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    Multiplayer Guide by sk8terguyjake

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    	Multiplayer Guide for Call of duty 3 for the Xbox 360
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. General Tips
    IV. What's different from Call of duty 2
    V. General Class Tips
    VI. Gametype Strategies
    VII. Map Strategies
    A. Argentan
    B. Verdun
    C. Les Ormes
    D. Rouen
    E. Poisson
    F. Merville
    G. Mayenne
    H. Eder Dam
    I. Fuel Plant
    VIII. Acknolwedgements and Contact info
    IX.  Legal Info
    I. Introduction
    Well here we are.   I've been waiting for the release of this game for about 
    7 months now, eagerly anticipating the day the game came out.  More so than 
    Gears of War, or Rainbow six vegas.  This was my game, and I am very pleased. 
    Anyway, about the guide.  I will have general tips that you can use in any 
    situation, then I'll have a section saying what's new from Call of duty 2, 
    because many of you, including me were old Call of duty 2 vets unsatisfied by 
    it's weak multiplayer mode.  Well now we have good old call of duty action 
    with 24 people in one game with vehicles and a class system.  There we go. 
    After that I'll go through general class tips for each class, then on to 
    gametype strategies we go.  I'll give general strategies for each game type. 
    Lastly, are the map strategies, where I'll give general tips for each map, 
    and on the war mode, tips on how to conquer each point.  If you want to tell 
    me anything or have any questions or anything like that, just send me an 
    email at boardslide30@yahoo.com, you can also send me a voicemail or text 
    message at my xbox account.  My gamertag is bigbadblubanana.  Yes, that's 
    right.  bigbadblubanana.  I also know a good chunk about the singleplayer 
    game, and seeing there aren't any guides up that I know of, you could ask me 
    for help too.  Do understand that that is not my area of expertise.  One tip 
    to help you scroll through my guide is use the Ctrl+F.  This will bring up a 
    little thing that will say "find what".  Type in what you want to find in the 
    guide and it will take you to it.  
    II 	Version History
    Version .1 November 10, 2006
    Finished intro and did a couple general tips.
    Version .11 November 11, 2006
    Finished General Tips
    Version.12 November 12, 2006
    Finished What's new from Call of duty 2, as well as the Class General tips.
    Version .13 Novemeber 13, 2006
    Finished Verdun and Argentan map parts.
    Version .14 November 14, 2006
    Wrote up Les Ormes map part
    Version .15 November 15, 2006
    Wrote up Rouen Map Part
    Version .16 November 16, 2006
    Wrote up Mayenne, Merville, and Poisson map parts.
    Version .17 November 17 2006
    Finished my guide, wrote up acknowledgements and contact info, Fuel Plant map 
    part as well as the Eder Dam map parts. Oh and I wrote legal info today.  
    III. General Tips
    1. Communicate with your teammates!!!
    If you're familiar with my guides, this has always been my first general tip. 
    That's because this is really, really important.  Especially in this game 
    where you have different classes that each have different jobs.  It's even 
    more important to have good communication between your team.  The team with 
    better communication will in most cases win the game.  This communication 
    will allow you to tell people to snipe a certain guy, hit an airstrike in an 
    area, or setup a machine gun overlooking a certain spot.  All of these are 
    strategies that will make your, or the lack thereof will kill you.  
    Especially in War, Single Flag, and Capture the Flag game types.
    2. Aim Down the Sight!!!
    This is one of the things that makes call of duty, well, call of duty.  The 
    aim down the sight feature makes you way more accurate then you could ever be 
    without it.  I have sniped people easily with my Kar98, but there's no chance 
    in hell I ever do that without aiming down the sight.  Aiming down the sight 
    also causes a slight auto aim, and over a long distance this can be huge.  
    This is probably the most important game mechanic in the game.
    3. Spread out the Classes!!!
    This game is all about adjustment.  You have to be able to change to anti 
    tank and take out a tank after just getting blasted by him.  You have to be 
    able to adjust your game plan to suit the flow of the game, because if 
    everyone is a support gunner, then how are you going to take out a tank?  
    This will enable you to counter whatever your opponent is doing.  If you're 
    playing on a team, this is a big part of playing together.  You have to have 
    everyone with a job doing something, because if everyone is one class, you'll 
    be easily killed.
    4. Use Vehicles!
    These are a new entry into the series, but play an important part.  Vehicles 
    will enable you to kill large amounts of people, as well as travel around the 
    map a lot faster and have more protection.  In the case of tanks, vehicles 
    will enable you to support your allies in a much stronger way than without a 
    vehicles.  You will also be able to act as a diversion, taking attention away 
    from the point that you're capturing or that flag, and bring the attention to 
    yourself, giving your team a chance to make something happen.  Tanks are also 
    great because you're going to find in this game that there are going to be 
    lots of times when a couple of machine gunners are covering a plce really 
    well, or snipers have made an area impassable, that the only way out is to 
    have a tank come in, or use an artillery strike from a scout.
    5. Flank your Objectives!!
    I can't tell you how many times I have attacked an objective from a different 
    angle and been able to achieve my goal.  Another spin on this is that you 
    don't necessarily have to attack the objective, but you can sneak behind your 
    enemy.  In this game, there is no Kill cam, so they won't have any idea where 
    you're coming from.  I remember one game of War I played where I snuck around 
    all of the guy and was behind their spawn.  I was capping them off one by 
    one, and they had no idea where I was shooting from.  Doing this will enable 
    your team to have a better chance to capture that point or get a hold of that 
    IV What's new from Call of duty 2?
    Many of you, (me included) are old Call of duty 2 vets eagerly awaiting the 
    release of this game.  When I first got this game I was wondering, how is 
    this going to be different than Call of duty 2, other than the obvious 
    vehicles and class system.  Well I'm here to tell you some of the big 
    1. Class System!
    New to the series is a class system where each class has distinct advantages 
    and Disadvantages.  I'll go more into this later in my Class section.  This 
    is huge because now this forces everyone to work together, at least up to an 
    extent.  Now a new thing in the game is that you now have a support gunner, 
    and a medic class.  The support gunner can lay down supressing fire, and the 
    medic can revive fallen allies.  Let's not forget about the anti tank who can 
    take out tanks.  This is a big deal and adds a whole new element into the 
    2. Vehicles!
    Vehicles add a whole new dynamic to the way the game is played.  Now you can 
    zip around the map, kill tons of enemies and make a fool of your enemies, all 
    without having to expose yourself, in the case of the tank.  This actually 
    makes the antitank class important, albeit boring, but he is important 
    because I can't tell you how many times I've been playing Capture the Flag or 
    some other objective game, only to have a tank come in and basically rule the 
    3. There are 3x the amount of people in a server!
    This makes the game much more chaotic and much more of a fragfest than Call 
    of duty 2.  This makes it feel much more like a battle than a small skirmish.  
    For this reason teamwork is even more important because you now have a much 
    larger enemy force to contend with.  
    4. Machine Guns are killer!
    In this game the submachine guns are much more powerful and well rounded than 
    in Call of duty 2.  Some people might disagree with me on that, but for me 
    it's true.  The machine guns are actually very accurate.  I have sniped guys 
    with my .30 Cal over massive distances.  No joke.
    5. Maps are a lot bigger
    The maps are a lot bigger, so snipers are going to be pretty useful, as well 
    as rifleman and support gunners.  This allows for more tactical based 
    gameplay, and the use of smoke grenades, more than a reflex based game of 
    close combat.
    6. The Pistol can actually be used!
    When you're a scout, it sucks when a machine gunner gets up close and 
    personal with you.  But now the pistol can actually be used right.  The 
    Recoil has been brought down dramatically from Call of duty 2.  It is also 
    more powerful, so don't be afraid to whip this baby out when you're a scout 
    and up close.  Pull it out and you'll see what I mean.
    7. You can actually cook the grenade now!
    Now you can hold onto it, and let the fuse timer run out a bit, then throw 
    it, that way it will blow up before they have an oppurtunity to get out of 
    the way.  This is big, and makes grenades a very effective weapon, especially 
    in room clearing situations.
    8. The Melee attack doesn't kill in one hit!
    The melee no longer kills in one place, so don't use this very often.  The 
    melee attack was already not so good in call of duty 2, now it's basically 
    useless in Call of duty 3.
    9. There's a sprint feature
    This is a multiplayer only feature.  If you click the left stick down and 
    hold it you'll put your gun to your side and run a lot faster.  Use this when 
    you're traversing territory that isn't infested with enemies.  You can only 
    sprint for 3 or 4 seconds, so just be aware of that.
    V. General Class Tips
    In this section I will go through each class and give general tips and 
    strategies for each.  I'll tell you how to use them, what they're good for, 
    and how to play them well in general.  I will also tell you what weapons they 
    have and their special abilities
    Main Weapon: M1 Garand/Kar98k
    Unique ability: Rifle Grenades
    Grenade Type: Frag Grenades
    The Rifleman is adept at mediam to short range combat, and they are armed 
    with a rifle.  The M1 Garand kills in about 2 shots, but is semi automatic, 
    where as the Kar98k kills in one shot usually but is bolt action.  Meaning 
    that you have to cock it after each shot.  This is a good class for medium 
    range, but they don't have much in the ways of abilities, the only one being 
    the ability to launch grenades, but I find that it's almost easier to just 
    throw the grenades.  Use these on maps where you're shooting at mid-range and 
    you want some accuracy over distance, but you feel a little too cramped and 
    vulnerable using a sniper rifle.
    Light Assault
    Main Weapon: Thompson/MP40
    Unique Ability: Plant mines
    Grenade Type: Sticky Grenades
    This is a good antipersonnel unit adept at short range.  They are good for 
    rushing certain objectives and holding them.  These are your standard 
    shooters, adept and expendable.  If you're a light assault, get used to 
    getting killed.  One thing they have that is good is that they can plant 
    mines, which will basically kill or seriously wound people who walk over 
    them.  Be aware they can only be placed in dirt or grass or other soft 
    surfaces.  Placing them by flags or on chokepoints is a good way to cover 
    areas, as well as get some kills and points.  I also like their grenades.  
    They have sticky grenades that can stick to anything, including people.  
    These are perfectly ideal for latching onto tanks and running away as you 
    gleefully watch the tank explode.  The way to look at this class is the class 
    that leads the assault, the class that captures the points.  The other 
    classes are there for the light assaults support.
    Heavy Assault
    Main Weapon: BAR/MP44
    Unique Ability: Plant Mines
    Grenade Type: Frag Grenades
    This class is similar to the light assault, but has heavier weapons that are 
    more powerful but have a slower rate of fire, and are good cross between a 
    machine gun and a rifle.  They are good for supressing enemy positions, and 
    assaulting the base.  I still prefer light assault  because they are better 
    for purely killing people, in the sense that they have a higher rate of fire 
    in their guns.  Heavy assault is good on maps where you still have to attack 
    objectives, but there is going to be large spaces in between.  Spaces where 
    you're going to want to have a little more accuracy and range than your 
    Thompson/MP40.  They also have the same ability as light assault by the way, 
    which is the ability to plant antipersonnel mines.
    Main Weapon: M1987 Trench Gun
    Unique Ability: Revive
    Grenade: Smoke Grenades
    Medics are a very interesting class, albeit a fun one to play at times.  They 
    are good on maps where there is lots of close quarters combat for a couple of 
    reasons.  One, they have a trench gun, and in terms of combat the only chance 
    they have is if it's point blank.  The second is that close range combat 
    tends to be more lethal, and this will give the medic plenty of opportunities 
    to work his magic and revive his fallen comrades.  Assuming you have a full 
    server with 12 guys on each side, you probably only need like 2 of these 
    guys, and while there aren't many of these guys, they sure as hell are 
    important.  Think of this.  What if there was a tank that was blasting the 
    hell out of everyone, and the Anti Tank guy just got shot up.  Having a medic 
    sprint over, heal the anti tank, and then the anti tank gets up and blows the 
    tank up.  That's HUGE!!!  That alone could change the tide of battle.  Now 
    that's just one medic revival.  If you do 10, 15 or 20 of those in one game, 
    you're making a huge difference.  That's one guy.  Multiply that by 2 and now 
    you're starting to see the effect that a a couple of medics can make.  Now of 
    course the medic won't beable to do Jack diddly squat if he's not covered, so 
    you better cover his back.
    Main Weapon: Springfield/Scoped Kar98k
    Unique Ability: Artillery Strike
    Grenade: Smoke
    Ah yes.  The sniper class.  Every game has them, and they play an important 
    part in the game.  Especially in this game.  In call of duty 2 people 
    complained of the "snipewars" that were happening where everyone got a sniper 
    rifle and camped.  Well now that sniper isn't just lethally armed with a 
    rifle, they can now call down artillery shells to rain down from the sky and 
    kill everybody.  Scouts are important, and can cover objectives, and can now 
    take out large amounts of enemies like that *snaps fingers*.  These guys are 
    useful in the objective based gametypes especially because they can cover 
    entire streets or even a whole objective without really having to expose 
    themselves.  One tip to remember when you are calling down arty is to put the 
    center of the binoculars on the ground where the enemies are.  Then you'll 
    call it down good.  You don't want to waste your arty raining it down way 
    behind them or way in front.  
    Main Weapon: .30 CAL/MG34
    Unique Ability: Ammo Drop
    Grenade Type: Frag grenade
    This class is awesome, and is one of my favorites to play as.  What I love 
    about it is that you can setup your machine gun on crates, balconies all 
    sorts of stuff, or even on the ground.  When you setup your machine gun you 
    basically pull up an aiming sight and lay prone depending on where you are or 
    what you set it up on.  The machine gun is actually very accurate, with a 
    great rate of fire and great firepower.  The only problem is that it is 
    totally inaccurate if you fire while standing.  The only way you can really 
    be accurate is to prone and setup your gun.  If you press the Left Trigger, 
    and you're in the open, you'll automatically setup your gun on the ground, 
    prone, and aim down the sight.
    	Another thing that you can do with this class is deliver ammo to your 
    allies.  This is sorta useful, but not really.  The problem is that in this 
    game, very rarely do you actually live long enough to run out of ammo.  
    That's the thing.  But this is big when you do run out of ammo and he 
    delivers it.  The best thing about this class is their big gun that is 
    awesome for supressing enemies as well as killing them.
    Main Weapon: Bazooka/Panzerschreck
    Unique Ability: Ammo Drop
    Grenade type: Sticky Grenade
    The Anti Armor is probably the least important class in the game in the sense 
    that they are basically vulnerable at close range, and if they do use the 
    bazooka/panzerschreck at close range it will blow the user up as well.  The 
    only time this class gets any action is if a tank shows up and starts 
    pounding the crap out of your team.  Then everyone spawns as an anti-armor, 
    everyone shoots the tank, tank blows up, everyone then gets sniped, and go 
    back to being what they were before.  The end.  It's a sad story but that's 
    really the only time you see this thing get pulled out.  It's ability is the 
    same as support, which is the supply ammo thing.  Sorta useful.
    VI Gametype Strategies
    IN this section I'll give tips for each game type.  I'll just give helpful 
    tips on how to play your best in each game type.  
    This is the new entry to the series.  It's basically a game type where you 
    have a point on the map that each team is trying to capture.  IF one team 
    captures it, then it another point has to be captured.  If one team captures 
    all of the points they win.  It's sort of like Battlefield 2 Modern Combat's 
    conquest mode, except in Call of duty 3, only one can be captured at a time.  
    It sort of goes like this in a tug of war fashion until the end of the time 
    limit, or until one team wipes the other one out of the game.	
    	One of the things that is smart is when you're trying to capture a 
    point have snipers make sure that the other team can't get it.  Throwing 
    smoke is also good because often you'll be sitting there slowly capturing it 
    and then * pop *.  You're dead.  Throwing smoke is a good screen to have, and 
    this will help protect you, so that if the other team wants to kill you and 
    get that point, they can't be lazy and try and shoot you from far.  They have 
    to get up close and personal.  
    	When you're trying to capture a point, a good thing to do is to look 
    for an area that a machine gun could be setup on.  This will enable you to 
    cover one area and protect your allies who are trying to capture that area.  
    A great example of covering your allies is a tank.  IF you see one of these 
    things, hop in and wreak havoc, because in that tank, you will distract your 
    enemies from capturing the point and they will come for you, giving your team 
    a chance to capture the spot.  Now if they're stupid and don't come for you, 
    you can just blow them up from afar.  That will help your allies out a bunch 
    as well.  
    Capture the Flag
    This is one of the standard game modes of the First Person shooter Genre.  In 
    capture the flag, you have to go into the opposing teams base, grab their 
    flag, and bring it back.  Easier said than done.  
    	In capture the flag, use your vehicles.  What is good is that in the 
    jeep, and in the motorcycle, the flag carrier can sit in the passenger seat, 
    but can't drive.  So what is good is to have a jeep with a .30 CAL gunner, 
    driver and passenger.  You pull up to the base, passenger gets out he picks 
    up the flag, the gunner shoots enemies up, passenger gets back in the jeep, 
    driver takes them back to base, flag carrier scores.  Rinse and repeat.  
    Another good thing to do is to have snipers artillery strike the base before 
    you assault.  This will clear out a good chunk of enemies, and then this will 
    give you about ten seconds to go in there and get the flag.  Now these scouts 
    who just called the arty in can also support and cover your ride home.  
    They'll be able to snipe any of your enemies coming out of the base trying to 
    kill the flag carrier.  
    	Another good thing to do is to have one or two guys be the main "flag 
    carrier".  This guy will try to infiltrate the base, get in really quietly, 
    while the bulk of your force just attacks and gets the flag if they can.  The 
    bulk force will support the main "flag carrier(s)".
    Single Capture the Flag
    This is similar to capture the flag, except there is one flag that spawns in 
    the middle of the map somewhere and that you have to take into the opposing 
    teams base.  It's a lot easier to score, because now all you have to do is 
    just grab the flag from the middle of the map and sprint into your opponents 
    base.  This is where stealth will actually play a big part.  Once you grab 
    that flag, be patient, and work your way into the base.  The majority of the 
    time I score, I score when they never even see me.  That's what you have to 
    do.  Use some of the tactics I said in the normal Capture the Flag section.  
    Use artillery strikes, snipers can cover you, and use your vehicles.  Play 
    this similar to how you play the normal CTF, as they are very similar Game 
    In this game both teams have to establish a base wherever the point spawns.  
    You have to go there, and the team gets a point per second they hold the 
    base.  The team that destroys it gets ten points.  So it's really important 
    to establish a base quick, because even if you destroy them pretty quickly, 
    it's never going to get as much points as it would to just establish a base.  
    The key in this gametype is to establish a base and defend it.  Support 
    gunners are going to play a big part in this because many of the bases spawn 
    in areas that can allow the support gunner to setup his gun on a balcony, or 
    crate or something. 
    	Snipers can also play a big part in the sense that while they are 
    trying to defend the base they can pick off any one trying to get too close.
    Battle and Team Battle
    This is basically like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch from Call of duty 2.  
    First person or team to reach the set number of kills wins.  Not a really 
    strategic game type.  Just go around and kill each other.  On this one you 
    can hide a lot more and be more patient because you're not really forced to 
    get to an objective or capture a flag.  All you have to do is just kill the 
    other players, or team.  
    VII Map Strategies
    In this section, I'll go through each of the maps, and how to play them on 
    each game mode.  You are going to hear me refer to a couple of the points as 
    "the last point of defense".  When I refer to this, this means that this is 
    the last point left, and if they fail to capture this, they lose.  
    This is a forest map with lots of foliage and soft cover to take advantage 
    of.  This map has a couple of motorcycles, but to be honest, this map doesn't 
    do much in the way of vehicular combat.  This is a good scouts and riflemans 
    map, because a lot of the shots you'll be taking on this map are at farther 
    ranges.  You'll also noticed that scattered around the map are little 
    outposts where you can actually hide in and get a good sniping view of the 
    How to play this map: WAR
    There are only 3 points that can be captured on this map, so that's not that 
    many.  The Axis base point is located inside of a bunker.  This gives them a 
    slight advantage on this map.  Their last point of defense is a lot easier 
    for them to capture and defend then the allies.  The point in the middle is 
    just out in no mans land, in the middle of grassy area.  This one will just 
    be hell to capture.  You will get sniped at and shot up because there is no 
    cover.  The last point of defense for the allies is in the middle of the 
    street by a couple of jeeps that happen to be on fire.  IF you're trying to 
    capture this, throw a smoke screen and start capturing.  
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    This map is going to be filled with snipers because a big part of defending 
    your flag is pick them off before they get close, this is why Capture the 
    Flag tends to attract snipers.  Make it a snipers map and you got yourself a 
    sniping game.  One thing to keep in mind on this map is that each of the 
    flags are in a bunker type of place.  Keep this in mind when you're defending 
    yours, because this will help you a ton.  Take advantage of these natural 
    defenses.  They will help you a ton.  Also don't forget to use the 
    motorcycles, and the roads that swing around the map.  These will help you 
    get around the map faster, and with less trouble.
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    Play this similar to how you play the Regular Capture the Flag, as they are 
    very similar.  Use the bunker defenses on this map as well, especially when 
    you're trying to keep them from scoring the flag in your base.  Use of 
    snipers wouldn't be a bad idea either, especially as they are assaulting your 
    base.  The flag spawns right near a bunker that is facing the Allies base.  
    If you're playing as an axis make sure to use this to keep them from the 
    flag.  This will come in handy.  Other than this though, basically play it 
    the same was as you would for Normal CTF.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    This map is going to be really hard to hold onto and defend your base because 
    a lot of the radios are going to spawn in an open area. So when you do 
    capture a point, it would be smart to throw some smoke so that at least your 
    not totally exposed.  Snipers will be able to take out whoever is defending 
    the HQ.  Almost all of the radios that spawn will be in open areas, so watch 
    out for that.  That's going to be the key when you're playing headquarters, 
    is defending your base, but not getting sniped.  Hey, let's not forget about 
    artillery strikes.  If you're in the middle of capturing or defending a lot 
    of these points, one artillery strike, and you have no cover or anywhere to 
    How to play this map: Teambattle and Battle
    This map is going to have lots of snipers on it.  Plenty of people are going 
    to be hiding, so watch for that.  Where there are snipers, there are 
    artillery strikes.  Watch for those too.  This map has so much foliage, 
    cover, hills, different terrain, that it's just perfect for a sniper.  There 
    are so many great spots on this map, so being a sniper wouldn't be a bad 
    I hate this map.  It's dark, full of trees and has a couple of bunkers, but 
    most of all, it's dark.  It's just really hard to see guys.  Aiming down the 
    sight will actually help you see guys more clearly, so make sure to use this.  
    This map basically has a couple of bunkers connected by one tunnel.  Outside 
    of the bunkers is one long trench, a couple of small concrete buildings.  One 
    thing to keep in mind is that on the big bunkers edges, you can actually 
    setup a .30 CAL or MG 34, so you can cover a lot of territory if you setup 
    these guns.  
    How to play this map: War
    ON this map both of the "last points of defense" are kicated in that trench.  
    It's going to be hard to capture these because you'll be getting fire from 
    the main bunker, as well as from the path and outside of it. So make sure to 
    hug the trench's wall so your protected from the bunker fire at least.  The 
    other point in the middle is a little easier to capture, it's in the concrete 
    building/bunker.  In some ways it's hard though because you have to guard 
    from the top, as there is a hole in the roof, the opening in the bunker, and 
    the two doors that lead in there.  You're probably going to need like 4 
    people in there to actually be able to capture it.  
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    Both of the Flags are located in the bunkers opposite of each other.  So 
    don't expect to see that many people hanging around outside.  Most of the 
    combat is going to be taking place within the confines of the bunker, so 
    watch for that.  Being a light assault or medic would be good too, because 
    these are very good and effective close range weapons.  Having support 
    gunners cover certain tunnels and hallways is a good idea so that when the 
    flag carrier comes in he's covered from behind.  Main thing is going to be 
    how quick your reflexes are with that close combat in the bunker.
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    The flag spawns in a very interesting place on this map.  It spawns on the 
    top of the concrete building/bunker in the middle of the map.  You have to 
    climb the ladder to the top and grab it from up there.  It's going to be 
    tough to score because you have to traverse all of that open terrain, so 
    maybe before you grab the flag throwing smoke would be a good idea.  When you 
    do have the flag, be wary of rifleman, as they will be the death of you.  Try 
    and get inside of the main bunker system as quickly as possible, this will 
    really lower your chances of getting sniped off the bat.  Once you're in the 
    main bunker complex just run pell mell into the base and score it.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    ON this map the radios spawn mainly in the main bunker complex and at either 
    endpoints of the trench.  Also another spawn point is that building in the 
    middle.  You'll see it spawn in there as well.  Luckily you're not going to 
    have to be exposed very much on this map.  About half of the radio spawns are 
    inside the main bunker complex, a couple are outside as well. The main key is 
    going to be how quickly you establish your base and how quick your trigger 
    finger is in those close combat situations.
    How to play this map: Battle and Teambattle
    This map is going to have 2 types of players.  You're going to have the 
    rifleman who stay outside and pick people off, and you're going to have the 
    up close and personal people wandering around the bunkers.  It's your choice.  
    Problem with being outside is your totally exposed, and you'll find your 
    going to have a hard time hitting people in the dark.  I personally prefer 
    being in the confines of the bunker.  I've found I get more kills this way.   
    Les Ormes
    This map is a good map for support gunners and scouts.  The main reason being 
    that there is going to be a lot of firefights inside the village.  When 
    you're trying to get to an area or objective a good idea is to have a support 
    gunner sprint up and prone, so he can cover the street and suppress the 
    enemy.  You're going to have some fights out in the fields as well, so watch 
    for that.  Whenever you're walking down the street, watch for people inside 
    the houses, because these people will cause plenty of trouble, especially 
    when they setup their machine guns.
    How to play this map: War
    This map has a lot of points, 5 of them to be exact.  This means it's going 
    to be a struggle to win the game and totally finish them off.  Now since 
    there are so many points I'm going to start with the Germans "last point of 
    defense" and then get the rest of them. 
    	The Germans last point of defense is in a little courtyard outside of a 
    couple of buildings.  This one is going to be hell to capture if you're 
    american.  The main thing to watch for is that people will setup machine guns 
    on the windows from the buildings.  This will make it really tough to 
    actually get in the courtyard.  Another thing is that there are only 3 ways 
    in, if you count going through the house, so they can just sit a support 
    gunner down and the whole place will be sealed off, so that if you do rush it 
    you'll get killed.
    	The next point is on a trail.  One of them leads to a road which leads 
    to the Germans last point of defense.  The other way leads out into an open 
    clearing, which has another road which leads directly into the main village 
    itself.  You'll have plenty of firefights in there.
    	Now we're at the middle point, the third one.  This one is similar to 
    the german last point of defense, in the sense that it is in a courtyard 
    which happens to have a building right next to it.  Make sure if you're a 
    support gunner to take advantage of that building and setup your gun right 
    there.  If you're capturing this, make sure to watch for fire from the garage 
    next to you, the big building, and the trail leading into the clearing.
    	Now we're hitting american territory.  This next point is in a barn, 
    which has some hay in it, which will be helpful for protecting you when 
    you're trying to capture it.  When you're capturing it, make sure that you 
    don't get shot in the back, because there is a door that leads into the barn.  
    Don't totally turn your back on that.  Don't just worry about the main grassy 
    area, worry about that back door.
    	Finally, the last point on the map.  The allies "last point of defense" 
    is located inside of a barn.  This one will be pretty easy to capture.  Just 
    have a couple of support gunners run in, lay down, and have each of them face 
    the barns opening.  This will make it really, really hard to penetrate.  The 
    only thing an invader could do is grenades.  That's it.  Speaking of which, 
    there is an opening in the barn that looks like it's been blasted by 
    artillery.  If they are capturing it, cook a grenade and chuck it in there.  
    You'll get good results.  
    How to play this map: Capture the flag
    The allies flag is actually in the same barn as the allies "last point of 
    defense" on the war version of this map.   A good way to defend this is to 
    climb the ladder and just prone over the flag, although you might get sniped 
    from the village so watch for that.  If you're attacking this flag, it's 
    probably smarter to attack from behind, that is, not the side which leads to 
    the village, but the side that has the gray wall behind it.
    	The Axis flag is actually really near the Axis "last point of defense 
    on the war version of this map as well.  Difference is it's in the barn, 
    which makes it a lot easier for the axis to protect, and a lot harder to 
    attack.  Defending this is pretty simple.  Just sit yourself down in a corner 
    and watch and wait.  Attacking it is a different manner.  If you're going to 
    attack it you'll have to probably cook and chuck a grenade in there.  That's 
    the only way, or if the axis is stupid and just doesn't guard it.  
    	One other small note is that on this map each of the flags can have 
    mines laid right next to them so make a note of that.
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    This map is so fun on Single Capture the flag.  The reason being that the 
    flag is right in the middle of the french village.  That's right, it's smack 
    dab right in the middle.  You're going to have a hell of a time scoring this 
    flag.  Scouts are going to be very useful on this, because the main bulk of 
    the firefight is going to be taking place over where the flag is.  IF you do 
    get a hold of the flag, do what I told you in the regular Capture the flag 
    section, because at that point it's pretty similar.  One unique thing though 
    is that if you're allies and you have the flag, be careful of machine gunners 
    inside that building.  If you're not careful you'll get capped.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    The radios tend to just spawn somewhere inside the village.  The hard thing 
    is going to be getting sniped.  Since the village tends to attract 
    firefights, and the radios spawn in the village, you're going to have plenty 
    of trouble even setting one of them up.  Once you do set one up, just do what 
    you normal do.  Get in defensive positions and wait.
    How to play this match: Battle and Teambattle
    This doesn't take much strategy.  You're going to see that people tend to 
    just meet in the middle of the village.  Being a support gunner or scout is 
    good.  If you're a scout makes sure totake advantage of the artillery strike 
    ability.  That will come in handy more than once.
    This map takes place in a small French village.  The thing with that is that 
    means urban fighting.  You can either go the rifleman route, hang out in 
    buildings and snipe people, or you can grab a Thompson, get up close and 
    personal, and kick some butt.  It's your choice.  There is plenty of cover on 
    this map, so take advantage of that.  
    How to play this map: War
    There are only 3 points, so lets makes this quick.  I'm going to start with 
    the axis "last point of defense".  Then I'll go to the middle one and the 
    allies last point of defense. 
    	The Axis "last point of defense" is in a 2 story building with plenty 
    of windows in the southeast corner of the town.  It's going to be pretty hard 
    to capture if you're allies because there are just two ways in the building, 
    which is couple of small doors.  So you're going to have a hell of a time 
    getting in there.  If they prone and setup machine guns, good luck.  Only way 
    you can get it is cook a couple of grenades and chuck them in there and see 
    what you get.
    	The middle point is probably the hardest to capture.  There are so many 
    ways in, and it's right in the middle of a 3 door room.  One advantage you 
    have on this is that there's a table by the flag.  You could actually setup a  
    support machine gun on that and cover the area pretty well.  So when 
    capturing this use that strategy it will help a lot.
    	Lastly you have the Allies "last point of defense".  It is located in a 
    bombed out house.  If you see the enemy capturing it a smart thing to do id 
    chuck a grenade in the building.  The roof has been blown off, so it's a lot 
    easier to do this, so take advantage of this.  Other than that just run in, 
    lay down and hope you don't get killed.
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    Both of the flags are located in each teams "last point of defense" on the 
    war version of this map.  So you should sorta already know where that is. 
    When playing Capture the flag, try and go in the buildings for two reasons.  
    1, you are protected from rifle fire, and from getting shot out in the open.  
    The other reason is that if you melee with the flag, it's a one hit kill.  So 
    inside a building you might actually be able to get that off.
    How to play this map: Single Capture the flag
    The flag spawns in the same building as the middle point in the war version 
    of this map.  It's going to be hell getting that thing out of there.  The 
    reason being that you're right inside of a firezone.  You're going to get 
    shot up most likely, especially if you have a full room with 24 people.  
    Throwing smoke would be smart, because I'll bet anything you're going to have 
    snipers watching that flag and seeing who goes in, and that person won't be 
    going out, if you know what I mean.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    The radios on this map tend to spawn inside of the buiildings.  That means 
    that being a support wouldn't be a bad idea.  You could probably setup a 
    machine gun and your ally could do it as well and you could make it nearly 
    impossible to penetrate those defenses.  Again the only way would be a 
    grenade, so watch for that.
    How to play this map: Battle and Teambattle
    This map has some pretty frantic close combat action.  My preferred class is 
    light assault.  This will enable you to excel at close range, and mid range 
    if you're a good shot.  The only hard thing on this map is getting shot from 
    all of the windows.  Especially if you're in a full server.  Expect to get 
    shot, and have no idea where it came from.
    This is a HUGE map which offers plenty of vehicular combat and sniping 
    opportunities.  Jeeps and motorbikes are going to come in really handy on 
    this map because it's really big and spaced out.  There's not a whole lot of 
    close range combat.  So if you're whizzing around with a buddy on a jeep, 
    you're going to be able to get lots of kills just because you can pick people 
    off with the .30 CAL.  This means that Tanks will be effective and deadly as 
    well, so watch out for that.
    How to play this map: War
    Well, to start off there are 5 points that need capturing.  That's a lot, and 
    you're going to really need to cooperate with your allies if you're planning 
    on winning the game.  
    	First off, lets start with the axis "last point of defense".  It's 
    located in a bombed out building right off of the creek.  One thing to keep 
    in mind is that there is a tank parked outside, so make good use of that.  
    Don't let your enemy get a hold of that because that will make this point 
    hell to capture.  
    	Next we got the point next to the "last point of defense" for the axis.  
    This one will be a little hard to capture because it's just situated out in 
    the open.  You're going to receive sniper fire probably from the creek side, 
    and get some fire from the village as well.  This might be the hardest point 
    to capture on the map.
    	Now we're at the middle point.  This is located in a hotel lobby, which 
    has a table next to it.  Use this to setup your machine gun.  This will 
    greatly help you in capturing this point, and at least will cover the front 
    door. The front door and the door to the right, or south are the only points 
    the enemy can come through.
    	Now we're entering Allied territory.  This point is located in a bombed 
    out cemetery.  The headstones offer some cover, and the point is below a 
    hill, which offers you a little cover.  I'd recommend throwing smoke before 
    trying to capture this.  You're going to get some sniper fire when getting 
    this one.
    	This is it.  The allied "last point of defense".  It's located inside 
    of a barn, with plenty of hay laying around.  Use this hay as cover, and 
    notice there is a ladder in the barn that leads to a second story if you 
    will, in the barn.  Setting up a machine gun here is a great way to seal off 
    one side of the barn.
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    The Axis flag is located by the creek next to the bridge.  The Allied flag is 
    all the way at the north end of the map.  I would say the biggest thing is 
    going to be snipers.  They will play a huge part in defending the flags on 
    this map.  There are large stretches of land that you're probably going to 
    have to traverse if you have the flag.  This presents a great oppurtunity for 
    the snipers to pop the guy with the flag.  This is also where jeeps and 
    motorbikes come into play.  This will make the travel much shorter, and make 
    it a lot harder for the snipers to pinpoint the flag carrier.  That's the 
    main thing to do.  Use vehicles to attack the flag, and snipe to defend it.
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    The Flag spawns in the same point as the middle point in war does.  That is, 
    it spawns right in the hotel lobby.  When you get the flag try and hook up 
    with an ally and hop in a jeep or something because if you just try to hoof 
    it across that open terrain, you're going to get sniped.  You just are.  
    Especially if you're allies.  No chance in hell you run across that open 
    ground and attack the axis point without getting shot.  That's the main 
    point.  Use vehicles and be wary of snipers.  Actually, a good counter to 
    snipers is smoke grenades.  Make good use of these.
    How to play this map: Headquarters 
    This map tends to have the radios spawn just about everywhere.  The radios 
    are just spawning every which way.  You'll have some spawn inside buildings, 
    and some in the open.  You really don't know what's coming.  I would say have 
    everyone on your team be a good variety of classes, especially on this map 
    because there are several different types of combat you're going to 
    encounter.  I would say a great way to defend your HQ is to use a sniper 
    rifle.  Most of the points you'll be able to look at by hiding in some 
    distant building.  It would actually be a good idea to have one guy on your 
    team devoted to that.  I guarantee that guy will rack a lot of kills.
    How to play this map: Battle and Teambattle
    This gametype doesn't have much strategy.  On this map you're going to 
    encounter lots of scouts.  Lots of them.  A good way to counter them is use 
    smoke then get up close and personal.  Having a couple of snipers in the rear 
    isn't a bad idea either.  Just do what you feel is best on this map.  
    Depending on where the match is heading, it just varies.  Some teams might 
    rush with just rifles, or use submachine guns, some people hang back and 
    snipe, it just depends what you're up against.
    This is a fun map because you're going to get a lot of different combat.  
    You're going to get some sniping action, you're going to get quite a bit of 
    mid range combat, which is why rifleman is my prefered class on this game.  
    There are a couple of tanks, as well as some jeeps and motorbikes.  So get 
    ready for some vehicular action on this map.  This is probably my personal 
    favorite map.  It's got a great combination of vehicle action, sniping 
    action, close range, it's got everything.  
    How to play this map: War
    This is a big map with 5 points that can be captured.  That's a lot.  Let's 
    get into it. 
    	The axis "last point of defense" is a point that snipers can play a big 
    impact on.  You can snipe from basically from the river.  Snipers are going 
    to play a role on this map and their artillery strikes will be really useful 
    in capturing this point.  
    	The Next point is in the middle of a trench system.  Notice that near 
    the axis base is a tank.  That tank will play a huge part.  I can't tell you 
    how many times I've been allies and been trying to get that point captured 
    and that tank just kept blowing me up.  It was tough, so try and get that 
    tank, that will help you capture this point so much.
    	Now we're in the middle.  This point is located in a large courtyard.  
    Support gunners are going to be huge.  They'll be able to control this flag 
    really well, as well as rifleman.  To actually capture this point you're 
    going to need some range, and that's exactly what the support gun and the 
    rifle offer.
    	Now were heading into allied territory.  This next point is located 
    underground in a tomb like setting.  Throwing some smoke will definitely make 
    it very interesting, considering you won't be able to see past 3 feet.  To 
    capture this point you're going to have to have quick reflexes and good close 
    combat skills.  This one's tough to get.
    	Now we're at the allies last point of defense.  It's located in a 
    courtyard in the southeast corner of the map.  This one is actually easier to 
    capture.  A couple of support gunners proning back to back will be able to 
    handle this one fine.  Just be careful of tanks.  They could launch a rocket 
    in there and make things tough.  Throw a little smoke and you'll be fine.
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    Both of the flags are on the "last points of defense" for each team.  What I 
    tend to do when attacking the flags, especially the axis one is to swing all 
    the way around the side of the map and then sneak in and grab the flag then 
    make a dash for it.  Make sure to use the tanks on this map, this will really 
    help protect the flag carrier on this map.  You'll be able to cover the guys 
    back really well, especially with the tank.  
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    The flag spawns right next to the middle point. It's located right in the 
    middle of the courtyard, which is going to be a battle to just get a hold of 
    it.  The hardest part is probably going to be getting the flag and just 
    getting out of the courtyard.  Throwing smoke wouldn't be a bad idea, try and 
    mix it up a bit and cause some confusion.  This will enable you get out of 
    there without being shot up.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    A good chunk of the radios actually spawn underground and in the trench 
    system.  That means it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a couple of light 
    assaults or medics on your team, considering you're going to be having a lot 
    of lethal close range combat.  That's the main thing to watch for.  The tanks 
    aren't going to be very useful, considering the objectives are changing all 
    the time, so don't both with them.  
    How to play this map: Battle and Teambattle
    Use the tanks.  These will help you rack up kills, as well as cause a 
    distraction giving the infantry on your team a shot to pick off a bunch of 
    them as they are trying to kill the tank.  I would say that this map is 
    definitely a rifleman map.  There are plenty of mid range situations in which 
    the M1 Garand and the Kar98k is the preferred weapon.  You're not quite far 
    enough that a sniper rifle would be good, and yet you don't get enough close 
    range combat that a thompsons the best.  M1 Garand or Kar98k is the way to 
    go.  Maybe a support gunner as well.  
    This is a great map.  It's got a lot of close range combat.  Be aware of 
    that.  Thompshon/MP40 is my preferred weapon, but being a rifleman wouldn't 
    be a bad idea either.  Being a medic would also be good because you have a 
    decent close range gun in the trench gun, and you'll be able to heal your 
    fallen allies.
    How to play this map: War
    This map has 5 points.  That's a pretty good chunk.  A lot of these points 
    are going to get pretty chaotic, so get ready.  This is one of the most 
    intense maps in the game.  There are 5 points, and 
    	The axis "last point of defense" is located inside of a grassy 
    courtyard in the southern part of the map.  This is probably one of the 
    easiest point to capture because there are two doors that lead there, both of 
    them have stone walls about 3 feet tall that are perfectly convenient for 
    setting up machine guns on.  You'll see what I mean.  Do that and you're 
    guaranteed the point.
    	The next point is located inside of a wine cellar.  This one is hard 
    because there are a few ways your opponent could infiltrate.  At first it 
    looks like they could come from the stairs and the door next to the point.  
    Don't forget about the back.  Actually, if you're attacking this point, going 
    all the way through the grassy courtyard with the axis "last point of 
    defense" then coming through that door would be a good way to totally flank 
    your force.  
    	Now we're in the middle.  This is by far the most chaotic and hardest 
    point to capture in the map.  Maybe even the game.  There are balconies 
    surrounding the courtyard, which have railings that make perfect machine gun 
    setups.  There are about 4 direction the enemy could attack.  IF you can 
    capture this point, you can take anything.
    	The next point is your first step into allied territory.  This one is 
    located inside of the castles main room.  This point isn't too hard to 
    capture.  There are some crates laying around on the ground, so use these for 
    cover, or even better, setting up machine guns.  This will really help you 
    cover the angles, especially as a support gunner.  Do this and you'll be 
    	Now we're at the allied "last point of defense".  This one is actually 
    really easy to capture for the allies.  The reason being that there is a 
    house right in front of the flag.  It's a two story house, and has windows 
    which you can setup machine guns on.  If you have a couple of supports on 
    your team you will be able to keep axis forces from getting 100 yards from 
    the flag.  There is even a truck to hide behind.  So this flag is totally 
    setup for the allies to capture.  You could also be a rifleman and pick them 
    off, or be a scout.  Any of those work well, but it' best as a support 
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    Both of the flags are located at their teams "last point of defense" on the 
    war version of this map.  If you're carrying the flag try to avoid going out 
    into the main courtyard where the middle war point is.  You'll most likely 
    run into someone which means trouble.  Since there are a lot of close combat 
    situations don't forget that the flag's melee kills in one hit.  This is 
    huge, because this actually gives you a fighting chance against your 
    opponent, especially on this map.
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    The Flag spawns in the same courtyard as the middle point in the war version 
    of this map.  That means it's chaotic.  Good luck getting a hold of this 
    flag.  I would say designate a couple of players on your team to setting up 
    machine guns over that balcony and covering that flag.  When you're attacking 
    that flag, I would say the best thing to do is throw smoke.  I know I say 
    that all the time, and it seems like that's all I can say, but it's really 
    true.  If you don't throw smoke you aren't going to capture that flag.  Once 
    you do get a hold of the flag, try and work your way not through the main 
    passage, but all the way around.  This will really help you out a lot.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    The radios tend to spawn inside of the castle, which means that support 
    gunners and light assault are going to be your preferred class.  Get ready 
    for lots of close range combat.  That's going to be the main decider in the 
    map.  How quick is your trigger finger, and how good of reflexes do you have.  
    That's the key, and considering the radios spawn all over the place, it's 
    really quite spontaneous.
    How to play this map: Battle and Teambattle
    On this map just be a support or light assault.  You're going to find 
    yourself in a lot of close combat situations.  Medic wouldn't be bad either, 
    considering you'll have a shotgun and a syringe to revive guys with.  It's up 
    to you, but make sure to have something you're good with at close range.\
    Eder Dam
    This map is pretty big, has a bridge going across the middle of it, as well 
    as a little inland part.  There are some jeeps, so make good use of that, as 
    well as lots of bushes, grass, trees and other vegetation.  When you're 
    trying to cross the bridge, don't go straight across, go under it.  There is 
    a little tunnel that you can use to cross it.  That's what I always do.  One 
    other thing to keep in mind is that there is actually a whole other area all 
    the way on the east end of this map below the bridge, which wasn't something 
    I realized initially.
    How to play this map: War 
    This is another 5 point map.  Being a rifleman is a good class to be, as well 
    as support.  The reason being that on this map there is a lot of mid range 
    combat.  This is where rifleman and support gunners do the best.
    	Let's start with the axis "last point of defense".  It's located right 
    outside of their base, and is surrounded by trees and plenty of vegetation.  
    This is a good support gunner spot.  There isn't much danger of being sniped, 
    the only long range threat is an artillery strike.  But those don't happen 
    	Next point is just to the right of the axis base.  This point is pretty 
    easy for the axis to capture.  One big thing is that a machine gunner could 
    setup his gun on the wall that faces the allied base.
    	The next point is the middle point, but it's not really in the middle.  
    It's a lot closer to the allied base then it is to the axis.  Whatever.  When 
    capturing this poing use the boxes and the low stone wall to setup machine 
    guns to cover the area.  That's one of the key points.  Use a lot of machine 
    	Now we're hitting allied territory.  This point is right outside of the 
    allied base.  This is a sort of hard point to capture for the axis.  There is 
    a jeep sitting right in front.  Use the .30 CAL to cover the angles leading 
    up to this point.  Only problem with this is that there is a good chance 
    you'll get sniped from the other side, but that's a chance you'll have to 
    	This is the allies "last point of defense.  It's located in the 
    southeast corner of the map.  The thing with this point is that it's 
    surrounded by tres and vegetation, so no amount of snipers or rifleman are 
    going to be able to cover that part.  The only way to stop the other team 
    from capturing the point is to run up there and get up close and personal.
    How to play this map: Capture the Flag
    ON this map the allied flag is located next to the point that is near the 
    middle one on this map.  That would be the point that has the jeep next to 
    it.  The Axis point is right next to their "last point of defense" on the war 
    version of this map.  I found an awesome way to attack the axis base, and I 
    even have it in a short little video which can be found right here.  
    This spot is a great way to attack the flag.  
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    The flag spawns right in the middle of the map, to the west of the bridge.  
    Use the jeeps and their .30 CALS to get a hold of the flag, then punch it in 
    there.  The jeeps provide mobile firepower, so make sure to make good use of 
    that.  Here's that link from above, it works great, it's actually best on 
    Single Capture the flag.
    If you're watching this, make sure to use it if you're an ally, and make sure 
    to guard against it if you're an axis.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    Almost all of the radios spawn out in the open, which means that rifleman and 
    support gunners are the preferred class.  They'll be able to cover the wide 
    open areas much more effectively than a light assault or even heavy assault.  
    The main point is going to be how well your team can cover open territory, 
    that's huge.  Throwing smoke wouldn't be a bad idea, this will make it so 
    that if your enemy wants to see anything they are going to have to get up 
    close and personal.
    How to play this map: Battle and Team battle
    This map is a good one for rifleman.  This is a perfect map in general for 
    rifleman because it's almost all midrange combat situations.  That's the main 
    thing to keep in mind on this map.  Suppor are also good.  There are plenty 
    of crates, and low walls to place it on.  That's a good thing to keep in mind 
    as well.
    Fuel Plant
    This is the last map.  I got to be honest, I hate this maps guts.  You get 
    shot at from different angles, you never see who shot you.  It's a drab 
    colored map, it's just a rifleman fest.  Be ready for that.  That's the way 
    this game is going to play.  This map is probably the map that smoke will be 
    the most important in.  Make sure to at least have a  couple guys on your 
    team have smoke.
    How to play this map: War
    This map has 5 points on it that need to be captured.  Let's get it on.
    	The first point is the axis "last point of defense".  It's totally out 
    in the open, and will receive sniper fire from the scaffolding west of the 
    point.  That's the main thing.  To capture this you MUST throw smoke.  You'll 
    get sniped.  That's going to be the main thing.
    	The next point is inside of a warehouse, which has some barrels and a 
    truck laying around.  Be aware that there is a second story to this room.  A 
    good idea might be to have an ally setup a machine gun on one of the 
    balconies.  That's a good strategy to use, as well as take cover between the 
    crates and barrels.  This will help keep you alive.
    	Now we're smack dab in the middle.  This one is hard to capture because 
    you can get sniped from all of the catwalks leading around, all of the pipes, 
    there are just too many directions shots can come through.  Again, throwing 
    smoke is going to be the best way to deal with this threat.
    	Now we're hitting allied territory.  This one is inside of a brick made 
    warehouse, and is probably the easiest of the points to capture.  There 
    aren't many directions fire can come through, not anything that a couple of 
    light assaulters can't handle.
    	This is it, we're at the allies last point of defense.  This point is 
    located inside of a trainyard.  Use the train that's laying there as cover, 
    this will make it so that you only have to take fire from one direction, 
    which I think you can handle.  If you do this you should be all right.  
    That's going to be the main thing to do.
    How to play this map: Capture the flag
    The american flag is located in the trainy in the train yard in the western 
    segment of the map.  If you're going to attack this map.  Be careful about 
    getting shot from the scaffolding where the fuel is located.  Luckily there 
    are some barrels and trains to shelter you from that, so just hide behind the 
    The Axis flag is located inside the furnace room on the opposite end.  This 
    room has balconies going all around it which poses a great chance for machine 
    gunners.  This room has lots of little things jutting out of the furnaces 
    which cause for some awesome cover.  
    How to play this map: Single Capture the Flag
    The flag spawns in the same point as the middle point in war does.  It's 
    surrounded by pipes and is in the middle of all of the scaffolding and the 
    big fuel cans.  A smart thing to do is maybe have a sniper cover the flag, 
    because he can cover it from that big brick building south of the flag.  
    Sending someone over there would be a good way to cover the flag.  This flag 
    is really hard to capture or even get a hold of because you have issues with 
    getting sniped, as well as close range concerns.
    How to play this map: Headquarters
    The radios spawn either in the open, where you'll get your butt sniped, or 
    inside of the buildings.  You have to find a good combination between close 
    range combat and midrange combat.  I think the riflemans kit is good on this 
    map because it is a fine balance between the two. 
    How to play this map: Battle and Teambattle
    This map is definitely a rifleman or scout map.  Almost all of the combat is
    going to be at least 100 feet away.  That means that rifleman or scout is
    your best choice.  The only problem I'd say is that you're somewhat
    vulnerable at close range, but you'll probably pick the guy off before he
    gets that close. 
    VIII Acknowledgements and Contact info
    Well, here we are ladies and gentleman.  I really want to thank my family for
    being really supportive of me, and all that.  I want to thank treyarch for
    coming out with an awesome game.  Many people doubted how good this game
    would be, since infinity ward wasn't developing it, but I think treyarch
    delivered.  If you want to contact me you can email me at 
    boardslide30@yahoo.com or you can send me a voice message at bigbadblubanana,
    yes that's right bigbadblubanana.  If you have any questions, comments,
    anything you want to say you can get me right there.  I check my email
    everyday, I actually like to hear from my readers, so yeah.  Thanks to you as
    well, for reading this far and actually caring to read this part.  If you
    have anything you want to say to me, just contact me using the contacts
    above.  I guess that's it.
    IX Legal Info
    This guide may not be posted without my permission.  This guide may not be 
    copied without permission, except for personal use.  This guide may not be 
    changed, altered, or in any manner changed from it's original form, in any 
    manner, shape, or form.  If you do post this guide without my consent you 
    are liable to be prosecuted which I will not hesitate to do.
    	Copyright 2006 Jake Parker

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