Review by GameTerminator7

"10 long years... Wasted"

Seriously, I'm about to break this game in half. You die constantly, the game is full of glitches, there are only a few enemy types that repeat CONSTANTLY. And because you die constantly, you get to see the long death cinematic where a valkyrie takes your dead body to valhalla. Ok, this is fine the first few times. THEN IT JUST GETS ANNOYING! Instead of respawning as soon as you fall to your knees, you have to sit through a 15 second, often glitchy, death cinematic. There is no challenge to this game, OH NO, you die, you respawn and you get up and fight again. There are no lives, there are no game overs.

They claim that 'when you die, your equipped items suffer a durability loss', but even that doesn't work properly! I've had the same items from the beginning of the game, and I haven't had to repair them ONCE. Not to mention, you get the CHEAPEST bosses ever. There's this one mechanical archer spider that does this one attack you CAN'T DODGE. And you fight this bastard in the level I'm on TWICE IN EVERY ROOM. There there is this annoying as hell Goblin elite that spams bombs on you. OVER AND OVER.

The guns are about useless, your sword sucks against everything except the lowest level minions. Not to mention, the Dark Elves, which come out of the wood work in the later levels. And when they corner you, it's a rapefest. And onto the glitches... Oh the glitches... In one level, there is a power jump point where you jump onto a metal platform, with your marines, and FALL THROUGH THE DAMN FLOOR. You fall for eternity, you don't die, your camera goes berserk and the sound goes insane! HOW CAN YOU MISS A GLITCH LIKE THAT?!

Because of that glitch, I had to restart the ENTIRE LEVEL. And the levels in this game are insanely long. Think about the length of 'The Covenant' on Halo 3, and multiply that by twelve. It gets frustrating early on, plot threads never get fully explained, the only good plot the game has going is the revenge plot and that isn't even fully explained!

The best thing the game has going, is the soundtrack. The soundtrack is amazing. The composer really did out do himself.

Other than that, I give this game a 4/10. The 10 years of developmental hell has not been good to it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/02/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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