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"Too Human, put in the books as another great title in its genre"

How should I put this... If you like loot games like Diablo. Then Too Human is for you.

A brief summary of what this game is about:

You are the god Baldur (Or Baldr) son of the Odin. You and your brothers are the gods that look over the world. You are in a war between you and the machines. You fight to find the secrets of these machines and why they have decided to attack your world. You reside in Asgard (although they call it Aseir in this game). This game has huge influence based from Norse Mythology.

Story: 7/10
Its not going to bring you to your knees asking for more, this game will not win any rewards for its story. But it does what it has to do to I guess. Basically here is the setting, The Aseir take Baldur out from Helhiem (Hell) after he is killed by his brother who mistakes him for the villan Loki. You are fighting a war against a race of machines that seems to be hell bent on destroying much of the known world. Throughout the story things are revealed to you, like the truth behind your death and the truth behind your wife's death. But if you have studied Norse Mythology then you'll know exactly whats going on for the most part. It doesn't follow the Norse legends word by word, but overall its a story that gets the job done.

Graphics: 7/10
I'm not one for graphics myself, could honestly careless if a game has mind blowing graphics or graphics that look like 16bit games. But because I have to include this section I will. The graphics are nice, but most certainly are not "360" material. Which to me is fine, to some may grind their gears. The characters show very little emotion (in comparison to say Mass Effect). I'm sure the next installments will have better graphics. Again I'm not one for graphics but had to include this section.

Music: 9/10
Ah now this, this is what I'm talking about. Scenario: You are running down a hall, a bunch of missile goblins shot around 20-30 missiles at you... Some heavy heart pounding music starts playing as you are running into the fray. Puts chills down my spine to be quite honest. Something that this game needed and delivered.

Gameplay: 8/10
Many people complain about the plan controls (only using the right thumbstick to melee and R and L to shot the guns), but when you add in spider abilities, and battle cries and hours of loot collecting, well count me in. To be quite honest this is where the game will make and break a lot of people. The gameplay is solely based around collecting loot (weapons, armor, runes, charms) to make your character a lot stronger and in ways yes look cool. The online play is only 2 player, but it works like a beauty (a little side note, if you are having trouble getting online, just sign out of your name and sign back in), also to put it in the story itself (campaign) is only 10 hours long. Now comes the classes. Depending on the class you decide to use, things can and will be very different.

Beserker specializes in melee attacks, Defender is the meat shield of the group, able to withstand loads of damage and has the ability to do a good amount of damage himself, champion the all the around class which specializes in air combat, commando is for the gun lovers out there, and Bioengineer is probably one of the more difficult classes simply because is the only who can heal himself and has weak base stats.

With that said, this game does have some minor issues that while it won't stop you from playing can get a bit frustrating. The death scene for one you can not skip (trust me on the second level you will die), the targeting system seems to not work all the time especially when fighting bosses, I have personally encounter a glitch albeit not very often I have seen it myself, enemies vanishing from the screen. But these are like I said minor issues that will not stop you from playing if you do decide to play.

Final Score: 8/10
A great loot game, a great action RPG, a great Western RPG (Some call it that), whatever. If you enjoy games like Diablo and PSO get this game. If you are still unsure, there is a short demo online. If then you are still up in the air about it rent it. I for one love this game, I plan on playing it for as long as I can. The gameplay although minor issues is solid and fast paced, the music is heart pounding. The story while short gets the job done and helps you look forward to the second installment.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/28/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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