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"Great Graphics, Annoying Game play"

Overall Call of Duty 3 is a mediocre game. The single player campaign is pretty fun but it has more of a cinematic quality than its predecessor Call of Duty 2, which had more of a non-stop action quality. In fact, the whole game is very cinematic and plays out a lot like a movie. There are great voice actors and they help tell the story a lot better, but sometimes it feels like there are too many movie/cinematic parts and not enough non-stop action parts like in Call of Duty 2. One unnecessary cinematic part happens when you're walking down a hallway alone and German soldier pops out from behind a wall and starts wrestling with you. This actually happens a couple times throughout the game and every time it looks like the same guy. That's another thing about this game; the character models all look pretty much the same. This part where you're wrestling isn't really hard or anything; it just seems kind of unnecessary and unrealistic. Overall I'd say Call of Duty 3 has more of a cinematic quality not really an amazing action quality.

GRAPHICS This is the one thing about this game that blows my mind. The graphics are amazing. The water effects, the smoke, the individual blades of grass, the shadows on peoples clothing; all these are of exceptional quality. They were the one thing about this game that makes it worth playing. In comparison it looks a bit better than Call of Duty 2, especially the cut scenes which had extraordinary visuals.

SOUND The sound was good. It was about the same as Call of Duty 2; lots of gun fire, explosions, etc. There were some nice sound acoustics inside buildings; you can hear the echoes and such inside barns and buildings with high ceilings. Another great aspect of the sound was the epic music during battles. Especially big battles, it really gets your heart pumping and gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush.

GAME PLAY PROS The actual heart of the game, like I said earlier has more of a cinematic quality to it than its predecessor Call of Duty 2. There are some new added features including the "throwing back a live grenade feature” which allows you to pick up a live grenade that you have to throw back before the timer runs out. I like this feature because they kind of teased you with it in Call of Duty 2 when you saw your fellow and enemy soldiers doing it. But now in order prevent the enemy from doing this all you have to do is hold the grenade a second or two after you pull the pin, then throw it and it'll explode in the air right where you want it to. Some parts of the environment allow you to interact with them, some parts are fixed. The parts that allow you to interact with them are very nicely done. For instance you can shoot out individual window panes and make the shudders move.

GAME PLAY CONS There were a couple things about this game that can really get on your nerves if you're the irritable type like myself. In the first level, the game refuses to let you go prone on the tank when you're using the binoculars to spot targets. Now, this may not seem like such a huge problem, but let me explain. First off, it's the first level, so the gamer is just starting off. He's still a bit unsure of controls and still very impressionable. Now this is how this part plays out: there's about 3 turrets shooting at you but somehow the tank magically protects you while you're sitting there completely exposed. You can literally sit there as long as you want and not get hit with a single bullet. Your guys don't really seem to do anything either. This takes away from the realism aspect because you'd think they'd at least eventually snipe the guys out of the turrets or at least hit them with a stray bullet, but all they do is blind-fire and waste bullets shooting randomly around the guy.

The second thing that made this game mediocre was that there were a couple of weird glitches through out the game, nothing too serious but just enough to make you say, “wtf”? The first glitch that caught my eye was the fact that bodies disappeared (this is not realistic obviously) it might help the frame rate but it looks stupid when you see some guys body you just shot completely disappear. Another part of the game that is very glitchy is pretty much any part that involves artillery shells. I didn't really see why they even needed these in the game because all they do is just go spinning frantically or get lodged into the geometry whenever you walk over them or get next to them. Other than that, there weren't really any other major glitches.

Another negative aspect of the game I found was the grenades didn't seem powerful enough. When thrown into a room, you have to be very specific where you throw them, even if it's a very small room. The good thing is you can carry more grenades in this game than you could in the previous CODs. I'm not sure if this is realistic or not because I've never actually thrown a real grenade, but for me it took away from the game play because grenades are meant to clear out large groups of people and even if you do get it right in the middle of a group of say 6 guys it'll only kill like 4 and the other 2 will just be a little shaken.

Finally, when you're supposed to complete a certain objective it gets annoying when your guys keep saying the same phrases over and over again in order to remind you about what you're supposed to do. For example; in the Forest level one of your men keeps repeating the same line over and over again. He keeps saying “keep pompin smoke for cover" without even pausing for breath. This, and some other levels (like the tank level), just seemed like they should be completely taken out of the game. I mean, why wouldn't the testers realize how annoying it is when some idiot keeps repeating the same line over and over again, they should have at least changed it up a bit and not had him constantly repeating the same stupid line. I don't even know what the word “pompin” means.

This part is ****ing hard on easy. Wouldn't the developers realize that certain parts are extremely hard? If so, then why would they have this ****ing idiot keep repeating the same fricken annoying line in the hardest level of the game. This part of the game annoyed the hell out of me. There's no cover, even the smoke does barely anything once you throw it. It's just a terrible level and the checkpoints are also really spread out, so even when you do get pretty far into the level, then you accidentally make a mistake (it happens, we're all human) then oh ****, now you have to start completely over. And then here you go again at the very beginning of the level is the same guy, like a broken record " keep pompin smoke for cover". What a ****ing *******.

MULTIPLAYER The multiplayer is really actually pretty good. You can have up to 24 people playing on the same map at the same time and there's still barely any lag. I would say this part of the game is better than Call of Duty 2 except for no kill cam, which sucks because that's one of the only things about Call of Duty 2's multiplayer that I liked.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/05/07, Updated 01/21/10

Game Release: Call of Duty 3 (US, 11/07/06)

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