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"Too Crappy"

Can't really rate the story to tell the truth. You're some sort of god trying to better mankind by fighting a bunch of cyborg looking gremlins along side regular solders who closely resemble marines from Halo. It has a lot to do with Norse mythology so if you're the type of guy that gets a hard on for those things this is the game for you.

Gameplay (4/10):
Even though there are 5 classes to choose from this game is full of repetitive gameplay. You walk around and then get attacked by a bunch of enemies. Then you open a door and you repeat the same thing over again. Along the way, you find equipment you can upgrade your character with. The sad part about that is your equipment is only good for about 10 minutes and its back to the pause screen again. This makes the entire experience of Too Human incredibly choppy and kills any excitement you may have worked up slashing up the baddies.

The control scheme is also pretty bad. If you use the Commando class (Long Range), the auto-aim feature makes the experience quite annoying to say the least. All that matters is if you are facing an enemy and have the trigger held down. The Berserker class (Melee) isn't that much better off. The controls are just a matter of pushing the right analog stick in the right direction. Combos and variety is limited and very unrewarding. The guns also deliver a very unsatisfying punch to the opponents making only the melee classes the fun class to play.

The camera is also poorly implemented. With no way to rotate it freely, you are left only with a sudden jerky re-centering by pressing LB.

Graphics (8/10):
The graphics are not too bad. Of course, this game took over ten years to develop so it better be pretty good.

Sound (7/10:
It's sound. Nothing more. My butt can make sound too, I don't think I need to rate this.

Overall (5/10):
If you have every played Marvel Ultimate Alliance, this game kind of like that. It forces you to pause constantly to see if you have found a better weapon/armor. The long range mechanic is weak and pathetic, the camera angles are nauseating, and the entire game is repetitive and bland. Once you get to the interesting last part of the game, you'll realize you've wasted over 10 hours just to see 2 hours of something you should have seen throughout the entire game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/25/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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