Review by Y2JOCELYN

"A Review For The "Loot-Grinders""

I consider myself to be a "loot-grinder", the type of player who loves to level and collect a mass of loot. I've committed to hundreds of hours with Diablo II, Champions of Norrath, and Return to Arms. So, this review is for those out there that call themselves "loot-grinders" and are looking for a next generation game to grind.

Graphics - 7/10 : The graphics remind me of a nice 1st generation Xbox 360 game. Nothing bad, but not mind blowing. Backgrounds are cool in design, but there isn't enough graphical shine. For us "loot-grinders", every piece of armor and every weapon look different when equipped, and you can preview what each will look like before purchasing or equipping. Nuff said. "Loot-grinders" will love this fact. It's also quite cool to see guards kneel before you as you pass.

Sound - 7/10 : Decent sound effects. Voice acting is decent, at best. Nothing shattering, here. Music is fine, as well. "Loot-grinders" won't care about this category too much.

Gameplay - 8/10 : Let's get two things out of the way. The camera stinks. Does it break the game? Not at all. Second, it's gonna take you over an hour of gameplay to understand what's going on, how to battle, how to read your skill tree, and what the stats on your equipment mean. After this hour has passed, everything will finally click. This game is about killing mobs and mobs, going to your equipment screen every two minutes, and equipping your character with new, fancy gear. The right stick is used to attack and is quite innovating for this style of game. Works well and makes the battles fast and intense.

Story - 7/10 : To be honest, I kinda glazed over as the cinemas were playing. Story seems fine, but I'm playing to fight and collect. The story is secondary. Characters seem buff and loot heavy in these cinemas. That's cool eye candy, but again, these cinemas look 1st gen 360 to me.

Overall Score - 8/10 : "Loot-grinders" will be in heaven. Tons of mobs to kill. Tons of equipment to collect. Tons of inventory management. You can replay beaten levels to grind some more. If you aren't a "loot-grinder", I'd say this game is a rental, at best. If games such as CoN and DII make you grin from ear to ear, buy this game today! Enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/22/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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