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Reviewed: 09/08/08

My personal view of overall Too Human gameplay

One of the main things in which I believe makes Too Human a good Role Playing Game is the fact that armors and weapons drop constantly. It is a different style that is not seen very often. Most RPGs make armor and weapon drops from battles rare at best, and most of the time you only receive new armors and equipment buy purchasing them from a store. However, I found it disappointing that for an RPG there are no curing items or stat increases in the form of holdable/usable items accessible on demand. Indeed healing item drops is an interesting idea, but they don't seem to drop as often as needed. It is also disappointing that the game forces you to play as a bio-engineer if you want any chance at all of curing status ailments, unless you happen to play an online game with one.

The real-time combat creates an added effect to the game giving it a nice action element to it, but it leaves a person wanting more strategy in the game. Most RPGs play out where the player has to use strategy and tactics to fight certain types of enemies and challenges, while Too Human basic strategy is timing dodges and moving often, or simply switching between attacking with melee or using ballistics. Don't get me wrong this type of game-play is indeed fun but prolonged play time tends to lead the game to become boring in one sitting.

The various style of armor and customization is terrific, but you level up far to fast to pay it much mind or thought while you're leveling up. Once max combat is reached however, the benefits of such customization finally start to take effect. If Too Human extended the leveling a bit longer a player might have been able to get more used to armors rather then simply having it scraped a few levels later because it is no longer useful.

The scaling of enemy levels is also a nice idea to increase playability, however it falls short where as there are certain classes in which basically do better overall in surviving just because of the inherent stats associated with the class.

Epic armor/items is also another great idea to increase playability and overall satisfaction, however, it seems to give the feeling that the designers hope for you to play the game till what seems to be the end of time just to get the pieces.

Some of the game-play baffles me, such as the pointless destruction of objects which only seems to be useful for completing some quests for charms and nothing else. At first I believed them to be possible ways of dispatching enemies as some seem to exploded, but you can almost never seem to target them with ballistics when enemies are around, which leaves only attacking with melee an option. Which still leaves the majority of destructables useless in destroying.

Secret areas are a cool idea, although the majority of secret spots in the game simply require you to notice a randomly located elevator or different side path. The majority of secret areas seem to be disappointing as they just tend to give you more enemies to fight and the chance at getting a good item, which the chances don't seem to increase just because its considered a "secret area".

The ability to respawn after dieing is a good idea for allowing players of all skill levels to play the game with little penalty. However the game seems to be made to where dieing is a regular occurrence for even the most skilled players, allowing only certain classes to have a higher probability of survival. Although at lower levels dieing doesn't seem to have much of a bad result but at further levels the penalty of armor and weapon degrades seem to be harsh in some instances, in which if a player acquires a rare item such as Epic or Aesir armor, it comes with a ridiculous repair charge just for dieing once, to the point where you can almost never actually gain any money but rather just deplete it constantly.

There are some glitches in the game I have experienced first hand as well as heard through other players. Some of them include weapon and item "sticking", whereas you must switch combat style to continue attacking, glitching out of the map, weapons disappearing from display, enemy blind spots allowing you to attack enemies at time with them not even knowing you are there. Although there are a few glitches which do hinder the game some they are few and far between that some players don't even experience them at all. Also keep in mind these may be fixed in a future patch.

All in all the game has a very high fun factor and I should be playing it for a while, for fun and for the allure of the ever allusive epic item.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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