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"Short and empty"

Too human? Well I would say the developers were very much human in the fact that they made a number of errors in making this game.

The Good Things:

This game offers a good deal of customization to your character as far as skills and equipment go. You get to pick from a base character and than customize them as you feel fit. This helps make the game a little better by providing you with a number of goals (getting better equipment and skills like an RPG). The fact that you can pick from a number of different classes also provides some decent replay-ability because you can play through it with a different styled character which will lead to a different style of play. The music in the game was average and helped the attempt to make this game have a viking feel to it though I don't think vikings had robots hanging around or cybernetic implants. The hacking and slashing is fun at first and the addition of guns for a distance option is very needed and helps keep it a little more interesting. Multiplayer is also a nice addition and anytime you can play a somewhat RPG induced game with a friend is fun.

The Bad Things:

The story was very hard to get into. This is not really something that is new to hack and slash dungeon crawlers and many have also shared the same fate as Too Human in this respect (though there are some that get it right such as Diablo). The story is slow and sluggish and you are repeatedly asked to perform the same task over and over again with the same goal over and over again. Of course just as things might seem to become somewhat interesting near the end the game ends and you are left with a feeling of wanting a lot more out of this game. In my case I wished back the time it took my to beat the game so that I could have accomplished something more valuable with that time. The difficulty of this game is pretty low especially once you get a hold of a good long range weapon. I used the defender class during my run through and I still used the guns the majority of the time because it was simply a better choice than being overrun by goons. Which might I add are the same throughout the entire game...they just color them differently and give them a different name so that they can increase the stats of the enemy.

Overall: Games who simply set up for another game along with movies that set up for the next movie are never going to be considered amazing. I hate to refer back to Final Fantasy but since it is such a long series of games I will: while they include some items from one game to the next the stories are in no way linked to each other (minus FF X-2 which in my opinion was stupid). Gotta keep it fresh, and I can tell you that there is no way I would even consider the next part in this series.

Should you buy this game? No way.

Is this rent able? Yeah if you really need something to rent and want to give it a whirl and you like repetitive things.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/11/08

Game Release: Too Human (US, 08/19/08)

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