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"Too Human... Brutal on the mind, sore on the wrist, and fun to get some boot- I mean bounty"

TOO Human! The whole idea of Norse mythology is cool, I will say that. Not to mention it almost has a philosophy type feel in it, as the Matrix trilogy did. The whole story line is based in the future, where it is- the end of man kind, a popular theme this year! no? Taking a step in to this universe can get you very excited too when you first turn on the system excitedly with the disk inside. There are spoilers inside beware. Now on to the good stuff!

If you don't want to read all of this I'll lay it out on the bottom short n' sweet!

Game play- The game play is alright.. familiar feeling if you're a fan of Diablo or other dungeon games. The learning curve is tremendous as I was extremely confused with things for the first three days, younger players might not understand, no pun or stereotypes intended, just figuring out how things work besides the obvious. The items in the game make me chuckle because they try to make special weapons or "enchanted"/ enhanced whatever you'd like to say, they'll name them something like "the magical Nome pistols" hahaha just a fake example but its funny (to me anyways)! Just like any dungeon game it has the good old leveling up with new stat points and such in it as well, which is cool each character has different tree's they can choose when they level up, the more you put in to any one skill, the stronger that skill gets of course, thus the idea is to focus on one particular strategy. That could be defense, or you could become a powerhouse, maybe you are for speed and you like to be a quick-stir, which eventually in the very start (spoiler warning!!) You can choose to either be cybernetic or human each has advantages and disadvantages. There is one thing I hate though, yet at the same time I love it. The enemies level up with you, this is a nice touch from silicon knights not many company's venture in this. However you will get swarmed by enemies... and the allies around you do not level up with you (or so it feels), in which this is extremely obvious.... their ai is horrible!!! So you'll practically always be on your own. Also the camera angle is wretched and very difficult to work around. What would of been nice, is choosing a difficulty even if it was just between Normal, Hard... heck I'd even take just Hard and Hardest. You die A LOT in the game and can not skip any death scene's either which is a beautiful female valykry taking you in to the skies majestically this gets extremely old fast... and extremely frustrating when your equipment starts to fail on the battlefield. Even worse is if you are poisoned in the game... you pretty much have the poison until you die... HORRIBLE on the makers part.

!!!!!!!!!!!Once nice thing about the game play is the weapons, and armor. There are hundreds upon hundreds of armor and weapons for you to look at and decide which will suit you the best reminiscent of Diablo 2!!!!!!!!

Graphics & Sound- The graphics look great in this game, not perfect but greats not bad! It almost draws you into this universe of Too Human. The sound system however like most other people know is flawed... very badly. During battle the sound will skyrocket almost forcing you to turn down your tv, but keep that remote close when the movies and scenes come from your hard chore of ridding the world of baddies you're going to have to crank that thing up to hear the dialogue! I bought this game fully aware of this. When you get new armor or weapons it is nice how the game will display them, its always fun to get a look at your armor and what not just after you bought it, the xbox360 makes your new shiny armor look beautiful.

Story line- (more spoilers!!!) There almost is no story line haha, or that's how it feels. It is very vague, and I am sure the next two in the trilogy of Too Human will have much to explain. It does not draw you in very deep once further in to the game, leaving very little motivational help from the game to make the player want to go further. The whole idea is that you are a Gods son, Odin son to be more specific. You and the other superior warriors must fight off a cybernetic army among an apocalypse time setting to help rid the world of "evil" and once again restore Earth to her former beauty and glory. As Baldur the son of a God you are almost revered amongst humans, but they do not favor the other god-like warriors as much.

Repayable- Yes, there are I believe five different classes of warriors that would make the game a whole lot different in tactics, and weapons. However the story line does not vary for any certain class. Also each class has a different skill tree's for human/cyborg which would be interesting to experiment with
On the list below not everything was mentioned above... just didn't want to give any one to much to read if you read this far in my little game review novel! Most is self explanatory though on what I didn't cover.

Now to the good stuff

What's good;
- Infinite amounts of armor, weapons, and loot.
- Customization of weapons for human characters
- Some times having an edge on enemies making you feel GOD like... but not often
- If you got a itching for Diablo 2 this will scratch it.
-Replay ability.

What's bad;
- The Camera system
- Not being able to skip the death scene.. Bad game designers Bad! *hits guys nose with newspaper*
- The battle system gets old, sometimes hard/frustrating.
- The enemy AI/leveling is hard/challenging... sometimes TOO HARD not for everyone!

Almost get the distinct feeling they rushed this game out to soon... and that is the case sometimes haha. I think a lot more people would be happier if they smoothed out the camera system, made the controls a bit more personal with the player, and maybe let players choose if they wanted enemies to be level with them, or only level by 1/2 or so with them, because sometimes yes, you just want to feel like a bad @$$ but this game doesn't exactly allow it. Very few times to you have the edge on enemies if at all. Above all its a lot different from many x-box games but there's so many flaws in it from making it a good game. Those are my opinions anyways, maybe you'll enjoy it more than I have. Honestly I read many reviews deciding if I wanted this game or not, knowing most of its flaws I decided to get it, and I am happy with my purchase, it is nice to have a slasher/shooter RPG, however this game will not and can not replace Mass Effect in this category. So in the end I'd personally give this game about a 7.. the only reason that is was not a 6 is because I do feel its worth the time to play, its always fun to build characters from scratch and customize them to your liking. I would of raised it if silicon knights would of perhaps lowered the enemy leveling compared to yours just a tad or added better AI/ leveling for allies, or even gave you stronger armor or weapons based on your character just so you'd last a little longer before you eventually DIE in the game (way to much dieing) I suppose they did this so you would remain looking "God" like amongst men, however it is very hurtful towards their game.

Its just fun to have something that's a wee bit different around, even though this games alright, at least rent it and see if you like it. It is very much worth a try. Not perfect by any means, but at least there is a slash n' hack RPG on xbox now.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/02/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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