solo play is also strong and the fact that you can choose between leveling offline or online with the same toon is nice. The cyberspace sequences are the one thing holding the gameplay from perfection, as they are more or less a nuisance. Basically you warp to an area with no enemies, flip a switch and return to reality. Blah. But that is one very minimal and not so common occurrence. Death can happen often if you get reckless, but overall its only real drawback is it gives you the equivalent of a 30 second time out. Not a big deal. One other mechanic of note is the only way to heal yourself is off of health orbs that drop off the enemies or random containers at maybe a 7-10% rate. Sometimes you get very unlucky. Meh. 30 second time out. Not a big deal.

Overall Review: 7/10

I cant honestly say this game is great. That being said if you can get over the occasional glitch it is a good game that will provide you with hours of enjoyable, mindless entertainment.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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