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"Too Human: Too Quick."


I love RPGs. I always need to have one that I can pick up and play, whenever and wherever I want. So with the lack of decent RPGs for the 360 (Oblivion was a letdown, let's face it), I followed Too Human closely for a long time. I patiently waited for what seemed to be a great action RPG, a game that was comparable to Diablo, an answer to WoW, and finally a great 360 RPG. There's more than one reference to Blizzard games here, because of the constant comparing of Too Human to Blizzard games by Silicon Knights and of course because Blizzard makes some of the best RPGs out there. So I think its fair to compare. Heh that rhymes. Anyway, Too Human really doesnt come close to either. What the game delivered was a few hours of fun, frustration, and a question: Why should I continue to play this?


Too Human looks good. I've read other opinions elsewhere that the graphics are nothing special, but I don't agree. The environments look great, almost Halo calibur. And everything else, including enemies, cut scenes and especially the gear are all top notch. Some human character designs are odd, but all in all I was impressed. The animations are what isn't special. They feel somewhat stiff and at the same time they don't. This is chalked up to the combat being quite furious, so the animations kinda of blend into it and become less noticeable.


Once again I was impressed, as the voice acting was outstanding. The slams, swipes, hits, and all the usual video game sounds are also top notch. What really stands out though, is the music. Having hordes of enemies come at you, while you slide back and forth between them smashing them to bits, while the symphonic score is pumping, is incredibly immersive.


The controls are relatively simple, as the combat is controlled using the right analog stick The right stick combat, while effective, just feels too easy. And when you're using analog sticks to do combos, whether it be both sticks in a direction to do a powerful 3 hit combo or a ranged attack, you sometimes don't end up doing what you want to. What really got me was the camera which is controlled by the game. Having to stop moving to hit the left bumper to center it so I wouldn't get disoriented annoyed me. Not game-breaking annoying, but annoying nonetheless.


Ah, the meaty section. The combat is really fun but gets monotonous. Which I guess is what you want in a dungeon crawler like this, because you get into that zombie-like "grind mode." There is barely any penalty for death. That's right, and for hardcore RPG gamers, it feels like there is NO penalty for death. Which almost completely negates two of the five classes you can play as. These are the Bio Engineer (healer) and the Defender (tanking) classes. The rest are the normal melee (Berzerker) and ranged (Commando) experts, and of course a balance between the two (Champion). Each class feels and plays like they should, but the game just to simple and easy, not to mention quick. There are four decently long levels which need to be played over and over again to reach the level 50 cap. For a game that rewards you very quickly, through quick leveling and enormous amounts of loot drops, at 50 there are scarce epic drops. I know epic drops are supposed to be rare, but the scaling is way off.


It's just too easy and quick. It is fun, as it does make you want to cap out your first character at 50. But being so easy, I feel like I would use my skill points with out much concern, because whatever I chose, I would slam through the game anyway. The gear drops so much that you're constantly changing your equipment and then at 50 you have the same gear for what feels like forever. Trying out the other classes can be alright, but I doubt many people would get each other class above level 10. Rent this game, have some fun with it, then wait for something else. Sigh.

RATING: 7/10

Note: I don't put much stock in ratings. A 7 however means that it's a relatively good game. For every thing it does good, it does something bad.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/05/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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