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"A true next gen action rpg"

I have been playing rpgs since the sega master days. One of my favorite genres is the action rpg genre. I remember spending countless hours playing diablo 2. I was very addicted to that game. It has been a long time since I have been as addicted to a game as I was with diablo 2. I will be honest. The game plays completely different. This game is not a shooter, it is not an action game. This game controls completely different. I will be honest. I played it at first and I hated it. I couldn't stand it. The analog stick took a few days to learn. However I learned it, and I can't put it down. Lets start with graphics.

Graphics: I give a Nine out of Ten.

I am playing this on a 46 lcd 1080p tv.

There is a ton of stuff going on the screen. The environments are beautiful. The art style reminds me a lot of halo 3. The lighting is top notch. The armor sets look different. At times you get swarmed with wave after wave of monster. I am really surprised a game that looks this nice runs as well as it does with a screen full of monsters. Silicon knights did a masterful job of building the engine from the ground up after the epic disaster

Audio: I have to give this a Ten out of Ten.

I am playing this through a pretty nice speaker set up.

The bass in this game is outstanding. The sound effects are outstanding. The voice acting is outstanding. The music track is the best music track I have heard in an action rpg ever. I get the feeling I am a viking fighting for odin.


I am going to have to give that a Seven out of Ten.

The one soar spot for me are the physics. At times I will kill mobs they fly up in the air and they get stuck up there after I juggle kill them. I will hit a big explosive container and it feels like I am hitting a marsh mellow. The physics in this game need to be cleaned up a bit


I am going to have to give that a Eight out of Ten

Most action RPGs I have played have zero to no story. This game throws you into the middle of something that is going on, and you have no idea as to what is going on. They have done a masterful job of researching Norse Mythology. There was one of the guys at the beginning says Its a good day to die. If you go back and read norse mythology, people thought if they died in battle they were going to odin. There are a ton of small things in there that tie itself to norse mythology. I am only on chapter 3 so far the story is keeping me hooked. I think I know what is going in, but is what I think going on, really what is going on.

Game Play

I am going to have to give that a Nine out of Ten.

I am reading a lot of people, and commercial reviewers talking about how it sucks, and you can't control the camera. First off those two statements tell me something. They suck at it, and don't understand how to play it. The game uses a dual analog control system. There is a learning curve. At first, I was getting owned. At first I couldn't stand it. I was tired of the death scene. It took me a good 3 days to finally learn the system. Once I learned it. It is very very smooth. I love gliding over to trolls. I jump in the air and do a fierce attack. It knocks off all of its armor. I then jump on its back, balance myself and smash its head destroying the machine.

You have to think with each battle and be quick. At times, you will get swarmed. There will be a few missile launchers, and a mini boss with a shield. That shield gives the other mobs a shield. So I first will roll take out the missile launchers, then with my built up combo meter, slide in and use a ruiner on the mini boss, and I take them out.

I love this game, because it varies so much as to how you play it. The silicon knights team was developing this idea around he game of flow, and once you learn it. You can't put it down.


For years commercial reviewers have been talking about creating something new, and innovating the way a game plays. This is that game. It takes a while to learn, but once you master it, you become addicted to it. The graphics are top notch, the story really pulls you in, the audio is incredible, the sound track is great as well. If you are the type of person who is willing to sit and learn a new way to play a game this game is for you. With outstanding, graphics, gameplay, story and audio you are in for a treat.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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