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    FAQ by CatMuto

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    79 Characters
    1.00 - Introduction
    1.10 - All Legal Stuff
    1.20 - Version History
    2.00 - Newest Features
    2.01 - New Girls
    2.10 - Kasumi
    2.20 - Hitomi
    2.30 - Lei Fang
    2.40 - Christie
    2.50 - Kokoro
    2.60 - Helena
    2.70 - Tina
    2.80 - Lisa
    2.90 - Ayane
    3.00 - Zack & Nikki
    3.10 - Suggested Teams
    3.20 - Volleyball Courts
    3.30 - Gift Giving
    3.40 - Gift Suggestions
    3.50 - Suit Giving
    3.60 - The Girls' Suits
    3.70 - "Special" Suits
    3.80 - The Most Expensive?
    3.90 - Questions & Answers
    This FAQ is about the Girls of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, the game made in 2006.
    The FAQ focuses on Information about the Girls and the best Gifts to
    give to become friends with them and/or partner up with them.
    1.10 - ALL LEGAL STUFF
    This FAQ was written by Louisa "CatMuto" Beutler in 2009,
    I do not own any rights to Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2.
    I do not gain any money from writing or publishing this FAQ on the Internet.
    This FAQ may only be published on the following page(s).
    To Contact Me, send me an e-Mail at
    The Subjectline should have DoA X2 or something similiar in it.
    Do not send me spam, robin letters or anything that is unrelated
    to questions, suggestions or corrections to this FAQ.
    Version 1.00 - May29th 2009; Written
    Version 2.00 - Jun15th 2009; Re-Written
    Version 2.01 - Jun17th 2009; Added Swimsuit Collection
    Compared to the Prequel/First Game Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball(XBV)
    brought out on the original XBOX in 2003, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2(X2)
    has new features in it, increasing the joy at playing and reducing
    the focus on Beach Volleyball.
    As noticable by the Title, DoA: Xtreme 2 does not focus on Beach Volleyball
    like it's predecessor, but on the friendship between the girls.
    From a total of 42 suggested Mini-Games for X2, this game features
    seven Mini-Games at which you all can win money.
    Beach Volleyball - Like in XBV you play in 2 vs 2 teams and whichever
                       team gets 7 points first wins.*1
    Pool Hopping     - Also from XBV, you jump from one floating platform
                       in the pool to another, either alone or racing against
                       another girl.*2
    Jet Ski Race     - New; Accessable from the start. You control a Jet Ski,
                       each with different stats, and gain money by winning,
                       performing stunts on the Jet Ski - standing or jumping
                       from a ramp and passing little Yellow & Red Balls to
                       gain a temporary turbo boost.
    Zack Waterslide  - New; Buy Ticket for 150.000 Zack-Dollars at Sports Shop.
                       Your girl will be in a ring while sliding down,
                       it's your job to maneuver her so she doesn't
                       fall off-course and get disqualified.*3
    Beach Flags      - New; Buy Ticket for 100.000 Zack-Dollars at Sports Shop.
                       Race against another girl to catch the Flag at the other
                       end of the beach.
    Butt Battle      - New; Buy Ticket for 150.000 Zack-Dollars at Sports Shop.
                       Bump the other girl into the water by using your Hips
                       and Butt.
    Tug-O-War        - New; Buy Ticket for 100.000 Zack-Dollars at Sports Shop.
                       Feint or Pull the rope and try to get the other girl
                       into the water.
    *1 - You have to lead by at least 2 Points to get a Match Point;
         the game can go up to 9 - 9 Points,
         whichever team does the 10th point then, wins.
    *2 - If you press a Button the same color as the next platform (Red, Blue,
         Green or Yellow) you get a Bonus for that. Press the next button
         for the next platform (same color or not) for another bonus.
    *3 - A lot of people get their girl off-course at the corcscrew about
         10 - 12 seconds in; the "trick" is to speed up a little bit
         before entering the Corscrew; same goes for the loop later on.
    When you're in the Casino, playing on the Christie-Slot-Machine and win
    the jackpot 9 times, Zack will give you a gift which contains the
    Secret Ticket.
    Use this ticket and choose a girl, who will perform a Pole-Dance
    themed to "My Grave" - the song used in Christie's Dead Or Alive 4 Ending.
    The Ticket is useable only once - if you wish to see a different girl
    perform, you have to win the ticket again.
    The (in)famous Breast-Physique.
    Very different from XBV, X2 has changed not only in the better-graphics
    department, but also in the physiques.
    Now, the girls' breasts have individual gravity fields - one breast
    might jiggle or jump up and down while the other stays completely still.
    They also jiggle very exaggerated - sometimes they stop in mid-bounce
    or continue to move several seconds after the girl has stopped moving.
    There is an Age-Option in the Game and it is still said, like in
    the other games, that increasing or decreasing the Age might affect
    the amount of jiggling.
    This is yet to be confirmed.
    Unlike XBV where the girls got tanned throughout the vacation,
    except when using Sunscreen, in X2 you have to watch out a bit.
    The girls still get tanned - except when using Sunscreen,
    but this time they could end up with tanlines.
    They have an outline of the first swimsuit after they change into
    a different one, unless you used enough Sunscreen.*4
    Some of the girls like it to get tanned, others prefer to remain
    rather pale.
    Of course, you are the one deciding, so you can buy Sunscreen,
    which lasts two Sessions, or Tan Lotion, also lasting two Sessions,
    on the girls, to control how much she tans or lack thereof.
    *4 - Example: Ayane is wearing Echo - Schoolswimsuit - and a few days
         later afterwards she changes into Christie's Diamond - mere strings.
         If she used no Sunscreen, you will see Echo's
         form still "on" her, until she tans again.
    Under the Options Menu you can choose between the Original Japanese Voices
    with English Text or you can try out the English Voices with English Text.
    The girls have a little variety between them.
    Christie has a British Accent and Tina now sounds like she's from Texas,
    although it's sometimes hard to understand what she says.
    For example, Helena who is french (although in French she'd be Hélène)
    now has a french maid accent.
    Example: "Jhust 'old sis" (when serving a Ball)
    2.01 NEW GIRL
    While Team Ninja said in an interview that there would be two
    new girls in X2 playable, Kokoro - a young Geisha In Training - is
    the only new girl in the game.
    Nikki was rumored to be playable in X2, but she only appears in the
    cut-scenes alongside Zack.
    2.10 - KASUMI
    Name:        Kasumi
    Age:         17 (N/A In Non-Japanese Versions)
    Birthday:    February 23rd
    Nationality: Japanese
    Japanese Voice: Kuwashima Houko (Marron/Jeanne - Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne)
    English Voice : Kari Wahlgren   (Raine Sage - Tales Of Symphonia)
    Favorite Color: Milky-Pink
    Favorite Food : Strawberry Millefeuille
    Hobbies:      Fortune Telling
    Special Suit: Azalea; Gentian; Thistle; Rabbit
    Special Item: Kasumi's Favorite Hairribbon (Open; Braided; Ponytail; Tied)
    Strength : *
    Technique: *****
    Defense  : ***
    Jump     : *****
    Speed    : ***
    Overall:    As you can tell from her Volleyball Stats, she's a weakling.
                In the beginning, spiking a ball might seem hard but you get
                a feeling for it later on.
                Because of Kasumi's Stature and lacking Strength, she'll often
                be knocked down by Helena, Hitomi or Tina.
    Recruiting: Kasumi can easily be recruited as your Volleyball Partner;
                Kasumi herself can recruit everyone, except Ayane.
    2.20 - HITOMI
    Name:        Hitomi
    Age:         18
    Birthday:    May 25th
    Nationality: German
    Japanese Voice: Horie Yui    (Naru - Love Hina)
    English Voice : Hynden Walch (Talim - Soulcalibur III & IV)
    Favorite Color: Sky Blue
    Favorite Food : Sachertorte
    Hobbies:      Cooking; Cycling
    Special Suit: Bear
    Special Item: Hitomi's Favorite Hairband (Equipped Or Not)
    Strength : ****
    Technique: *
    Defense  : ***
    Jump     : *
    Speed    : **
    Overall:    Hitomi is strong, that's one of her best features in
                Volleyball. But that would make her a very good Partner
                for weak Characters.
                Hitomi's spikes or sometimes even normal hits can knock
                an opponent down.
    Recruiting: Hitomi is very easy to recruit, she's a Good Girl From Next Door.
                Hitomi herself can recruit everyone.
    2.30 - LEI FANG
    Name:        Lei Fang
    Age:         19
    Birthday:    April 23rd
    Nationality: Chinese
    Japanese Voice: Touma Yumi (Yui - Fushigi Yuugi)
    English Voice : Zinnia Su  (No Information On Other Voices)
    Favorite Color: Yellow
    Favorite Food : Almond Tofu
    Hobbies:      Aromatherapy
    Special Suit: Panda
    Special Item: Lei Fang's Favorite Hair Ornament (Tied Up; Schoolbraids; Open)
    Strength : *
    Technique: ****
    Defense  : *****
    Jump     : ****
    Speed    : ***
    Overall:    Lei Fang, like Kasumi, is very weak and the chance of her being
                knocked down by Hitomi, Helena or Tina is very high.
                But she is the fastest in getting up after being knocked down.
    Recruiting: Lei Fang is very easy to recruit, because she likes everyone,
                although she seems to not like Tina much.
                Lei Fang herself can recruit almost everyone, too.
    2.40 - CHRISTIE
    Name: Christie
    Age: 24
    Birthday: December 18th
    Nationality: British
    Japanese Voice: Mitsuishi Kotono (Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon) 
    English Voice : April Stewart    (Mjrn - Final Fantasy XII)
    Favorite Color: Black
    Favorite Food : Tomato Juice
    Hobbies:      Driving
    Special Suit: Panther
    Special Item: /
    Strength : ***
    Technique: **
    Defense  : ***
    Jump     : ***
    Speed    : ****
    Overall:    Christie is an all-round character who has enough strength
                to knock people down and speed to dash for a far-off ball.
                She's a good substitute for Lisa, if you do not wish to
                have her as your Partner.
    Recruiting: Christie as a Partner can be a bit hard to recruit,
                but it's managable if you give her the right presents.
                If you are playing as Helena, do not try to recruit Christie,
                the same goes if you are playing Christie.
                Christie herself can recruit the other girls just fine,
                except for Helena.
    2.50 - KOKORO
    Name:        Kokoro
    Age:         16 (N/A In Non-Japanese Versions)
    Birthday:    December 1st
    Nationality: Japanese
    Japanese Voice: Kawasumi Ayako (Chidori Kuruma - Ayashi No Ceres)
    English Voice : Kathryn Feller (Nancy Dufour - Valkyria Chronicles)
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Favorite Food : Japanese Fruitsalad
    Hobbies:      Playing the Piano
    Special Suit: Cassis; Citron; Shiba
    Special Item: /
    Strength : ****
    Technique: **
    Defense  : ***
    Jump     : **
    Speed    : *****
    Overall:    Kokoro is an okay, almost an all-round character, but her
                technique - and therefore aim - is not very good.
                It may take you a while to get the fine tuneing onto her
                aerial spikes.
    Recruiting: Kokoro is easy to recruit, sometimes you might want to
                wait a bit before asking her to become your Partner.
                Kokoro herself can recruit everyone.
    2.60 - HELENA
    Name:        Helena
    Age:         21
    Birthday:    January 30th
    Nationality: French
    Japanese Voice: Koyama Yuka     (Jinny Golding - Marmalade Boy)
    English Voice : Karen Strassman (Miyuki Takara - Lucky Star)
    Favorite Color: White
    Favorite Food : Blanchemange
    Hobbies:      Walking her Dog
    Special Suit: White Cat
    Special Item: / (Although her Ribbon changes color with each swimsuit)
    Strength : **
    Technique: ***
    Defense  : ****
    Jump     : ***
    Speed    : ****
    Overall:    Like Christie and Lisa, Helena is a good all-round character.
                Her strength may seem weak, but she is able to knock
                an opponent down with a well-aimed and well-spiked ball.
    Recruiting: Helena is easy to recruit, but waiting a day or two to check
                her friendship-notes might be a good idea sometimes.
                Helena herself can recruit everyone, except Christie.
    2.70 - TINA
    Name:        Tina
    Age:         22
    Birthday:    December 6th
    Nationality: American
    Japanese Voice: Nagashima Yuko (Tsubaki - Naruto)
    English Voice : Kate Higgins   (Saber - Fate/Stay Night)
    Favorite Color: Sapphireblue
    Favorite Food : Seafood
    Hobbies:      Cycling; Sport Games
    Special Suit: Black Cat
    Special Item: /
    Strength : *****
    Technique: **
    Defense  : *
    Jump     : *
    Speed    : *
    Overall:    Easy to see, Strength is Tina's only good point, which
                would make her a really good partner for a weak but fast
                Most of her spikes will knock down the opponent.
    Recruiting: Tina can be a bit hard to recruit, since it might be
                a bit hard to find enough of her favorite things.
                Tina herself can get anyone as a Partner, although she
                can have a hard time with Lei Fang and Kasumi.
    2.80 - LISA
    Name:        Lisa
    Age:         21
    Birthday:    July 20th
    Nationality: American
    Japanese Voice: Sakamoto Maaya (Hitomi - Vision Of Escaflowne)
    English Voice : Masasa Moyo    (Leblanc - Final Fantasy X-2)
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Food : Cherrypie
    Hobbies:      Surfing
    Special Suit: Leopard
    Special Item: /
    Strength : ***
    Technique: ****
    Defense  : ***
    Jump     : ***
    Speed    : ***
    Overall:    Lisa is the all-round character, like Christie, and will
                be your Partner whenever you choose the Tour around
                New Zack Island in the beginning.*5
    Recruiting: Lisa is your partner automatically when you choose to get
                the Tour of New Zack Island from her in the beginning.
                Lisa can recruit everyone, the easiest would be Tina.
    *5 - The first time you play the game, the Tour is mandatory.
    2.90 - AYANE
    Name:        Ayane
    Age:         16 (N/A In Non-Japanese Versions)
    Birthday:    August 5th
    Nationality: Japanese
    Japanese Voice: Yamazaki Wakana  (Ran Mouri - Detective Conan)
    English Voice : Janna Levenstein (No Information Of Other Voices)
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite Food : Glaced Marrons
    Hobbies:      Beauty Treatment
    Special Suit: Racoon
    Special Item: Ayane's Favorite Bandana (Equipped Or Not)
    Strength : **
    Technique: *****
    Defense  : **
    Jump     : *****
    Speed    : **
    Overall:    A fast and well-aiming character, Ayane will definitely
                want one of the all-round or really strong characters.
                The best position to have Ayane on the beachfield is
                in the middle of the field.
    Recruiting: Ayane is probably the hardest to get as a Partner, since
                she's a loner and doesn't like anyone very much.
                If you are playing as Kasumi, don't waste your time on
                trying to get Ayane as your Partner very soon.
                Ayane herself may have a hard time to get a Partner,
                but funnily enough she can easily get Kasumi as her Partner.
    3.00 ZACK & NIKKI
    Name: Zack
    Japanese Voice: Shimada Bin  (Soron - Tales Of Legendia)
    English Voice : Khary Phaton (Cyborg - Teen Titans)
    Appearances: Zack is only seen in the beginning and ending cutscene of X2.
                 Although he used to have a slight interest in Tina,
                 he is completely loyal to his beautiful girlfriend Nikki,
                 after whom he named the prettiest Beach on (New) Zack Island.
    Name: Nikki
    Japanese Voice: Koyama Yuka   (Jinny Golding - Marmalade Boy)
    English Voice : Kari Wahlgren (Raine Sage - Tales Of Symphonia)
    Appearances: Like Zack, Nikki only appears in the beginning and end cutscene
                 of X2.
                 She may look like a little doll, but it is said that Nikki
                 has a very strong will.
    These teams are mere suggestions, they do not in any way tell you that
    you have to use these.
    If you have a team to suggest that isn't listed in it,
    please send me an e-Mail with the Girls' Names and your reason
    why they would make a good team.
    Please nothing like "They look good together" or something like that.
    Kasumi/Ayane/Lei Fang - Hitomi
    Hitomi would be a good balance to these three girls who are fast,
    which is something that Hitomi lacks, and can pass the balls while Hitomi
    spikes them across the net and onto the field.
    Tina - Hitomi
    Both are very strong, but not the fastest, so it might be a bit hard
    to catch a ball in time that went a far way.
    But both are strong and could continouesly knock down the opponent.
    Lisa - Christie
    All-round characters who would catch a far ball fast and be
    able to spike it across the net in no time.
    A good team if you are new to the game and don't want any
    disadvantages to worry about.
    Lei Fang - Kokoro
    Kokoro has enough strength to spike a ball and catch it,
    while Lei Fang is more the defensive part of the team.
    Good teamwork and set up spikes are the key.
    Ayane - Kasumi
    Both aren't the strongest, but fast and good at aiming the ball.
    Kasumi would do best to defend at the net while Ayane should
    spike, because she's a bit stronger.
    A bit unstable, but still managable.
    On New Zack Island are four places where you can play Volleyball,
    two of them beaches, and relax.
    You can also find other Mini-Games at most of the Courts.
    Nikki Beach      - At the south of the Island, this Beach is the most
                       beautiful one and is named after Zack's girlfriend Nikki.
                       You can also play Beach Flags here.
    Tranquil Beach   - At the north side of the Island is this little Beach,
                       quite tucked in and almost invisible. Very few people
                       come here, making it easier to relax and have a quiet
                       You can also play Beach Flags here.
    Brilliant Jungle - Right in the middle of the Island is this jungle
                       where there is hardly any sunlight, so it's a good place
                       to be away from the sun.
                       You find the Waterslide here.
    Bass Island      - A little island located to the south-west of New Zack
                       Island, this little and pretty place is covered by
                       the tide most of the day, only accessable during midday.
    3.30 - GIFT GIVING
    In this game, you mostly have to focus on the friendship level between
    the girls. The more a girl likes you, the more likely she'll agree
    to be your partner for Volleyball or her enthusiasm during a
    Volleyball Match with you will increase.*6
    There are two kinds of options you can choose to give a girl a gift.
    You can either give it to her through the Hotel or Directly.
    Before you can give a gift, though, it has to be wrapped.
    At the Sports Shop, you can get it wrapped for free,
    while at Zack Of All Trades you will have to pay a certain fee
    to have it wrapped.
    Each present has a certain effect on each girl, ranking from absolutely
    loving it, to liking it and down-right hating it.
    Some gifts they do not like they will accept, though.
    In the Accessoires Shop you find sunglasses, hats, shoes and nail polish
    with which you can change small details on the girls.
    In Zack Of All Trades are several items as well as food and drinks,
    these are the things you definitely want to give the girls, because
    they are their favorite things.
    Food and Drinks, as well as Flowers, will go bad/wither away after two
    Example: You bought a Tomato Juice for Christie in the Morning, but
             couldn't give it to her by evening or before nightfall;
             the Tomato Juice will have gone bad and it will be harmful
             rather than helpful in getting Christie to like you.
    *6 - If you have Lisa as your default partner, you don't have to shower
         her with love gifts, a like gift or two a day will work just fine.
    At night, when you return to your Hotel, you can choose to "Send A Gift"
    to one of the other eight girls.
    Some say it's best to be in the same Hotel as the girl you want to
    give a gift to, but you don't have to.
    When you see a girl you want to give a gift to, choose "Give a Present to .."
    and you will see a cutscene with the girl.
    Depending on how much she likes you already, she'll either just accept the
    gift or she will open it in front of you.
    The present will be rejected and given back to you right away, if she
    opened it in front of you. Otherwise you might find your gift sent back
    to you the next morning or night at the Hotel.
    A few suggestions on what to give to which girl,
    because each has her own taste of things.
    The clue to find gifts that they like lies in their favorite color,
    food and hobby.
    Example: Helena loves white, white food and is very elegant, so she'd
             naturally prefer a Lace Parasol over a Leather Bag
    Keeping these three things in mind, you should have no problem
    with giving the right gift to the girls.
    I will not list everything the girls love or like, I will merely
    list some things that are helpful.
    She loves: Strawberries
               Strawberry Millefeuille
               Red Pinwheel
               Epic Novel: Little Blue Bird
               Kasumi Coin
               Kasumi-chan Blue Xbox
    She likes: Pink Pinwheel
               Red Watering Can
               Pink Ribbon/Bracelet/Sunglasses/Rose/Lilly/Morning Glory/Hat
               Lace Parasol
               Japanese Desert
               Iced Tea
    She loves: Sachertorte
               Epic Novel: Bridge to the Stars
               Fashionable Basket
               Orange Juice
               Tea Set
               Toaster Oven
    She likes: Epic Novel: Sea of Light
               Blue RC Airplane
               Fashionable Hat
               Sky Blue Sunglasses/Wristband/Sandals/Ribbon Bracelet
               Old Watch
    She loves: Almond Tofu
               Chinese Tea Set
               Peacock Fan
               Red Wind-chime
               Epic Novel: Infinite Space
    She likes: Yellow Wind-chime
               Epic Novel: Sea of Light
               Hand Basket
               Yellow High Heels/Rose/Lilly/Ribbon Bracelet/Sneakers/Round Glasses
               Sunset Flying Disc
    She loves: Black RC Car
               Tomato Juice
               Red Wind-chime
    She likes: Dumbbell
               Epic Novel: Infinite Space
               Black Sports Sandals/Glasses/Ribbon Bracelet/Leopard Wristband
               Iced Coffee
               Crystal Ornament
               Sky Blue RC Car
    KOKORO - Not a Morning Person
    She loves: Japanese Desert/Parasol/Drum
               Coconut Milk
               Tea Ceremony Set
               Yellow Wind-chime
               Potted Plant
               Sheet Music
    She likes: Orange Hibiscus/Plumeria/Lilly/Ribbon/Bracelet/Goggles/Sunglasses
               Orange Watering Can
               Orange Juice
               Romance Novel
               Epic Novel: Little Blue Bird
               Four Leaf Clover
    HELENA - Not a Morning Person
    She loves: Lace Parasol
               Opera Glasses
               Blanche Manger
               Tea Set
               Iced Tea
               Romance Novel
    She likes: White Ribbon Bracelet/High Heels/Flower Crown/Lilly/Wristband
               Epic Novel: Bridge to the Stars
               White Watering Can
               Iced Cafe Au Lait
    She loves: Recorder
               Electric Guitar
               French Fries
               Kasumi Coin
               Kasumi-chan Blue Xbox
               Fried Chicken
    She likes: Navy Blue Wristband/Ribbon Bracelet/Luminiscent Bangle/Sandals
               Blue RC Airplane
               Sunset Flying Disc
               Fashionable Basket
    She loves: Cherry Pie
               Tropical Fruit Punch
               Orange Watering Can
               Epic Novel: Sea Of Light
               Lyrical Poetry Anthology
               Summer Resort Flying Disc
    She likes: Red Bracelet/Sandals/Sunglasses/Rose/Lilly/Swallowtail
               Rainbow Flying Disc
               Red Whind-chime
               Legendary Scarab
               Red Pinwheel
    AYANE - Not a Morning Person
    She loves: Marron Galces
               Purple Pinwheel
               Epic Novel: Bridge to the Stars
               Japanese Parasol
    She likes: Purple Sunglasses/Ribbon Bracelet/Swallowtail/Casquette/Rose/Lilly
               Japanese Drum
               Crystal Ornament
               Summer Resort Flying Disc
               Tea Ceremony Set
               Peacock Fan
    3.50 - SUIT GIVING
    To get certain Achievements (ex. Two friends with Kasumi) you need
    to collect the swimsuits of so many girls, including your own.
    Sometimes it may take a long time to get even your own girl's suits together.
    The Sports Shop sells the swimsuit collection of the girl you are currently
    playing as (ex. Tina's) and the swimsuits change each session,
    so if you see the Taygeta in the Morning, it might be gone in the Day Session.
    But maybe you want to let Tina wear a Christie suit or see Hitomi wearing
    a suit of Tina's.
    Before you even think of giving suits as gifts, you have to make sure
    that the girl you want to gift has a good friendship with you.
    At least 2-3 notes, or else she will not open the gift in front of you.
    Also, you have to make sure that the girl is in a good mood.
    Example: Tina wants to give Sirius to Ayane - give Ayane a "like" Item
             in the Morning and later on in the day the suit, because Ayane
             hates mornings and is more likely to reject something.
    You can tell by the way their little avatar-self is facing,
    right now I haven't figured out which way each girl faces when in
    the best mood.
    Of course, even if the girl is in her best mood and likes you alot,
    she can still reject a suit - usually the reason is that she hates the suit.
    You will have problems with getting all girls into the Venus suit,
    because they all actually hate it.
    You can use the Sign-Out/Gamertag Glitch to make sure the game
    does not save the possible Rejection of the Suit.
    I personally have never used it, so I can't really tell you perfectly
    how it goes.
    But go to YT and check for Shinobi558, there's a Video about Suit-Gifting
    using the help of that glitch.
    3.60 - THE GIRLS' SUITS
    Each girl has at least 20 or 30 swimsuits to wear in her collection,
    not counting the Special Zack-Only Suits.
    Each girl has a certain "theme" to her suits, which you might recognize
    or not.
    The prices vary, you can guess that the most expensive ones are the
    skimpiest ones.
    Exceptions are some suits that are actually schooluniforms or schoolswimsuits.
    Here I list the suits you can buy, the Special Suits are in the
    next section.
    Her theme is "Flowers" and she has one of the more modest collection,
    although some of them are still very nice to look at.
    Acacia         -   750.000
    Amaryllis      -   370.000
    Anemone        -   880.000
    Balsam         -   270.000
    Cattleya       -   750.000
    Cherry Blossom - 1.000.000
    Crocus         -   270.000
    Cyclamen       -   370.000
    Daisy          -   370.000
    Dandelion      - 1.000.000
    Dogwood        -   750.000
    Gardenia       -   880.000
    Geranium       -   270.000
    Gerbera        -   880.000
    Hyacinth       -    95.000
    Hydrangea      -    35.000
    Lavender       -   550.000
    Lilac          -   750.000
    Lilly          -    95.000
    Magnolia       -    50.000
    Marguerite     -    35.000
    Olive          -    95.000
    Orchid         -   550.000
    Pansy          -    35.000
    Peony          -   270.000
    Pink           -   880.000
    Rhododendron   -    50.000
    Sasanqua       -   880.000
    Sunflower      -   550.000
    Tulip          -    75.000
    Violet         -   550.000
    Wisteria       -    50.000
    Hitomi's Suits are themed after constellations in the Galaxy and her
    swimsuits are the most modest ones in the whole game.
    Andromeda      - 1.000.000
    Antlia         -   175.000
    Apus           -   780.000
    Aquarius       -    30.000
    Ara            -   255.000
    Aries          -   100.000
    Auriga         -   255.000
    Bootes         -   550.000
    Cancri         -   650.000
    Cealum         -   370.000
    Cetus          -   780.000
    Colt           -   470.000
    Coma           -   175.000
    Corona         - 1.000.000
    Crux           -   500.000
    Cygnus         - 1.000.000
    Delphinus      -   550.000
    Fox            -   470.000
    Grus           -   370.000
    Indus          -   550.000
    Lacerta        -   780.000
    Lupus          -   255.000
    Marlin         -    30.000
    Mensa          -   175.000
    Meteor         - 1.000.000
    Octans         -   175.000
    Pegasus        -   650.000
    Puppy          -    30.000
    Scorpion       -   470.000
    Sculpter       -   370.000
    Southern Cross -   100.000
    Virgo          -   100.000
    Whale          -   650.000
    Lei Fang's suits are named after birds,
    I can't give an opinion to her suits yet, because
    I haven't seen many of them yet.
    Auk          -   550.000
    Bunting      -   750.000
    Bush Warbler -    75.000
    Canary       -    30.000
    Cardinal     -    75.000
    Condor       -   370.000
    Finch        -   600.000
    Garuda       -   500.000
    Goldcrest    -    30.000
    Grackle      -   180.000
    Grebe        - 1.000.000
    Grosbeak     -   750.000
    Hawk         -   370.000
    Ibis         -   550.000
    Loon         -   600.000
    Moa          -   550.000
    Nene         -    75.000
    Ostrich      - 1.000.000
    Parakeet     -   265.000
    Partridge    -   750.000
    Peacock      -   265.000
    Pipit        -   370.000
    Ptarmigan    - 1.000.000
    Robin        -    30.000
    Roc          -   500.000
    Rooster      -   600.000
    Shrike       -   180.000
    Starling     -   265.000
    Stork        -   500.000
    Thrush       - 1.000.000
    Thunderbird  - 1.000.000
    Whydah       -   180.000
    Christie's swimsuits are all named after precious stones or ores
    and she has a rather skimpy set of suits, the most expensive ones,
    like the Diamond, are mere strings attached to each other.
    Ametrine    -    75.000
    Aquamarine  - 1.000.000
    Azurite     -   370.000
    Beryl       -   880.000
    Black Pearl -   370.000
    Bloodstone  -   155.000
    Carnelian   -   780.000
    Cat's Eye   -    30.000
    Citrine     -   270.000
    Diamond     - 1.000.000
    Emerald     -    30.000
    Fluorite    -   780.000
    Howlite     -   500.000
    Jade        -   155.000
    Jasper      -   370.000
    Malachite   -   500.000
    Moonstone   -   780.000
    Nephrite    -   500.000
    Obsidian    -   120.000
    Onyx        -   270.000
    Orthoclase  -    30.000
    Pearl       -   270.000
    Quartz      -    75.000
    Ruby        -    30.000
    Sapphire    - 1.000.000
    Sardonyx    -    75.000
    Serpentine  -   880.000
    Tanzanite   -   500.000
    Topaz       -   120.000
    Tourmaline  -   120.000
    Turqouise   -   155.000
    Variscite   -   500.000
    Zircon      -   880.000
    New character Kokoro has Fruit themed swimsuits, which are
    a mixture out of bikinis and tanktops.
    Apparently, the most popular one is Strawberry - a white
    tanktop with DOAX written on it with a blue bikini bottom.
    Apple        -   395.000
    Apricot      -    40.000
    Banana       -   720.000
    Blueberry    -   155.000
    Camu Camu    -   220.000
    Coconut      - 1.000.000
    Cranberry    -   155.000
    Durian       -    40.000
    Fig          -   155.000
    Grape        -   155.000
    Grapefruit   -   195.000
    Guava        -    40.000
    Kiwifruit    -    85.000
    Lemon        -   220.000
    Lime         -   220.000
    Lychee       -   720.000
    Mango        -   720.000
    Melon        -   800.000
    Muscat       -   880.000
    Orange       -   195.000
    Papaya       -   720.000
    Peach        -    75.000
    Pineapple    -   295.000
    Plum         -    40.000
    Prune        -   155.000
    Quince       -   220.000
    Raspberry    -    85.000
    Shekwasha    -   880.000
    Star Fruit   -   395.000
    Strawberry   -   800.000
    Sweet Cherry -   395.000
    Sweetie      -   195.000
    Watermelon   -   800.000
    Helena's suits are themed after Cocktails, the outfits vary
    between bikinis to one pieces and bikinis that are "attached"
    to each other.
    Affinity         -   680.000
    Balalaika        -   680.000
    Blue Lagoon      -   225.000
    Bourbonella      -   680.000
    Brandy Alexander - 1.000.000
    Bronx            -   355.000
    Bull Shot        -   900.000
    Gin Buck         -   355.000
    Godfather        - 1.000.000
    Habana Beach     -   180.000
    Kir Royal        -   180.000
    Knock Out        - 1.000.000
    Mai-Tai          -   225.000
    Manhattan        -   155.000
    Matador          -   355.000
    Mimosa           -   270.000
    Mint Frappe      -   155.000
    Mojito           -   900.000
    Monte Carlo      -   270.000
    Moscow Mule      -   180.000
    Olympic          -   780.000
    Panache          -   100.000
    Papagena         -   100.000
    Polonaise        -   225.000
    Rob Roy          -   780.000
    Rusty Nail       -   270.000
    Shandy           -   225.000
    Singapore Sling  -   100.000
    Stinger          -   900.000
    Tequile Sunrise  -   155.000
    Valencia         -   780.000
    Tina's swimsuits are named after stars in the constellations,
    similiar to Hitomi, yet completely different.
    Alcyone    -    70.000
    Aldebaran  -    95.000
    Alioth     -   880.000
    Alnile     -   780.000
    Alphard    -    70.000
    Alshain    - 1.000.000
    Altair     -   220.000
    Aludra     -   150.000
    Bellatrix  -    70.000
    Calf       -   450.000
    Capella    -   220.000
    Castor     -    55.000
    Deneb      -   780.000
    Electra    - 1.000.000
    Fomalhaut  -    70.000
    Meglez     -   880.000
    Mira       -    70.000
    Mirfak     - 1.000.000
    Mirzam     -   150.000
    Mulifein   -   620.000
    Pleiades   -    95.000
    Pleiones   -   620.000
    Polaris    -   150.000
    Porrima    -   880.000
    Procyon    -    55.000
    Prometheus - 1.000.000
    Regulus    -   55.000
    Ruchbah    -   450.000
    Scheat     -   780.000
    Schedar    -   450.000
    Sirius     -   220.000
    Taygeta    -    70.000
    Wezn       -   620.000
    The theme for Lisa's suits is Godessess, they're a mixture
    out of the Egyptian, German and Romanic legends.
    Her collection has the Venus in it, an expensive and the skimpiest
    outfit in the whole game - it's plates over the interesting parts
    with jewels and strings attached.
    Aglaia    -   680.000
    Arthemis  - 1.000.000
    Astarte   -   800.000
    Atropos   -   420.000
    Bellona   -    35.000
    Brigit    -    35.000
    Calliope  -   350.000
    Ceres     -   120.000
    Daphne    -   420.000
    Eirene    -   800.000
    Europa    -   185.000
    Fortune   - 1.000.000
    Frigg     -   350.000
    Io        -   185.000
    Ishtar    -    35.000
    Isis      -   220.000
    Jono      -    35.000
    Juno      -   185.000
    Leda      -   120.000
    Mach      -   800.000
    Melpomene -   680.000
    Memphis   -   550.000
    Morrigan  -   420.000
    Nemesis   -   550.000
    Parvati   -   220.000
    Saga      -   550.000
    Sati      -   350.000
    Sculd     -   220.000
    Thaleia   -    35.000
    Thebe     -   120.000
    Venus     - 1.000.000
    Verdandi  -   680.000
    Ayane's theme is Mythical Creatures. If you played Final Fantasy
    or other RPGs consisting with "Espers/Summon Spirits", you will
    recognize several of them here.
    Apsaras     -   600.000
    Ariel       -   170.000
    Brownie     -    75.000
    Cait Sith   -   285.000
    Carbunel    -   370.000
    Cluricaune  -   780.000
    Cu Sith     -   285.000
    Cuchulain   -    50.000
    Echo        - 1.000.000
    Efreet      -   370.000
    Elf         -   600.000
    Gremlin     -   780.000
    Griffon     -   780.000
    Habertrot   -   900.000
    Hippogriff  -    75.000
    Impets      -   780.000
    Kerberos    -    75.000
    Kikimora    -   285.000
    Lamina      -   285.000
    Leprechaun  -    75.000
    Lubin       -   550.000
    Maridah     -   600.000
    Meliae      -   170.000
    Merrow      -    50.000
    Nixie       -    50.000
    Nymph       -   285.000
    Oberon      -   370.000
    Peri        -   550.000
    Pooka       -    75.000
    Roane       -   900.000
    Sandman     -    75.000
    Shylph      -   170.000
    Titania     -    75.000
    Unicorn     -   550.000
    Valkyrie    -   780.000
    3.70 - THE "SPECIAL" SUITS
    Whenever you go to the Hotel at night, 90% of the time you
    get a knock on the door and a present from Zack.
    When your friendship with the girls is high, you get presents from them, too.
    Zack will give you several things,
    the first thing is mostly a Camera.
    He can give you other things, too, like Accessoires,
    but what you really want from him are the Zack-Only Suits.
    Each girl has at least one outfit, which are usually animal-themed,
    with fitting tails and ears.
    It's random when you get the suits, it's said though, that changing
    and buying swimsuits on a regular basis increases the chance of him
    sending a swimsuit present.
    When a girl has more than one Zack-Only suit, they will always be
    given in the same order.
    Kasumi   - Azalea, Gentain, Rabbit, Thistle
    Hitomi   - Bear
    Lei Fang - Panda
    Christie - Black Panther
    Kokoro   - Cassis, Citron, Shiba
    Helena   - White Cat
    Tina     - Black Cat
    Lisa     - Leopard
    Ayane    - Racoon
    Some might wonder which one of the girls has the most expensive
    swimsuit collection in the game.
    Some might automatically think of Lisa, because of the Venus and
    the amount of time it might take to get the other girls to wear it, too.
    Kasumi   - 14.405.000
    Hitomi   - 14.815.000
    Lei Fang - 14.960.000
    Christie - 12.465.000
    Kokoro   - 12.165.000
    Helena   - 14.160.000
    Tina     - 14.075.000
    Lisa     - 12.470.000
    Ayane    - 13.870.000
    Surprisingly, Lisa's collection - despite the much aggro bringing Venus,
    is one of the cheapest, while Lei Fang's exotic collection with
    the chinese dresses is the most expensive.
    Q: Is there an "Invisible Suit"/How do I get them naked?
    A: There is no such thing, a Code that supposedly make the girls naked
       was an April Fool Joke. There was a Visor Trick, but they still have
       stars over the naugthy bits.
    Q: Why are there such WEIRD boob-bounces?
    A: Dunno. Someone said that it might've been because it was DoA's 10th
       Anniversary and they wanted to make the breasts bounce like in DoA 1,
       which doesn't quite work - in DoA 1 the boobs bounced in a 1 Heartbeat
       Rhythm and you were able to turn the bounce off.
    Q: How do I get a swimsuit from (girl)'s Collection?
    A: Be friends with her - when she has 2 or 3 notes or more she'll start
       sending gifts to your Hotelroom, sometimes it's just items, but
       you do get swimsuits sometimes.
    Q: How do I get the Venus onto (Girl)?
    A: Be friends with Lisa and she'll send it to you sometime OR You ARE Lisa
       and give the suit to the girl you want in the hope that she'll keep it.
    Q: Why are Kasumi's, Ayane's and Kokoro's Age listed as N/A?
    A: Maybe they didn't think it was "right" to have such sexy 16
       and 17 year olds.
       In the japanese version they were there, though, they just got deleted
       from the other versions.
    Q: Why are Tina and Lisa so easy to get as a team?
    A: Because they've known each other since schooldays.
    Q: I read that Lisa is actually Zack's sister - is that true?
    A: I read that, too, but I found no hint that they are siblings.
    Q: Why does Ayane hate Kasumi?
    A: Because Ayane was always shunned in the village for being a "cursed child"
       and Kasumi was always treated like a princess, not to mention that she
       was better at things, making Ayane always her shadow.
       Hence her DoA 4 Theme "Shade".
    Q: Why does Helena hate Christie?
    A: Because it was Christie who was set onto Helena to assassinate her, but
       ended up killing her mother.
    Q: I thought all girls from DoA 4 were to appear in X2,
       how come Spartan-458/Nicole isn't there?
    A: How is it possible to make Swimsuits for a Metallic Halo Suit Of Armor?

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