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"This Gun is smoking"

From the Grand Theft Auto style gameplay to the matrix like quick drawing, this GUN is smoking. GUN is a western style third person shooter that takes you back all the way to the 1800's west and across a world of crazy kamikaze Indians to an assortment of well created characters. You are Colton White, your supposed "father" is killed in a steamboat massacre and Colton journeys all across the land to find the killer and on the way is threatened by ruthless murderers, bandits, even the law.

Gameplay- Even though GUN is one of the many Grand Theft Auto knock-offs, it does something all the others couldn't, it keeps you playing. GUN has many different styles of gameplay. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this game, whether it be the shooting portion, horse riding or many other things. GUN is easily the best in the western genre to date in gameplay, it surpasses Red Dead Revolver and Dead man's hand. If you are a fan of the western style, this is a must buy for you.

Story- GUN's story is one of the few that I think actually keeps you playing especially because of its storyline. It falls into place so easily and is really easy to understand, it blows other games plots away. The story is quite simple, you (Colton) are trying to find out who killed your father while facing several challenges along the way. Such as the villains Hoodoo Brown, Magruder, and many others keep the storyline rich and entertaining. The only down effect of the story is its length, it only takes about 2-5 hours to beat on the easiest mode, the insane mode only takes a little bit longer. Despite its length it still manages to be a great game.

Sound- From the hoof beats and noises of your horse, to the incredible voice acting displayed, GUN has to be one of the greatest games on the 360 when it comes to sound. The voice acting cannot be described, it's so great that up to date, no game has shown better. Every character has a unique western voice and accent that sounds as if you're talking to them in real life. The environment is also full of sounds, every second of the game there is something happening in the environment, from falling rocks to wind across the plains.

Graphics- The only other flaw besides the length of the story would be the graphics. For a 360 game, the graphics are just mediocre, some original X-Box games even surpass GUN on the 360 in graphics. Neversoft definitely should of spent more time on GUN fixing up the graphics. The landscape is good but it is not detailed enough. There is not enough detail in the environment to even notice. If they spent as much time on graphics as they did on sound, the graphics would be great.

GUN is one of the more games that is barely ever developed, so if you're looking for a game with a style like GUN. Nothing can compare to it, so GUN is the only way to go.

Gameplay-8/10 Very addicting

Story-7/10 It is a really great story, but the length factor is really an issue.

Sound-10/10 One of the best sounding games of all time.

Graphics- 5/10 Not enough work was put into this game's graphics.

Replayability-7/10 Its really addicting for a short while.

Rent or Buy?

I would say to rent it, it is a great game, but it is so short and will not keep you entertained for very long. But, if you are a big fan of the western style, I would say that you need it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/07/06

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