Review by lupurus

Reviewed: 08/26/08

Very fun experience once you get use TOO it.

Too Human has been relentlessly slammed for this and that. And rightfully so. The game has been in production for ages. And now we finally have it in our hands. Even though alot of things were cut out last second who cares...

Story: 2/5

The story is great. Very interesting and very compelling. However, getting from point A and point B missions to mission makes you feel like someone is holding your hand through it all. The game is Completely linear with the exception of a few quests and the ability to play online and choose which dungeon you want to dominate at will. The ending is pretty unexpected in the fact that the game is a lot shorter than you'd imagine.

Gameplay: 4/5

This is what truly sets Too Human on its own pedestal, The combat system is intuitive and a nice change from the norm of button mashing. Be warned, the learning curve is steep, but once you do learn you will find yourself sliding from enemy to enemy with ease. The game does lag at times which is to be expected with thousands of things going on at once, but some times especially in the item menus it is a bit over the top... There are thousands of items and MILLIONS of combination in which you can customize them, by far one of the best weapon systems in an rpg today.

Sound: 1/5

The sound is terrible. Many of the sound clips are very loud which forces you to turn your volume down, and once you do that you cant hear anyone talk or hear the cut scenes, so keep your remote control handy as you venture forth into the world of the Aesir. Many music clips abruptly end and begin once again which is very odd at times...

Graphics: 3/5

Too Humans graphics come at a time where eye candy is a selling point for most games. While the game doesnt have stunning graphics, and at time you can see where designers got lazy... It is up to par to most 360 games. All of the cut screens are live action Not CG. Which may have been done to save time and money... But it works out nicely since most of the characters are designed with incredible facial detail.

Playing time: 3/5

While you could essentially play this game for hundreds of hours and probably never get bored... The game is very short. You could probably beat it in one dedicated sitting. However its replay value is unmatched on the 360.

Overall: 8/10

Overall this game is well worth the buy. I was very frustrated with the system at first like may people but once you get used to it it is going to keep you entertained for months to come!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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